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Man, 48, died for 21 MINUTES before coming back to life in morgue – and docs say ‘miracle’ recovery is a mystery

***EXCLUSIVE*** A postman who died after a freak cardiac arrest miraculously came back to life as he was being wheeled to the morgue. Joao Araujo,48, has been dubbed the „Miracle Man” after he died for twenty-one minutes and miraculously came back to life. The dad, from Linden, Gloucester, was about to drive his wife to work when his eyes rolled to the back of his head and his tongue turning over to the back of his throat. Doctors told his wife and children he was dead, who then phoned his parents in Portugal to tell them of the sad news. But while his body was being moved from intensive care at the Gloucestershire Royal Hospital to the mortuary, nurses noticed movement in his body. Doctors then rushed to Joao’s distraught family to tell them circulation had spontaneously returned to his heart. They were told Joao, a lorry driver at the time, could be left permanently brain damaged due to a 21-minute lack of oxygen.

University student who has one-in-a-million 'Sleeping Beauty Syndrome' naps up to THREE WEEKS at a time - and has even slept through her exams

***EXCLUSIVE*** Rhoda Rodriguez-Diaz, 21, has 'Sleeping Beauty syndrome' and can sleep for up 22 hours a day, only waking in a dream-like trance to eat junk food, drink and go to the toilet.  At it's worst her sleeping episodes can last three weeks, and it meant she failed the second year of uni after she slept through crucial end-of-year exams.  As a child Rhoda was diagnosed with hyper insomnia - characterised by extreme tiredness - by her GP.  It wasn't until September last year that doctors finally discovered the psychology student had the one-in-a-million Kleine-Levin Syndrome.  She goes months at a time without experiencing an episode, but when they strike, she is totally wiped out.

Mother-of-five is labelled 'disgusting' by trolls vows to continue posting snaps of her stretchmarks and 'wrinkled' tummy - saying she loves her 'floppy' figure and 'large breasts'

***EXCLUSIVE*** This mum-of-five had online trolls label her body ‘disgusting’ but vows to continue posting candid pictures of her stretch marks and ‘wrinkled and floppy’ tummy to help other mums fall in love with their post-baby bodies – even though it took the birth of her fifth child for her to finally fall in love with her own. Content creator and stay at home mum, Brenda Rivers Stearns (32) who lives in Ohio, USA, always dreamed of becoming a mum and knew that she wanted to have a big family from a young age. Brenda met her husband, Isaiah (37) in 2009 through an accidental text and after the pair exchanged messages, they soon fell for each other. Now Brenda and Isaiah have five children; Victoria (7), Veronica (6), Samuel (5), Vanessa (3) and Benjamin who is nine-months-old. Since giving birth to Benjamin, Brenda has made it her mission to help other mums love their post-baby bodies as they are without trying to change them. However, Brenda hasn’t always viewed her body in a positive light and struggled after a traumatic birth with her first child to come to terms with the change her body had been through which saw her have larger breasts, stretch marks and a floppier belly which meant she no longer felt confident in herself. With each pregnancy that followed Brenda noticed more changes to her body, but it wasn’t until Benjamin was born that she decided to love her body even with its flaws as she was in awe as to how much it could achieve by bringing five beautiful lives into the world. Before her pregnancies, Brenda weighed 7st 12lb and now she weighs 8st 9lb, but she is happier with her body than ever before. With this newfound confidence, Brenda started to post pictures of her real mum body on Instagram to show other mums that it is ok to not have an airbrushed body but she has been subject to cruel trolls who have branded her body ‘ugly’ and ‘disgusting’, this doesn’t faze Brenda though who says this reaction only spurs her on to post more real pictures to normalise expectations of mum bodies.

British adventurer completes 100-mile marathon across a frozen Mongolian lake in his JEANS and BROGUES after airline loses his luggage

***EXCLUSIVE*** Peter Messervy-Gross, from Jersey, Channel Islands, who clambered across sheets of ice wearing his four-year-old work shoes - suffering agonising blisters in the process. He was taking part in an extreme new adventure race, called the 'Mongol 100’, brainchild of UK firm Rat Race Adventure Sports, headquartered in York. Vast lake 'Khövsgöl Nuur’, located in northern Mongolia, freezes every winter and last week saw dozens of participants walk, run or skate a bone-chilling 100 miles across it. Dad-of-three Peter spent five months researching what "shiny new kit" to buy to complete the feat - in which his competitors wore winter walking boots, ice skates or other technical footwear. But his heart sank when he realised he would be forcing his freezing feet across the ice for 10 hours a day - in temperatures down to minus -25 degrees C - in his battered leather brogues. He says he turned into a ‘walking charity shop’ as fellow competitors desperately tried to lend him kit!

