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I refuse to hide my giant tumours

***EXCLUSIVE*** VIDEO AVAILABLE, CURITIBA, BRAZIL: A young woman suffers from a genetic condition that causes huge tumours to grow on her legs and hips. Karina Rodini, 28, who resides in Curitiba, Brazil, was diagnosed with neurofibromatosis type I at the age of two, the disease progressed in her adolescence years and since then she underwent countless surgeries and procedures in order to remove tumours that kept growing back bigger each time. Now Karina says that her tumours weigh around 4 kg, but despite her condition, the young woman remains positive and hopes to inspire others to talk about their condition publicly instead of hiding it and suffering alone. She has recently set up a GoFundMe page in hopes to raise funds for treatment that could change her life.

My Hello Kitty Mustang

***EXCLUSIVE*** VIDEO AVAILABLE, NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE: A „Super Mum” has transformed her plain white Ford Mustang into a rolling celebration of the Hello Kitty brand for her daughters - and she did it almost entirely by herself. Takiyah Middleton, 41, customized the 2006 convertible by adding Hello Kitty decals and pink interior decorations alongside eight speakers, seven TVs, and a full LED light setup. The Milwaukee-native now lives in Nashville and says she put all her efforts into her own quirky version of the iconic Ford for her two children. She told Barcroft Studios: „I wanted to pull up at my daughters’ school and be like super mum, the cool mum so that’s what made me start building the car.”

A great-grandmother who risked her life for a face lift is so pleased with the results, she is already saving for her next procedure

***EXCLUSIVE*** Toni Goldenberg became one of the oldest people in the country to have a lower face lift procedure following her three-and-a-half hour op. The 80-year-old said it was like a dream come true when she looked in the mirror for the first time and saw "the old woman had gone."  She began saving her pension five years ago for the £10,000 procedure and has already began putting money away in her giant Coca Cola bottle for an upper face lift.

Woman who is a ‘Slosher’- somebody who enjoys getting incredibly messy- usually with cakes, pies, and even slime

***EXCLUSIVE*** When Mia Cid buys a cake she has no intention of eating it, she wants to squish it into her hair, push her face into the icing and smother it all over her clothes. Mia, 23, is a ‘Slosher’ a.k.a., a person who gains pleasure from being messy - really messy. The urge to get mucky first emerged when Mia was young. “It started when I was about eleven,” said Mia, a barista who lives in Hollywood, California.

Woman dates BOTH of her exes after threesome convinces them to try polyamory

***EXCLUSIVE*** Meet the woman who brought together two of her exes to create a POLYAMOROUS THROUPLE and says that her relationship with them improved when they all got together. Tattoo artist, Ali Jones (29) from Cape Town, South Africa, was good friends with refrigeration technician, Damian Grundy (30) until one night when they were at a club, they had their first kiss and quickly fell in love. Already a mum of a little girl, Morgan (10), from a previous relationship, as well as sharing custody of her daughter with her dad, Ali felt that Damian was also a good father-figure for her. Two years later, Damian proposed to her and they got married in 2013 with their nearest and dearest around them. They had both tried for a baby but Ali miscarried twice before she gave birth to their son, Tziyon-Moon (4), in October 2014. Over the next two years Ali felt intense pressure over being a young mum; striving to know who she was as a person and as an independent woman, which affected their relationship and her insecurities meant that their relationship started to suffer in 2016 until they separated and got divorced in 2017. Shortly after they split up, Ali met another man, entrepreneur, Matty Ruchton (26) who she hit it off with and they fell in love quickly, despite leaving her ex-husband, Damian, unhappy with the way she moved on. While they were not together, their marriage ended so amicably, that they continued to be friends and Ali encouraged Damian and Matty to meet each other as she felt they would get on. Over time, she felt she would compare her two relationships with each other and felt like her heart was split between the two, which negatively affected her relationship with Matty. After feeling like her heart was in a constant ‘tug of war’ between the two men, her relationship with Matty ended after two years and she travelled to Europe. In that time, Matty and Damian had become extremely close, while bonding experiences and shared love of Ali, as well as having a lot in common. When she got back, they got back together and reminisced about the old days, then joked about having a threesome. They ended up having a threesome, which felt so natural like they had always been a trio, despite Ali thinking it would be a one time thing, Matty and Damian both brought it up and they all decided to try being in a polyamorous triad. They have been together ever since, and they have felt stronger together than separately and her two children have become adapted to their new family.

Struggling to survive in one of the world's poorest slums: Stark images reveal the harsh conditions faced by beggars and children who live besides Bangladesh's railway line

***EXCLUSIVE*** Emotional monochrome images have been released capturing the gritty hardship of life for the millions of people living in the poverty-stricken slums of Bangladesh. The series of moving pictures show poverty etched on the faces of some of the country’s poorest people who are forced to live on and beside railway tracks with their families which include small children, a man trying to make ends meet whilst he repairs a pair of jeans for a friend and a young boy kneeling on the dirty floor whilst he works away. Other powerful black and white shots depict a class of children having a lesson in a shack with scarce school facilities, a man being wheeled through the streets by a younger relative wrapped up in plenty of layers and a group of workers keeping themselves warm huddled around a fire. One photo shows a disabled man carrying a bowl through the streets, whilst another shows a man carrying heavy bricks on his shoulders. The breath-taking images were taken in Chittagong and Dhaka, Bangladesh, by civil servant and hobby photographer, Joxe Inazio Kuesta Garmendia (59) from Lezo, Gipuzkoa, Spain.

First „Corgi-Café” in Bangkok

Thailand, Bangkok: With Queen Elizabeth's favourite dogs former stewardess Tanchanok Kanawong has become the latest celebrity in Bangkok's restaurant scene. She is the owner of a café called "Corgi in The Garden", where you can eat and drink in the middle of Corgis.

Bizarre sports contest: camel WEIGHT LIFTING

***EXCLUSIVE*** Qasim Hussain's camel won this year's contest in Pakistan which sees the animals getting up on their feet while carrying bags of rocks weighing as much as a car.  Qasim, from Bradford, W Yorks, saw his four-year-old camel, Sheezada Kathreela, win for the second year beating 20 other competitors by carrying 1,800kg.  However the contest which is watched by up 20,000 spectators was slammed by animal rights group PETA who has described the sport as 'abuse'.

The majestic farmhouse on the remote Isle of Gigha that has gone on the market for just under £800,000 - with views of the ocean and a library and a games room

***EXCLUSIVE*** A farmhouse on the remote Isle of Gigha has gone on the market - with no neighbours and views out onto the ocean.Leim Farm, on the Isle of Gigha, Argyll and Bute, has a library and a games room, as well as a lavish 17ft exercise pool with a sauna. Only 160 people live on the idyllic island, the southern most island in the Southern Hebrides, and it is famed for its low crime rate. The tiny island is only seven miles long, and 1.5 miles across at its widest point.