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Over 50 pizza chefs tossed dough into the air - in the middle of a busy street

***EXCLUSIVE*** More than 50 pizza chefs brought Oxford Street to a standstill today (27 March) with a synchronised pizza flare. The 54 pizzaiolos produced a traffic-stopping display as they tossed and span the pizza dough in unison - wowing onlookers with the eye-catching performance. It marked two landmarks for PizzaExpress - 54 years since its first restaurant opened in London's Wardour Street, and the opening of its new Langham Place, Oxford Circus pizzeria. The impromptu performance - which saw pizzas thrown to heights of up to 15 feet - lasted just a matter of seconds and featured pizzaiolos from across the UK.

Giving birth made me allergic to water

***EXCLUSIVE*** VIDEO AVAILABLE, CARDIFF, WALES: A young mother has developed an incredibly rare water allergy after giving birth to her daughter. Cherelle Farrugia, 26, from Cardiff, Wales, breaks out into painful itchy hives whenever she comes into contact with water. The areas on her body worst affected are her chest, back and upper arms. Cherelle wasn?t born with the allergy but bizarrely discovered her skin would become red and painful after bathing ? something that did not happen before she gave birth to her daughter, Willow. The unusual condition called aquagenic urticaria makes simple day-to-day actions like washing herself and bathing her 18 month-year-old daughter incredibly difficult.

This nail-biting photo shows the astonishing moment adrenaline junkies scale a 44-storey London tower block in a violent HAIL storm

***EXCLUSIVE*** Two daredevil urban explorers have filmed themselves risking their lives to climb a huge building in central London - before perilously perching on the edge. Syed Bukhari, 21, and Owen Kelly, 18, scrambled up scaffolding, stairwells and scaled a lift shaft to reach the top of the under-construction building, near Liverpool Street station. But by the time the pair had reached the eighth floor, on Sunday (March 24), they were being battered by high winds and ice-cold hailstones.

Flower power in Saudi Arabia

***EXCLUSIVE*** ADDAYER, SAUDI ARABIA: Saudi Arabia, in the Jizan and Asir southern provinces, along the yemeni border, live the reclusive Flower Men. For centuries, these descendants of the ancient Tihama and Asir tribes love to wear colourful garlands on their head. The Flower Men are keen to retain their tradition of floral decorations, as it is a peaceful way of setting them apart from the rest of the country. Twenty years ago, they were living totally isolated, without electricity or paved roads, and they lived according to traditional tribal law. For the longest time, they were reluctant to have their photos taken or even meet foreigners. The first studies were led only in the 90?s by french photographer Thierry Mauger. Flower Men have a unique privilege in the Kingdom: they are the only tribes in Saudi Arabia who are allowed to grow and consume khat, a stimulant drug. Possession of drugs is punishable by the death penalty in the kingdom. With the increasing pace of economic development within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, things are changing quickly even if their society is still very conservative. No chance to see any women in the public spaces for example. Thanks to the « Vision 2030 » Saudi government project led by Mohammed ben Salmane that plans to bring millions of visitors to the Kingdom, the Flower Men will be for sure an attractive argument to attract tourists. This area is also the theatre of the ongoing war between KSA and Yemen. This conflict generates a lot of embarrassment in the community as people belong to the same tribe. But in the daily life, the flower power rules.

Size 20 mum’s incredible SIX STONE weight loss by eating what she wants and not exercising

***EXCLUSIVE*** Meet the stunning mum-of-two who was motivated to shed SIX-AND-A-HALF-STONE in just under a year when she fell pregnant with her first child. Stay-at-home-mum-of-two, Abbie Cox (28), from Tamworth, UK, first gained weight when she fell pregnant with her son, Tommy (5) in 2012 with an unhealthy diet of sugary cereal for breakfast, processed meals and junk food. Her weight peaked at 18st and she was a UK size 18 to 20, which prompted a woman to call her ‚Äėfat‚Äô in front of her friend. Her weight made her feel insecure and she dreaded shopping and trying on clothes. It wasn‚Äôt until her mum encouraged her consistently to lose weight that she gave in and decided to join Slimming World. A month after she joined, she fell pregnant with her second child, Marley (10-months-old) in 2017. She shrunk to 11st 6Ibs and a UK size 10 to 12.

