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Office worker who uses her maternity leave to travel the world reveals what it's REALLY like to globetrot with two babies in tow

***EXCLUSIVE*** This office worker used her maternity leave to begin her dream of TRAVELLING and has since visited several continents and even got pregnant again on the road - and now she hopes to inspire other expectant mothers to travel without fear. Head of design, Val Berndt (35) from Berlin, Germany, was delighted to find out she was expecting her first baby with husband Ben, in 2016 and even more excited to think about ditching the office scenery during maternity leave. From early on in her pregnancy, Val started to enjoy the prospect of travelling after welcoming their first born because there could be no better chance. So, six weeks after their daughter was born in March 2016, they set out travelling from Berlin to the south of France. Since beginning their journey in May 2016, the family have travelled round Europe, Africa, South-East Asia, Australia and New Zealand. A firm favourite of Val’s was Cape Town in South Africa for its stunning landscape and plethora of activities. While they were travelling through New Zealand, Val found out she was pregnant for a second time, to her shock and excitement. Driving through certain winding roads became increasingly difficult as Val became nauseous, and hiking in the mountains of La Réunion grew tougher. The family travelled to Bali where the intense heat was challenging for Val, who experienced many pregnancy symptoms. However, the greater challenge was maintaining her hospital appointments while travelling, each time seeing a new doctor who needed to be told of her previous appointments, symptoms and problems. Val later welcomed her second daughter in August 2017. Many women steer clear of travelling to such an extent while pregnant, but Val hopes to encourage more men and women to travel, and to help pregnant women feel less fearful of travelling during pregnancy.

Makeup artist who developed alopecia at 16 and tried to cover her bald patches with DRY SHAMPOO has finally learned to embrace her look after shaving off her remaining hair

***EXCLUSIVE*** LONDONDERRY, NORTHERN IRELAND: This makeup artist developed alopecia at just SIXTEEN and was so embarrassed that she would hide it from her friends using DRY SHAMPOO – but now she is finally embracing her baldness and wants others to do the same. In April 2013, receptionist and makeup artist, Emily McClelland (21) from Londonderry, Northern Ireland, UK, was told by a hairdresser when she was just 16 that she had a small bald patch at the back of her head, but she thought nothing of it as she was so young. The bald patch became larger and other patches developed so Emily went to her doctor who immediately diagnosed her with alopecia areata, after noticing that all her patches were perfectly round. Emily hid the patches by wearing her hair in a pony tail, but sometimes areas of her exposed scalp would show, forcing stares and comments from Emily’s peers at school. As for many, getting ready to go out is important for Emily and her friends, but it was very difficult for Emily to manage her alopecia alongside looking glamorous. While her friends would experiment with new hairstyles, the only hairstyle that hid Emily’s patches was a pony tail. A vital trick that Emily learned when going out was to use brown-tinted dry shampoo to conceal the patches by matching the area to her hair colour, making the patch stand out less. At the age of 20, Emily started wearing a hair piece over her thinned-out hair, but it put an immense strain on her natural hair, causing it to fall out. Emily could no longer wear the hairpiece and had to cover her scalp with a hat instead. Soon after, Emily found the best wig for her through the NHS and ended up getting it just a week before her 21st birthday, so she felt her most confident while celebrating. In October 2018, Emily shaved her head to get rid of the wispy hair she had been holding onto. Embracing her scalp has enabled Emily to grow in confidence and she often shares photos on her Instagram to normalise alopecia.

Scandi-lous luxury! Stunning one-acre private island on the Norwegian coast hits the market for £1.7million

***EXCLUSIVE*** Enjoy ‘scandi’-lous luxury on your very own Norwegian private island after a stunning 1.1-acre island hit the market for around £1.7m. Incredible images show the island from above as trees dominate the terrain while the four-bed property stands out against the greenery. Other striking shots show the wood-panelled interior of the house with a spacious open-plan area comprising the living room and kitchen while large windows offer picturesque views. Tjaereholmen is located in Norway and is currently listed on www.vladi-private-islands.de for around £1.7m.