Newlywed bride who almost lost her leg when a firework hit a coconut drinks display near her reveals how she is still recovering from the ordeal six years on

***EXCLUSIVE*** Natalie Fitzpatrick, 42, married her partner, Paul, 41, in an intimate beach ceremony in Koh Chang, Thailand, on Boxing Day in 2012.  The couple then decided to spend their honeymoon island-hopping - with their four-year-old daughter Ezme in tow - and celebrated New Year's Eve at a party on Kata beach in Phuket.  But as they were seeing in the New Year, a reveller set off a powerful firework which careered into the crowd and hit a coconut drinks display causing it to forcefully smash into Natalie's leg - breaking her tibia and fibula and also setting her dress on fire. Her husband and fellow tourists extinguished the flames and bundled the health care assistant on to a nearby sunbed and carried to the road where helpers unsuccessfully tried to load her into a tuk tuk before she was put on the back of a pick-up truck and rushed to the nearest hospital.  She had to undergo a series of operations, blood transfusions and skin grafts - and had metal bars inserted into her calf which had been left with a gaping hole in it. After battling an infection, Natalie - now a mum-of-two - has recovered from the traumatic ordeal which left her hospitalised for months on end and unable to work for two years.

Legal cannabis at the touch of a button in Trier

Rhineland-Palatinate, Trier: Kai Schmieder stands in front of his cannabis vending machine, which contains pressed and dried flowers in sachets as well as extract balls in plastic boxes plus all kinds of smoking accessories. Schmieder has set up the first vending machine for legal cannabis products in Germany. These are hemp products with the active substance CBD (cannabidiol), which is considered to be hardly psychoactive.

Hidden marine life in working port

***EXCLUSIVE*** A photographer has captured the surprising variety of marine life typically found at tropical beaches hidden underwater at one of the UK's biggest dockyards. Pretty jellyfish, oysters and starfish can be seen swimming just metres away from ships in the bustling Port of Southampton, Hants. Marine ecologist and biologist Andy Pearson, 36, kayaked around the docks of Southampton taking photos to showcase the amount of fish which we might not expect to find at dockyards. Mr Pearson, who used a camera with a large fish-eye lens half-submerged in water, said a dockyard is 'not your typical Blue Planet location' but said they are great places to see marine life.

Muslim teenager, 18, says she is knocking out boxing stereotypes by wearing her hijab to compete in the ring

***EXCLUSIVE*** An 18-year-old Muslim girl has set her sights on breaking stereotypes in boxing -- by becoming one of the first in the UK to compete wearing a HIJAB. Feisty Safiyyah Syeed, 18, plans to enter the ring for her debut official amateur fight later this year sporting the traditional veil. The International Boxing Association (AIBA) last month lifted a ban on hijabs and other full-body uniforms that fighters wear for religious regions. Safiyyah, from Bradford, West Yorks., began boxing a year ago after writing a bucket list while suffering from an unidentified illness that stemmed from anorexia and bulimia.

The 'super rare' pristine vintage Mini from 1963 set to be auctioned later this year - having racked up just 7,700 miles on the clock

***EXCLUSIVE*** This 'super rare' pristine vintage Mini from 1963 is set to be auctioned later this year - having racked up just 7,700 miles on the clock. Despite being 56 years old, the pint-sized motor has hardly been driven and is described as having excellent bodywork, engine, electrics, gearbox and interior trim. Bought by a midwife from Aberdeen as a retirement present for herself, she only drove the Mini 850 Super De Luxe for one year before she sadly passed away. The pale blue car remained in storage until 1982, before it was bequeathed to her brother-in-law who used it for a year.

Kung fu monkeys

***EXCLUSIVE*** Two monkeys engage in a fierce kung fu fight as they land flying kicks on each other. Tensions escalated between the pair of small monkeys and after a chase they started brawling. The dusky leaf monkeys used a variety of punches and kicks and even bit each other with their sharp teeth. Wildlife photographer Sergey Savvi also photographed the pair as they landed martial arts-style flying kicks. Mr Savvi, 38, said the monkeys were fighting at Kaeng Krachen National Park in Phetchaburi, Thailand, to try and assert dominance.

Mum’s agony as thief steal lock of hair belonging to her dead daughter as she begs them to return it

***EXCLUSIVE*** The mother of a two-year-old who died in 2013 has made an emotional appeal for a stolen lock of hair to be returned. At around 10.30pm on Wednesday 20 March, 35-year-old Kirsty Baldwin got into her car at Birch Services, Eastbound and put her handbag on the passenger seat. Before she was able to lock her doors or drive away, a man opened the passenger door and took the handbag. He then got into another car, with a woman at the driving seat, and drove away from the services. The designer handbag contained an iPad, a large amount of cash in Euros, a purse containing a memorial card and the most treasured item that’s been taken; a lock of blonde hair that belonged to Kirsty’s two-year-old daughter Ellie Louise Baldwin who sadly died six years ago. Making an appeal for the items to be returned, Kirsty said: „Our daughter died unexpectedly of bronchial pneumonia and the lock of hair is all we had left of her apart from the clothes she had the night she died.”

Rice aerials

***EXCLUSIVE*** Children weave in and out of scores of giant cones as they roll bike tyres around a rice processing plant. The playful youngsters dart between the large 'topas' which protect the drying rice overnight. More than 30 children turned the rice mill in Kishoreganj, Bangladesh, into an obstacle course as photographer Azim Khan Ronnie watched.