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Mother-of-five, 48, who became bulimic after the birth of her first child and was almost hospitalised reveals how she overcame her sickness - but now people think she's gone under the knife

***EXCLUSIVE*** This sexy mum-of-five used to feel like the ugliest person in the room and had an eating disorder that almost landed her in hospital, but since turning FORTY-EIGHT feels more confident than ever and is flaunting her unbelievably youthful physique all over social media to prove it – but she looks so good that people are accusing her of having work done and FAKE BREASTS. In 1991, when certified personal trainer, Sharyn Leanna (48) from New South Wales, Australia, was just 21 she had her first child, Sam. Following the birth, she was told by a relative that she had a ‘fat backside’ and was called ‘chubby’. These comments greatly affected her and she began obsessing over her weight, purging food, which continued for a couple of years reducing her body from 9st 6Ib and a UK size 10 to just 6st 10Ib and a UK size six. She became addicted to exercise and would work out on machines for up to four hours a day, overeat and make herself sick, then go on the scales. It wasn’t until she visited her GP in 1994, that he suggested she had body dysmorphia, a mental illness where a person spends an excessive amount of time worrying about flaws in their appearance, which are often unnoticeable or non-existent. The doctor told her parents that if she continued down this path, she may end up hospitalised and put on a drip. With the help of health professionals, she began to make better food choices, stayed off the scales and reduced her exercise. By the time her second child, Brodie, was born in 1996, she reached a healthy weight of 10st and UK size eight after discovering her passion for weight lifting. She has since maintained a healthy perception of her body and appearance and has had three more children, Cooper (19), Kasidei (16) and Levi (8). Being a chronic asthmatic since she was a child, in July 2009, Sharyn had what she thought was a serious asthma attack which left her in a critical condition and her family told her that she would be placed on life support if she didn’t get better. The doctors then diagnosed her with pneumococcal and pneumonia with a partially collapsed lung. While she was always health and exercise conscious, the incident prompted her to step out of her comfort zone and pick up real weights. To her surprise, her new body has prompted some to accuse her of having breast implants, and some even questioning whether she is the biological mum of her oldest son, due to her physique.


Mother and her daughter, four, are rescued from car crash after police use app that can find people anywhere in the world with just three words

***EXCLUSIVE*** A mum and daughter have become the first people rescued by police using a new tool - that can track people anywhere in the world using three WORDS. Valerie Hawkett, 33, was lef disoriented when she lost control driving round a sharp bend and her car went flying over a hedge and landed on its side in a field. Her four-year-old daughter was in the back and Valerie tried to call the police to come to her aid - but was so shocked by the accident she didn't know where she was. Luckily, police were able to find their way to Valerie in the field - after texting her the link to a website called What 3 Words. It opens on any device and is able to find the exact position of any location on Earth -using just three words. The geocoding system has divided the planet into 57 trillion 3-metre by 3-metre squares, assigning each square a random three-word 'address'. It told her the three word grid she was in - 'weekend foggy earphones' - which directed police to a road near a field on the A36 heading out of Norton St Philip, Somerset.

Book these amazing holiday homes from just £34pp per night – and the views are unbeatable

***EXCLUSIVE*** Forget your annual trip to Costa del Sol and have an adventure on this year’s holiday at one of these unusual properties now available for rent. Stunning pictures show the diverse range of unique holiday destinations available from a luxury treehouse in Swedish Lapland to a dome getaway in New Zealand. Other incredible images show an underground pod in Nashville, USA, a glass cabin to enjoy the spectacular Northern Lights in Iceland and a secluded cabin only accessible by boat in France. The remarkable properties offer something a little out of the ordinary and have been selected by www.glampinghub.com as their most unique rentals in 2019.

Mum's warning after daughter died when baby monitor cord wrapped around her neck

***EXCLUSIVE*** A grieving mum spoke out today to warn other parents after her 18-month-old daughter died when a baby monitor cord became wrapped around her neck. Danielle Duggan's daughter Jessica Lacey was accidentally strangled by a lead from the £150 Motorola baby monitor while she was in her cot. The youngster was confirmed dead at hospital after the incident at her home in Shipdham, near Dereham, Norfolk on October 25 last year. Today, after an inquest was held into the youngster's death care manager Danielle, 31, and husband Jason, 30, spoke out to warn other parents.

Grandmother says she nearly choked on a WOTSIT after coughing-up crisp with three-inch thread baked inside

***EXCLUSIVE*** A woman has prompted an investigation after allegedly nearly choking - on a Wotsit. The crisp was coughed up by Sarah Hardwell who had shared a multipack with 15-month-old granddaughter Darcy. She said the snack had been baked around a three-inch-long piece of thread. She claims the Walkers customers services department said they were ‚Äúvery concerned‚ÄĚ to hear what happened. Walkers have confirmed they are investigating - and asked her to send the thread and packing to them.

A man with a passion for diving and the environment is turning his fight against marine plastic into a commercial business so more people can go out and clean up hard-to-reach coves

***EXCLUSIVE*** Rob Thompson has spent the past five years coming up with a concept for sea kayaks which are made entirely from plastic recovered from the ocean. The keen environmentalist came up with the idea when out diving off Cornish beaches, when he realised how much plastic there is at the bottom of the ocean and deciding to do something about it. "I had a snorkel one day off Lansallos near Fowey," Rob said. "It’s a pretty little cove. The first part of the dive was great. I saw plenty of fish, crab and other wildlife.

A young woman is overcoming her alopecia and seizures - by becoming a model

***EXCLUSIVE*** Last year Caitlin Leigh's hair started falling out in large chunks and she began having seizures but had no idea what was causing either - at her worst she was having eight seizures an hour. One day the 21-year-old was plaiting her hair on the way to work when it just started coming out in her hands. After only seven days, she had lost 60 per cent of her brown locks - she was later was diagnosed with alopecia areata. Caitlin said: "I was getting ready for work and I noticed small chunks of my hair where falling out. "I rang my parents in complete shock and confusion and decided that the next day I would travel home to be with family and to be checked by my local family GP. "I had many blood tests over the next few days but nothing seemed to pin point why I was losing hair. "As the days went on the patches of hair loss grew, my hair would tangle and matt as the lose hair would fall, it was truly heart breaking. "One day I while plaiting my hair I noticed a small chunk of hair fall into my hand - I wasn’t sure what this meant but as the night went on the small little patch where I was losing hair started to get bigger and by the end of that night I had a 10p size patch of hair loss. "I've always had very thick hair and losing some while brushing and washing was normal but this was different.

When gentlemen preferred PERMS! How 1953 British men threw off WWII-era short back and sides to embrace curls and waves as the age of the Teddy Boy dawned

***EXCLUSIVE*** These guys were crazy for curls as these stunning retro pictures from 1953 reveal that gentlemen preferred perms. The incredible images show a young man looking at various styles in a shop window before entering a salon, a stylist neatening up the quiff after the hair was permed and another man admiring the finished hairstyle in the mirror. Other striking shots show a young man with his hair set in perming rods before having them removed to reveal wavy locks of hair and a stylist concentrating on his work while he sports a similar style to the man whose hair he is cutting. The remarkable black and white photographs were taken at the Hounslow salon of Leonard Pountney, London in October 1953.