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Superfan reveals how she recreates the Duchess of Cambridge's outfits for a fraction of the price

***EXCLUSIVE*** WINNIPEG, MANITOBA, CANADA: THIS ROYAL family superfan spends her free-time finding ‘REPLI-KATES’ of some of the Duchess of Cambridge’s most photographed looks after falling in love with her impeccable style after the royal couple announced their engagement. Mathematician and royal watcher, Brigitte Scheffer-Drews (34) originally from Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, grew up with a keen interest in the British royal family and loved following Princes William and Harry with whom she is close to in age. When William and Kate announced their engagement in November 2010, Brigitte was instantly enthralled by the prince’s then-future bride’s classic, sleek style and started to follow her official engagements and fashion choices online. She soon discovered the art of ‘repli-Kate-ing’ and found people who spent their spare time finding replicas or an exact copy of the Duchess of Cambridge’s timeless outfits, often for a fraction of the price. Brigitte who is known as the Canadian Duchess on Instagram now lives in Manchester, New Hampshire, USA, and started her social media account a year and a half ago to document her very own copies of the Duchess’ clothing choices. Stunning pictures show Brigitte channelling her inner Duchess of Cambridge wearing a flawless Zara version of the blue polka-dot Alessandra Rich dress worn in Prince Charles’ official 70th birthday family photographs in November 2018, wearing a top version of the beautiful Prabal Gurung dress worn on her tour of Singapore in September 2012 and the Hobbs blouse worn by Kate in March 2018 on her final royal duties before giving birth to Prince Louis. Other incredible images show Brigitte emulating Kate’s pre-wedding look worn as she arrived at the Goring Hotel, London in April 2011 and the sunshine yellow Jaeger dress worn on a trip to the Solomon Islands in 2012. Brigitte has also started taking inspiration from Meghan Markle and has expertly recreated the former actress’ eye-catching red and purple number worn on a trip to Birkenhead in January this year. Brigitte describes herself as a ‘purist’ and wherever possible tries to get her hands on the exact items Kate wears but doesn’t spend more than £75 (100 USD) on the clothes after scouring eBay, or sources a similar item from the same brand but might buy a blouse instead if Kate wore the dress. The most Brigitte has spent on a full repli-Kate was her stunning Rebecca Taylor navy tweed suit which she found on eBay for a combined price of around £67 (90 USD).

A woman who paid $50,000 to clone her dog is so thrilled with the result that she has vowed to clone him AGAIN in six years time

***EXCLUSIVE*** Amy Vangemert chose to duplicate her beloved toy poodle Buhner, 13, when the thought of him passing away made her cry every day. The mum-of-four, 55, of Seattle, Washington, USA, contacted the same Texas company that cloned superstar Barbra Streisand‚Äôs pooch in 2017. Just six months later, she was presented with three identical puppies, Buhner Junior, Baxter and Ditto, now two. ‚ÄúIt‚Äôs the best decision I‚Äôve ever made,‚ÄĚ said Amy, who owns a construction company with her husband John, 55.  ‚ÄúThey are my joy in life. It was worth every penny. ‚ÄúI couldn‚Äôt be happier. It‚Äôs the best decision I have ever made. ‚ÄúI would clone over and over again. ‚ÄúI want these puppies, there‚Äôs nothing like them.‚ÄĚ

Australian mother begs doctors to AMPUTATE her leg after a sprained ankle from a hiking trip left her in unbearable pain

***EXCLUSIVE*** This woman was diagnosed with a condition known as SUICIDE DISEASE after a simple sprained leg on a hike left her in so much pain that she BEGGED doctors to amputate it and felt ‘liberated’ once it was gone. In September 2015, full-time mum and wife, Anita Carden (51), from Byron Bay, Australia, was hiking in Mt Cook, New Zealand, when she sprained her ankle. While the pain was insignificant initially, the next morning she woke up in extreme pain and her ankle turned black, blue and yellow and was very swollen. Two days later, she flew back to Australia and went to see her GP who took X-rays and a doppler test which both came back negative. Over the next couple of weeks, her ankle worsened, so she went to a different GP who also turned her away with no diagnosis and said that it would get better in a few weeks with rest. Following a few other dead-end appointments, desperate to find out what was wrong, Anita went to another GP who suggested that she had Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS), a poorly understood condition where a person experiences persistent severe and debilitating pain, also known as suicide disease. She was officially diagnosed with the condition in June 2017, when she booked an appointment with a rheumatologist, as her previous doctor misdiagnosed her with rheumatoid arthritis. She was then sent to a pain clinic where she spent the next six months, but her condition had spread all the way above her knee. After various unsuccessful surgeries such as a bisphosphonate infusion and a lumber sympathectomy, the pain became so severe, she fought doctors to get her leg amputated to alleviate her symptoms. She now says that she felt free after becoming an amputee, despite having to learn to walk again.

