Ha nem jelenik meg rendesen kattintson ide!

A young widow and widower who found love and blended their families together say their neighbors call them the real-life Brady Bunch

***EXCLUSIVE*** Brittany Price Brooker, 29, and Daniel Brooker, 34, tragically lost their spouses Patrick Price, 30, and Lyndsie Brooker, 28, within one month of each other in 2015. Brittany’s husband Patrick, a parole officer, died when his heart stopped beating while at work in September, while Daniel’s wife Lyndsie lost her battle with ovarian cancer in August of the same year. In a day Brittany became a single parent to her boys Teyton, six, Evan, five, and Nathan, four, while Daniel faced life as a single dad to Aubrey, seven, and Ethan, eight.  Brittany, of Atlanta, Georgia, and Daniel, who lived three hours away in Augusta, met in February 2017 while they were helping a mutual friend who had also been widowed. The pair instantly bonded over their shared experience and were pleased when their children bonded during a trip to Brittany’s hometown one month later. The couple started to consider a future together and signed up for pre-marital and family counselling for all of their five children.

Amazingly after the transplant she was able to fall pregnant naturally and gave birth to baby at 45

As Colette Reed cuddles her son Otis, she knows that it has taken a very special gift to make her a mum. It is the end of an eight year battle to become a mum - after she was diagnosed with kidney failure. She lost three babies before she was told by doctors not to even try to get pregnant as her kidneys were so badly damaged. She had a baby at 45 after hubby gave her his kidney.

There’s a lion in my car!

***EXCLUSIVE*** VIDEO AVAILABLE, KARACHI, PAKISTAN: Two animal-loving brothers have welcomed an unconventional housemate into their home - an adult African Masai lion. Hamzah and Hassan Hussain, from Karachi in Pakistan have been raising the beast ever since he was just two weeks old. The brothers fondly call him Simba, after Disney?s hit animated movie The Lion King and started looking after the cub after his mum stopped feeding him. The brothers share an intimate bond with the 26-month-old lion and he is often seen accompanying them on their walks and even driving around Karachi in their CAR.

30 year age gap couple reveal baby surprise

***EXCLUSIVE*** VIDEO AVAILABLE, CLEVELAND, OHIO: Despite having an age gap of 30 years, married couple Melinda and Larry Mikla have revealed their baby plans to their friends and family. Mindy, 27, and Larry, 57, are saving up for a procedure that Mindy describes as the „mild version of In Vitro or IVF”. With a 95 percent chance of success, the happy couple, from Florida, are now more than hopeful they will be able to become parents in the near future - even though Larry had a vasectomy back in the early 90s. Larry already has a son, 27-year-old Bruce Mikla - the same age as Mindy - but this would be Mindy’s first child. When Larry and Mindy first met, Mindy didn’t feel like she wanted children, but as her big wedding day loomed, she began to have a change of heart.

Surfers covered in ice surf

***EXCLUSIVE*** Adventure photographer Joe Gall, 34, from Detroit Michigan, took these incredible photographs of surfers covered in frozen water after travelling for 8 hours from Detroit to Lake Superior in North America. Joe said: "I had been texting with my friend Dan about photographing him catching waves on Lake Superior. I really wanted to show the dedication that these northern surfers have and what they put their bodies through.” Joe explains that being aware of what is happening to your body is very important. Quoting one of the surfers, Joe said: “Ice beards look awesome, but when they freeze it’s like 35 pounds or more on your head! Once you ice up, you’re carrying all that extra weight on your head and shoulders, so you need to be really aware of your posture standing up straight so you’re not straining your back."

The secret to my long life is avoiding dying, says Britain's oldest man as he turns 111

***EXCLUSIVE*** As he celebrates his 111th birthday today, Britain's oldest man has revealed the trick to living such a long life. The centenarian who had two sons, a daughter, 10 grandchildren and 25 great-grandchildren has a simple answer - just 'avoid dying'. Bob Weighton, a former teacher and engineer, claimed the secret behind his longevity was 'by avoiding dying, there's no reason otherwise. 'I have had the usual scares, flu, influenza, malaria, two or three operations; I ought to be dead but I am a survivor, if you like.' But Mr Weighton, who will spend his birthday surrounded by his friends at his retirement flat in Alton, Hampshire, hates people gushing over him. In fact, he shuns attention so much that he has even asked the Queen not to bother sending him a card in future to save the taxpayer money.

