Ha nem jelenik meg rendesen kattintson ide!

A pair of uni pals battled blistering heat, machete wounds, thunderstorms and hypothermia to survive three weeks in the jungle -- totally NAKED

***EXCLUSIVE*** Adventurer Daniel Olifi, 26, and his mate James Moynihan, 27, love going on unusual holidays, and wanted to see if they could survive three weeks alone in rural Malaysia. The survival junkies only took a flint rock, a machete, a mosquito net, a metal water pot and a first aid kit on their trip. Financial tech worker Daniel and cruise entertainer James endured thunderstorms, dozens of mosquito bites, hypothermia, dehydration, and pitch black sleepless nights. They lost 46 lbs between them, thanks to a diet of foraged plants and bugs. They managed three weeks close to the equator - apart from one short trip to a hospital so Daniel could get stitches after slicing his hand open with a machete. The hardy duo said they decided not to wear clothes for the adventure "to show that it can be done" and recorded their time in video diaries.

A husband and wife who were diagnosed with cancer within MONTHS of each other say that battling the illness together has made them an even stronger couple

***EXCLUSIVE*** Michelle Murdock, 39, and her husband Brian, 39, renewed their wedding vows TWICE during the difficult time, and are now celebrating being in the clear. Their troubles began in 2015 when Brian was diagnosed with Non-Hodgkin lymphoma, a cancer of the blood. The dad-of-two underwent immunotherapy and chemotherapy to tackle the illness, with Michelle by his side. The couple, who are parents to Madison, eight, and Logan, five, were just celebrating the end of the Brian’s treatment when Michelle discovered a lump in her left breast in November 2015. Michelle, a credit manager, from Chicago, Illinois, USA, was diagnosed with breast cancer in January 2016 and underwent a double mastectomy weeks later. Michelle had finished an intensive course of chemotherapy and was in the middle of radiation therapy when Brian, a systems engineer, relapsed in September 2016. The pair, who would travel to their local cancer center for treatment, said battling their conditions simultaneously has made them an even tighter couple.

A family had their dream of emigrating shattered when their teenage daughter had her visa denied - because she has Down’s Syndrome

***EXCLUSIVE*** A family who planned a new life in New Zealand saw their dreams shattered after their teenage daughter was denied a visa - because she has DOWN’S SYNDROME. Bumikka Suhinthan, 15, was told she couldn’t enter the county because her „health was not of an acceptable standard”. Mum Nilani Suhinthan, 52, applied for four visas for husband Nagarajah, 53, and daughters Tanya, 19, and Saumia, 14, so they join her on her new life in Auckland, New Zealand, having been scouted for a $140,000 (£74,000) IT consultant job.

412lb mum loses 230lb in 15 months

***EXCLUSIVE*** VIDEO AVAILABLE, COLUMBUS, OHIO: A woman has lost half of her body weight in just over a year after joining a fitness programme. After losing an incredible 230 pounds in a short period of time, Katelyn Broughton, who resides in Columbus, Ohio, was left with severe excess skin. The 26-year-old underwent her first skin removal surgery - a circumferential body lift - in December last year. Katelyn has set up a GoFundMe page in hopes to raise money for further skin removal surgeries - thighplasty (thigh lift), brachioplasty (arm lift) and a mastopexy (breast lift) - to remove the skin on her upper and lower body.

These vertigo-inducing images captured the tense moment a fearless explorer hung by just an ice pick as he climbed one of the world's largest ice sheets

***EXCLUSIVE*** Will Gadd, 52, who became the first person to ice climb up Niagara Falls, embarked on an exploration of the Greenland Ice Cap with the aim of collecting global warming data. Although no stranger to perilous situations, the Canadian adventurer undertook his biggest and most dangerous challenge in Greenland.

„Most unusual” pub in the UK - which has a horse-drawn carriage for a front door and is home to a sunken galleon

***EXCLUSIVE*** Sally Thomson, 64, inherited the business, set in a 11th century building, from her father - Buster Jones. Buster bought the Highwayman Inn in Sourton, Devon, in 1959 and spent years decorating the pub in his own unique gothic fashion. Sally views herself as just a custodian of her fathers creation, and says that many people visit and remark how odd the pub is.

Discarded electronics and e-waste market

Kolkata, West Bengal, India: About 84% Kolkatans are unaware of the impact that improper e-waste disposal makes and around 65% prefer to sell the discarded material to local trash collectors. A study found that more than 50% people sell their e-waste to local trash collectors, a practice that leads to informal recycling, which causes harm to humans and environment. Chadni chowk Marchket is one of the biggest Marchket for e-waste and discarded electronic goods in the city . Stacks of discarded components are brought here for selling to common consumers who are looking for cheap usable peripherals among the heap of e-waste. People dealing with this have little to no knowledge of the harm e-waste is causing to them and often they suffer from respiratory and heart diseases and sometimes leading to cancer.

Hares play and fight

***EXCLUSIVE*** Locked in paw-to-paw combat - it seems these opponents have teamed up for a Royal Rumble in what appears to be the hares annual fight club in mating season. Wildlife photographer Ingo Gerlach, 66, managed to catch the male European field rabbits throwing punches at each other to compete for the females hares in Austria. There contests were long believed to be between two male hares fighting for dominance to mate with a female.