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Woman, 23, becomes a mum-of-seven overnight after taking in her brothers and sisters as well as her own two children following her mother's sudden death

***EXCLUSIVE*** Meet the 23-year-old who has become mum to her five siblings - as well as her own two kids - after her mother's sudden death. Shannon Ellis was just 22 when she stepped up to care for the brood of seven after her mum Shelley, 39, died in January this year. This Mother's Day she received handmade cards, boxes of chocolates and bouquets of flowers from her brother and sister. The brood will also paid tribute to Shelley by visiting the tree where they spread her ashes near the park she used to take them to.

Brave girl, nine, who had three of her limbs amputated after contracting a deadly strain of meningitis appeals for £10,000 to get a 'bionic hero arm' so she can dress herself

***EXCLUSIVE*** A brave nine-year-old triple-amputee is dreaming of a 'bionic hero arm' so she can dress herself - as her father has begged the NHS to make the limb available to everyone. Rinae Hedgecock contracted a deadly strain of meningitis as a five-year-old and lost both legs, her left arm below the elbow and the fingers and thumbs on her right hand. After showing unbelievable courage in her recovery, Rinae is now hoping to raise enough money for a 'hero arm' - made by Bristol-based company, Open Bionics.  However, despite the British-made technology being recently made available in France, Rinae cannot currently receive it on the NHS.

The top entries in the Society of Photographers Monochrome photo competition

***EXCLUSIVE*** It may hark back to bygone days, but these black and white winners in a picture contest show that the art form is still very much alive. Won by an atmospheric shot of a sailboat going past as fog rolls in to the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, other entries include a stunning portrait of a leopard in the wild and horses in France. They were all winners and runners-up in the Society of Photographers Monochrome photo competition, pulling in entries from all over the world. The winning shot was taken by British snapper Eric Browett on a motorbike trip to the States.

Salt pond landscape looks like a makeup palette

***EXCLUSIVE*** Huge salt ponds look just like an eye shadow palette when seen from above. The one kilometre wide lagoons are especially made to mine and extract the mineral. And viewed from the air they look just like a make up tray. The huge array of salt ponds in Baja California, Mexico, accounts for over 30 per cent of the world's salt production.

Open-air laundry in Kashmir

Traditional washer men and women wash a different varieties of clothes manually on the banks of the Dal Lake in Srinagar, in Indian Administered Kashmir. Washer men and women scrub the clothes by hand while men wring them in the large outdoor laundry, employing a traditional method passed on through generations in India but currently only practised by few in the remaining open laundries or „dhobi ghat” in the country. The work is physically demanding, with washmen often standing in knee deep soapy water in a tub hitting and rinsing clothes and linen, and then pounding them on a stone. Work in the laundry usually begins at dawn and continues until late in the evening, and it isn’t a lucrative activity, especially since the advent of technology in the washing profession.

Brick factory

***EXCLUSIVE*** Millions of bricks are laid out to dry in the sun, forming rows that stretch over two acres. The mud bricks are made by hundreds of workers in the busy city of Dhaka, Bangladesh, ready to be used for building houses and roads. Photographer Azim Ronnie, who took the photos, compared the rows of bricks to crops growing in a field. He said: "Bangladesh is the fourth largest producer and consumer of bricks in Asia.

Can you spot the otter?

***EXCLUSIVE*** This pair hide among kelp plants as they feed by the water. They were camouflaged by the kelp and even snuggled into the plants to keep warm, making them even harder to see. Mechanic Gary Bailey was able to spot the otters during a visit to the Isle of Mull, Scotland. The 58-year-old from Oxford, Oxfordshire, said: "I was scanning the shoreline with binoculars and a scope at low tide.

200 year old silk mill refurbishment

***EXCLUSIVE*** Silk Mill worker Lisa Gale threads the winding frame at Whitchurch Silk Mill. The winding frame is one of the few in the UK still powered by a water mill. Whitchurch Silk Mill been producing silk since 1817 it's the oldest silk mill in the UK still in its original building and has recently undergone a £1.7 million refurbishment.