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Student, 18, who stands 6ft 2in tall reveals she's stopped on the street by strangers in awe of her height - and refuses to slouch to fit in with shorter friends

***EXCLUSIVE*** OXFORD, UNITED KINGDOM: This stunning British teenager is proud of her SIX-FOOT-TWO-INCH height that sees her tower above her friends and even wears heels to make herself taller saying there‚Äôs ‚Äėnothing worse than a tall girl standing slouched‚Äô just to fit in with her pals. Film production student, Tara Humphris (18) from Oxford, UK, has always been taller than all her friends, even growing up. Instead of feeling ashamed of her stunning 6ft 2in height, Tara has always embraced it and loves the fact that she is known for being the tall blonde girl who stands out from the crowd. Tara credits her height for enabling her to excel in basketball, netball and badminton which she now competes in at university in Bath. When she‚Äôs out and about, Tara receives lots of stares, double takes and compliments about her height, with people stopping to tell her she exudes elegance and grace, something she says gives her a massive confidence boost. Tara is the tallest female in her family and her brother, Josh, is already 6ft 5in at 16. However, Tara credits her mother, Elaine, who is 5ft 11in for making her feel positive and confident about her height as she struggled with her own height when she was at school and didn‚Äôt truly embrace it until later in life, when she saw Tara growing taller. Incredible pictures show Tara standing proudly amongst her friends and wearing heeled boots to make herself even taller.

He was born without arms, now, he's a swimming champion

SARAJEVO: The 8-year-old Ismail Zulfic from Zenica, Bosnia-Herzegovina, was was born without arms and with a foot deformity and overcame his fear of the water to win a gold medal at a regional swimming competition. Ismail’s parents never dreamed their shy boy, who developed a fear of water after an incident in a rubber pool, would become a medal-winning swimmer. He could barely be persuaded into the water for therapeutic treatment for his back, which Ismail bends constantly to eat, write, use a joystick or fit on his swimming goggles with his feet.

Boy, one, trapped down 60ft deep well for nearly 48 hours rescued alive

HISAR, INDIA: An 18-month-old boy who fell into a 60-feet deep borewell on March 20, 2019 was rescued by the Indian Army, National Disaster Response Force (NDRF) personnel and local authorities on March 22, 2019 after 47 hours in Balsamand village, Haryana. Nadeem Khan (Child) fell into the borewell near his house while playing in evening. Nadeem Khan, the son of labourer Azam Khan, was fine and that the rescue team had dropped oxygen tubes inside the borewell to help him breathe. A GPS tracker had been sent inside the borewell to track the exact location of the child. As soon as the team got the location, the process to rescue the child was expedited. Closed-circuit television or CCTV cameras lowered into the well showed the boy sitting with his back to screen.Sources said that the NDRF team and army personnel dug another 70-ft hole about 17-ft away from the main borewell where the child fell. Earthmovers and tractors have been pressed into service as two ambulances could be seen near the site.?On Wednesday, it was about 5.15 pm when the child was playing and he suddenly fell inside the borewell,? a local resident and panch of village Khursheed Ahmed said.His parents, who were also near the spot, informed the village sarpanch who then contacted the police and local administration. The local police had a tough time as the villagers from nearby village crowded the spot and gathered to see the rescue process. The accident has once again brought into focus the dangers posed by uncovered borewells, which have turned into death traps for children in the past.

A mum has told how she finally welcomed her miracle baby after EIGHT miscarriages when she fell pregnant days before her husband booked a vasectomy

***EXCLUSIVE*** Rachael Bosworth, 38, lost every baby at six weeks for almost a decade, but never gave up hope she'd finally have a little one with husband Ian, 47. But devoted Ian said he couldn't face watching his wife go through another trauma, and made enquiries about booking a vasectomy. Sales director Rachael fell pregnant - but was so disheartened by her seven years of heartache, she didn't even do a pregnancy test.

A freestyle footballer has traversed 60 miles across the scorching Sahara desert - doing keepie uppies every step of the way

***EXCLUSIVE*** John plastered on factor 50 sun cream, wore a headscarf to keep the sun from his skin and donned specially-designed trainers to prevent sand from getting inside. Him and three pals enlisted the help of four locals to assist with navigation across the sprawling landscape and all eight of them slept in tents overnight. The thrill-seeking sportsman, who has nine world records including one for kicking a ball up Everest, hopes his latest feat will take his haul into double figures. John, from Preston, Lancs, said: "This was definitely the hardest challenge I've ever undertaken.

A young woman who suffered a massive stroke caused by YOGA bravely got back on her mat just one month later

***EXCLUSIVE*** Rebecca Leigh, 40, was performing a yogic headstand when she tore a major blood vessel in her neck. Just two hours before the life-altering injury super-fit Rebecca had filmed an advanced sequence in a pink bikini for her 26,000 social media fans. Today the exercise obsessive cannot speak for more than a few minutes, suffers headaches daily and has severe memory loss. Astonishingly, just one month after the devastating episode, Rebecca, of Gambrills, Maryland, USA, was back on her mat and she still practices the ancient exercise for an hour every day. Rebecca is now telling her story to raise awareness of yoga-induced strokes, so other people may recognize the symptoms and seek medical help quickly. She said: ‚ÄúAfter decades of focussing on working out and my diet and making as many healthy decisions as I could for my body, having a stroke by doing yoga just didn‚Äôt seem fair. ‚ÄúBut I had to get back out there and do the things that made me happy and one of those things was obviously my yoga practice.‚ÄĚ Rebecca, who ran a mobile sunless tanning company, filmed a yoga session in the morning of October 8, 2017.

A grieving son has sparked an international search for a BISCUIT TIN depicting the Forth Bridges which was accidentally thrown out in the wake of his mum’s death

***EXCLUSIVE*** Magnus Spence, 52, has been on a three-month quest to find the vintage McVities tin, which depicts an artist’s impression of the Forth Road Bridge in anticipation of it opening. The commemorative tin was a staple throughout his childhood as his mum, Sheila, who died in December aged 85, used it to store Jaffa Cakes. Sheila lived in Leith, Edinburgh, and worked at the Dick Vet veterinary college, where she fell in love with an Orcadian, Albert Spence, who was a student there at the time. The couple moved to Aberdeenshire and then to Orkney, and had Magnus, who works as a farmer.