Africa's superstorm

Africa's superstorm The worst storm to ever hit South East Africa has unleashed a humanitarian crisis. As the full scale devastation caused by Cyclone Idai is revealed, over a million women and children where in the path of the storm and millions more are without food and water as the death toll continues to rise. At present humanitarian and relief organizations on the ground in South-West Africa are doing their best to assist the survivors. Rescue teams in Mozambique are struggling to reach the thousands of people stranded on roofs and in trees and urgently need more helicopters and boats as post cyclone flood waters inundate the region. Mozambique has declared a state of emergency and is appealing for international help. In Zimbabwe, the east of the country was particularly affected with at least 1,000 homes destroyed. The UN said it has launched an international appeal for relief funds, having earlier said it was aiming to help some 600,000 people in coming weeks. 'We do not yet know enough about the level of destruction to give an accurate estimate of the amount of this call for funds, but it will be important,' spokesman Farhan Haq told reporters at UN headquarters in New York, 'This may be one of the worst natural disasters to hit southern Africa in living memory.

A protective juvenile elephant chases away a pack of wild dogs

***EXCLUSIVE*** These stunning images capture the moment a brave young elephant protects its family as it chases away a pack of wild dogs. Kevin Dooley, 57, captured the animals in South Africa's Madikwe Game Reserve as a protective juvenile ran at the hunting dogs to scare them off. The professional wildlife photographer, from Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA, said: "Elephants are very protective of their young and of each other. They will not tolerate any threat to the welfare of their herds.

Rivers on Mars were wider than any on Earth today and may have flowed more recently than scientists previously thought

***EXCLUSIVE*** Scientists have long been puzzled as to why ancient Mars had liquid water because it has an extremely thin atmosphere both today and early on in the planet's history. Mars also only received a third of the sunlight that present-day Earth does, which should not be enough heat to maintain water. Now dry, Mars' water once carved out deep riverbeds. The new study suggests the long-dead rivers could have been affected by climate-driven rains and a strong greenhouse effect.  Its findings suggest it rained on Mars even as the planet was losing atmosphere and drying out one billion years ago. The team at the University of Chicago concludes Mars' rivers were about two times wider than those on Earth and there is evidence of intense surface run-off between 3.6 and one billion years ago.

A red squirrel in a Superman pose as it jumped through the air

***EXCLUSIVE*** A wildlife enthusiast captured this stunning photo of a red squirrel jumping in midair - looking like SUPERMAN. Avid snapper Kenny MacLeod captured the moment the critter jumped towards a feeding post in Nairn, the Highlands. He waited nearly three hours to take the photo, using a manual rather than automatic setting on his camera. Kenny, 58, has been inundated with responses from people from as far away as New Zealand, Pakistan and Russia, who messaged him after seeing the picture. The dad-of-two has been taking photographs as a hobby for around four years.

These two extremely talented wakebaorders perform exciting tricks mid air at fast speeds as they take a trip around a water park

***EXCLUSIVE*** The fun footage shows wakeskaters Matti Buyys and Brian Grubb setting themselves the ultimate challenge by attempting to synchronise the same tricks. The duo added obstacles including ramps to perform a host of tricks as they skate through the waterpark in Durban, South Africa.

„The world is upside down” before the season starts

Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, Trassenheide: Richard Meter builds a chair in an upside-down house on the island of Usedom. Polish entrepreneurs from Szczecin (Szczecin) show the detached house, in which all objects are placed upside down in order to give visitors a special view of everyday things. The house, which opened in 2008, is to be renovated by the weekend of the new season. Nobody should live in the house - it is intended for museum purposes and part of the project "The world is upside down".