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Ultra-rare copy of Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone sells for nearly £70,000 because the title is spelled wrong on the cover

***EXCLUSIVE*** A super rare Harry Potter book could fetch a staggering £60,000 at auction because the name is spelled wrong on the cover. The ultra rare book is one of only 500 first edition, first impression printings of Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone - the only books to call the J. K. Rowling by her first name, Joanne. On the back of the 1997 original, the title is misspelled "Harry Potter and the Philospher's Stone. 'The book is estimated to sell between £40,000 to £60,000 at Bonhams Auction House in Knightsbridge, west London.

Belgian 'peeing boy' statue that wasted up to 2,500 litres of drinking water a day has finally been made environmentally friendly after 400 years

A famous statue of a boy peeing into a fountain in Brussels has finally become environmentally friendly after centuries of pouring clean water down the drain. The Manneken Pis, one of the Belgian capital's most popular tourist attractions, has been weeing fresh water into the city's sewers since the 17th century. As much as 1,000 to 2,500 litres of drinking water a day - enough for around ten households - has been wasted by the 'peeing boy' statue, an expert has claimed. Energy technician, Regis Callens, spotted the potential waste after installing a water meter in the small bronze monument. If this calculation is correct then the statue has wasted more than 250 million litres of water over the last 400 years. 

Transgender teenager walked in front of a train because he feared his family wouldn't accept him - but is now living as a man after miraculously surviving

***EXCLUSIVE*** DERBYSHIRE, UK: This teen walked in front of A TRAIN before coming to terms with the fact that he was transgender, but luckily survived with only a fractured spine and is now accepting his male self and has even recreated his prom night to celebrate. Food worker, Alexander Allen (18) from Derbyshire, UK, who came out as trans earlier this year, felt he was ‚Äėdifferent‚Äô since the age of just seven-years-old when wearing a summer dress to school felt wrong and uncomfortable. Alexander went through a turbulent few years as a teenager, before coming out as transgender, throughout which he loathed his female body and who he was forced to be. Before coming out as Alexander, there were years of abusive relationships which led to a struggle with PTSD, an eating disorder and depression, even trying to take his own life by trespassing onto train tracks. While he was in and out of hospital, Alexander became aware of the LGBT community and was educated on body dysphoria in which there is a mismatch in biological sex and gender identity. After learning more about being transgender and gender identities, he realised he was in fact male.  On the January 8, 2018, Alexander came out as transgender to friends and family, with the support of his family and girlfriend, Millie, who even recreated their school prom so that Alexander could relive it as a male.

Contraceptive EARRINGS will make it easier for women to remember to be protected 'because putting on jewellery is part of day-to-day routine'

***EXCLUSIVE*** Women will be able to protect themselves from pregnancy in the future by simply putting on an earring. Hormones to prevent pregnancy could be applied to jewellery such as earring backs, watches, rings or necklaces, scientists claim. If successful, the body would absorb controlled doses of the drugs from patches placed on the jewellery. Contraceptive patches are already available and were originally designed for use in developing countries, where access to health care and contraception are more limited.

Easy rider! US airman relaxes at the controls of Strike Eagle fighter jet even as it flies around Welsh mountains at 575mph just 500 feet above ground

***EXCLUSIVE*** The weapons officer in a US Air Force F15E „Strike Eagle” appears to be taking it very easy as he flies at nearly 600mph just 500 foot above the ground near Snowdonia, Wales. The U.S Air force F15E 'Strike Eagle' Fighter jet, is based at RAF Lakenheath, Suffolk, the only USAF F15 base in Europe. The 48th Fighter wing plane was flying aileron rolls at approx 500 feet above the ground at approx 500 knots speed (575mph).

Birds meal gets interrupted

***EXCLUSIVE*** A heron has its dinner interrupted by a bird of prey swooping down in an attempt to steal its fish. The Brahminy kite made two attempts to steal the fish from a male purple heron at Mangalajodi Wetland in Odisha, India. A tussle broke out between the two birds, but the heron managed to keep a hold of its meal. Photographer Souvik Basu watched the heron from a boat as it caught the fish before the kite flew over, interrupting its meal.

Steaming rice spread out to dry by workers

***EXCLUSIVE*** Hot rice steams under the sun as it is laid out to dry. Farmers boil the rice for three hours before laying it on the ground in the sun for up to five days. The rice releases a huge cloud of steam as it is poured onto the ground to dry. Farmers rake the rice every two hours so that all sides are completely dry before they are sold. Photographer Tanveer Hassan Rohan captured the cloud of steam during his visit to a rice mill in Bhairab, Bangladesh.

Coots fight

***EXCLUSIVE*** Two coots splash and claw at each other in a fierce fight on a London lake. The vicious waterfowl engaged in battle over an area of territory on the lake in Regent's Park. Amateur photographer Jayanta Bordoloi, who captured these images, said coots are particularly aggressive to other birds in spring and will fight if they feel threatened.

Lightning strikes over roof tops

***EXCLUSIVE*** Dramatic lightning strikes crash into a University campus. One huge beam of lightning appears to strike a building during a heavy four hour storm. The forks of lightning create stunning patterns in the night sky as they blaze their way to the ground. Student Shahriar Amin Fahim captured the breathtaking lightning at his University campus at Khulna University of Engineering & Technology in Khulna, Bangladesh.