Woman's nose pushed two inches into her SKULL after crashing her car into a tree when she suffered a seizure

***EXCLUSIVE*** Meet the brave woman who suffered a seizure while driving that sent her CAR CRASHING into a TREE resulting in her nose being pushed TWO-INCHES into her SKULL ‚Äď and she claims to have had an out-of-body experience too. In August 2018, former postal worker, Stefani Manzoni (27) from Pennsylvania, USA, was driving back from a long shift at work when she began feeling nauseous. She pulled up on the side of the highway and threw up. She began feeling delirious and confused about where she was and completely blacked out. Her mum was on the phone on her Bluetooth at the time, who filled in the blanks for her. Stefani then started driving home again and even though her mum begged her to pull over, her irrational behaviour drove her to drive up the embankment, which triggered the airbag. Out of nowhere she did a 90 degree turn across the highway and crashed into a tree resulting in her face smashing into the steering wheel. Allegedly, Stefani had an outer-body experience and was searching for her ‚Äėdead body‚Äô, despite her body being stuck in the wrecked car. She began spitting up blood and envisioning a ‚Äėguardian angel‚Äô who sat her on the grass and kept rubbing her back, soothing her, telling her to keep breathing and to stay alive. She was taken in an ambulance where a nurse was trying to calm her down. She ended up with two shattered orbital bones (eye sockets), a shattered nose, fractures in her skull, and a broken ulna (arm bone) in two places. It turns out she had suffered an unexplained seizure on her drive back home, despite the fact that she only had one once before.

When bobbies were on the beat: Glorious photos from the 1950s show the life of a police constable before CCTV, bodycams and Twitter

***EXCLUSIVE*** Stunning vintage photos show overstretched London police officers dealing with a raft of crimes, lost children and misdemeanours in the mid-fifties. The incredible shots depict a flustered policeman attempting to calm down a distraught little boy, a woman who looks a little worse for wear being led to safety by kindly officers, and a thief being bundled into his cell by a stout warden. In 1954, when the photos were taken, London's Police force was 4,000 constables under strength of its 20,000 target. The famous bobbies had to cope with a maze of problems including traffic duties, dealing with roaring drunks, lost people including children, attempted suicides, violent robbery and murder.

Shocking photos show 28-year-old woman's blistered legs that feel like they are 'on fire' as doctors remain baffled as to whether an INSECT BITE or lupus is to blame

***EXCLUSIVE*** PONTYPRIDD, WALES, UNITED KINGDOM: This fitness fan has learnt to live with her lupus instead of fight against it after a suspected INSECT BITE which caused her legs to blister and then ulcerate resulted in a three-week-stay in hospital and a further FIVE-MONTHS to heal – teaching her that the auto-immune condition is unpredictable. When wellbeing facilitator, Aminah Jagne (28) from Pontypridd, Wales, UK, was in her first year of university she started to notice a throbbing pain in her wrists, hands and feet and would feel stiff in the mornings as if she had done a heavy workout the day before. It wasn’t until one day when Aminah stood to get off a bus but realised she couldn’t walk due to being in so much pain that she knew something was seriously wrong. This led to her lupus diagnosis in January 2011, shortly after which, Aminah was forced to leave university and move back in with her parents as she struggled to manage her studies whilst working part-time. After being diagnosed with the auto-immune condition, Aminah decided to get into fitness thinking that by keeping fit she would be able to control the effect it had on her life. Over the years, she’s tried cardio DVDs, weight lifting, powerlifting, Olympic lifting and bodybuilding in order to try to become as strong as she can, all of which Aminah has had to stop at one point when her lupus has flared but she has now learnt to adapt her routine to how her body feels and says that fitness has given her confidence and helped her mentally. In March 2018, Aminah decided she was ready for another challenge and started training for a bodybuilding competition but her world was turned upside down when she received what she thought was just an insect bite six days before she was due to go scuba diving in Egypt. A few days after being bitten, Aminah suffered a severe reaction which caused her legs to blister. Concerned, she went to her GP before jetting off but was told the reaction wasn’t bad enough and was prescribed antibiotics. Whilst staying on a boat on holiday, Aminah’s blisters started creeping up her legs, turning into ulcers and she was unable to access medical help. Aminah was in excruciating pain but tried to put on a brave face, having taken all her strong painkillers and taking paracetamol and ibuprofen together. After landing in Heathrow a week later, Aminah went to hospital at home in Wales and was admitted immediately. She was in hospital for just under three-weeks and was in so much pain, her legs felt like they were on fire every time she stood up and she had to be wheeled to the toilet as she couldn’t walk due to the pain. Because of her lupus, Aminah’s legs were in bandages for five-months after being discharged from hospital and she had her dressings changed every other day until they healed. Now doctors are unsure whether she was even bitten, or the blisters and ulcers were caused by her lupus.