A bride who was diagnosed with cancer just four days before her wedding decided „the show must go on” so that she could marry the man of her dreams

***EXCLUSIVE*** Ashley Heil, 27, defied her diagnosis and walked proudly down the aisle with an IV drip concealed in her gown. Less than a week before Ashley’s $30,000 wedding to Ben Scheirer, 29, a steelworker, doctors found a 6.5cm tumor on her kidney. Friends and family advised Ashley to postpone the wedding, but she was determined to tie the knot in front of her 150 guests. „I am so glad I just did it and married the man of my dreams” she said. „When you get sick, you have two options. You can be upbeat and make the best of it, or you can be unhappy and make it hard for you and everyone around you.” The day after the wedding Ashley was admitted to hospital for two months, and her new husband Ben spent every single night by her side. „He held my hand through it all” said the former nurse, of Catasauqua, Pennsylvania.

Yo-yo dieter, 27, who went from eating a raw vegan diet to becoming a meat-loving BODYBUILDER details the awful impact 'extreme dieting' had on her body - as she FINALLY gets healthy

***EXCLUSIVE*** This yo-yo dieter went from eating a RAW VEGAN diet to becoming a carnivorous BODYBUILDER before she noticed the toll it was taking on her body and stopped. Holistic health and life coach Julianne Vaccaro (27) from New York, USA, found herself immersed in fad diets from a young age after enrolling to a fashion school, but hindsight has shown her the damage all those years have done to her body. After years of punishing her body first through being vegan, phases of purging and trying her hand at bodybuilding, Julianne has now reached a point where she understands the importance of taking care of her body through intuitive nutrition. In 2012, Julianne became vegan and sustained that for the following three years, even maintaining a fully raw vegan diet. Having already tried the Atkins and the paleo diet, Julianne found a real passion in veganism as she loved reconnecting with natural flavours. Despite this, Julianne was undernourished because although she was eating healthy foods, they were not right for her body and she began losing her hair, blacking out and struggling to stand up. Before long, Julianne began gaining her weight back after seeing muscular people with figures at the opposite end of the spectrum to hers, which introduced her to bodybuilding, before taking part in five competitions. Julianne gained over two stone, going from 8st 2lbs while vegan to weighing 10st 5lbs as a bikini competitor, but she wasn’t happy inside. Julianne was aware of how all the restricted dieting was impacting her body and it was time to let herself heal rather than pushing her body to the extreme.

A mum has hit back at critics after she paid tribute to her favourite films by naming her daughter – Disney

***EXCLUSIVE*** Jade Jeanes and her husband Joshua, both 27, struggled for seven years to have their little bundle of joy, so said they wanted to pick an "extravagant" name. Stay-at-home Jade's favourite movie is Beauty and the Beast and she initially considered calling her 'Belle', before opting for Disney because she "just really like the name. "The tot - Disney Jade Jeanes - was born in November at St Michael’s Hospital, Bristol, and Jade admits even the midwives thought the name was unusual.

The historic family home of Scottish author John Buchan, most famous for his novel The 39 Steps, is up for sale with a price tag of almost £400,000.Scottish Borders

***EXCLUSIVE*** The historic family home of Scottish author John Buchan - where he spent holidays which inspired his most famous novel The 39 Steps - is up for sale. The picturesque whitewashed Victorian house has been in the family of the prolific writer and MP for more than 100 years and is being sold by his granddaughter. Broughton Green is set in the stunning Scottish Borders and the novelist spent his holidays there with his grandparents, and then later with his own family. The countless holidays he spent at the home inspired much of his writing, including his most famous novel, The 39 Steps, which Alfred Hitchcock turned into a movie.