Man lost almost HALF his body weight from being a 21-stone teenager, after football fans called him a ‘whale’ for blocking their view of the TV while on holiday in Spain

***EXCLUSIVE*** A 21-stone teen shed almost HALF his body weight to become a shredded fitness guru after football fans called him a ‘whale’ - for blocking their view. Ricky Ingram, 26, has got the super slim buff body most men can only dream of having. But the personal trainer as once nicknamed “kebab legs” by his friends and admits he was a "human dustbin" who wolfed down fast food while watching TV. It wasn't until he was mocked by football fans in a bar on holiday in Spain for "blocking the screen" that he overhauled his diet and joined a local fitness club.

Crash victim wakes from month-long coma and stuns medics with first words

***EXCLUSIVE*** A horror crash victim who suffered a brain injury in a collision with a tractor stunned medics when he woke from a coma - only able to speak Malay. Fraser Watt, 60, spent more than a month in intensive care after his car collided with the farming vehicle on a road between St Andrews and Dundee in 1983. Medics rushed to save Mr Watt following the incident but the injuries he sustained resulted in him losing almost a quarter of his brain. Mr Watt, who was 24 at the time of the crash, shocked doctors when he woke up speaking Malay - the language he spoke as a child while growing up in Borneo.

Syrian puppeteer performs for children in rebel-held Idlib

Syria, Saraqib: Syrian children follow puppeteer Walid Rashed past the rubble of a damaged building, before performing a puppet act to mark the World Theatre Day as part of a his tour of Saraqib in the rebel-held province of Idlib. Since 2013, theatre artist Walid Rashed has been touring refugee camps and devastated neighbourhoods to perform puppet acts and shadow play for Syrian children.

Woman has been left infertile after two ectopic pregnancies, where the embryo develops in the fallopian tube but the womb - but is not giving up hope of being a

***EXCLUSIVE*** A woman has refused to give up hope of becoming a mum despite being left infertile after two failed pregnancies robbed her of her ability to have kids. Parise Wong, 28, suffered her first ectopic pregnancy - when the egg implants in the fallopian tube, not the womb - aged just 18. She had to have surgery to remove the egg and one tube, leaving her with a 50% less chance of conceiving naturally. Ten years later - in the very same hospital room where she experienced the first tragedy - she discovered her unborn baby was once again growing in her remaining fallopian tube.

Incredible 5-bed £680k home is perfect for Nessie hunters with unspoiled views of Loch Ness

***EXCLUSIVE*** Spot the Loch Ness monster from the comfort of your own home with this stunning five-bed house overlooking Loch Ness. Incredible images show the exterior of the large, white-walled house and its extensive gardens with Loch Ness visible in the background. Other striking shots show the modern kitchen, light-filled dining and living rooms and cosy bedrooms. Thistle House is located in Loch Ness View, Inverness, Scotland, and is currently listed by Strutt and Parker for offers over Ł680k.

Indian saris drying

***EXCLUSIVE*** Thousands of brightly coloured Indian saris covering a riverbank make it look like a huge paint palette. The large riverbank was covered by the traditional items of clothing as they were left to dry having been washed in the water. As they dry in the hot sun, the saris transform the island of orange and brown sand into a colourful paradise. Each 15 to 20ft-long sari, which have unique patterns and are worn by women in India, was hand washed in the Barakar River, in Kumardubi, Jharkhand, India.

Final moments for a mouse caught by a fox

***EXCLUSIVE*** A photographer captures a vole's last moments as it struggles in the jaws of a fox. The hungry fox plays with the terrified creature before carrying it away towards woodland. Photographer André Audet watched as it hunted rodents in a field on Prince Edward Island, Canada. The 36-year-old from Moncton in nearby New Brunswick, Canada, said: "I was on Prince Edward Island for the day to shoot images of wild red foxes.