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Mexico's Island of Nightmares is filled with mutilated dolls and it's so creepy

There are some creepy places in the world, but Mexico's La Isla de las Muñeca (Island Of The Dolls), just south of Mexico City, sets the bar pretty high. Wander through the dense green landscape here and you'll be greeted by hundreds of terrifying, mutilated dolls, hidden amongst the trees and buildings. It looks like something out of a horror film - no wonder it's been nicknamed the 'Island of Nightmares'. Legend has it that a young girl drowns on the island many years ago, and that the dolls are possessed by her spirit. The story goes that the body of the drowned girl was found by the island's caretaker, Don Julian Santa, who was left shaken at being unable to save her. Shortly after, he found a floating doll in one of the Xochimilco Canals around the island, which he decided to hang up on a tree as a mark of respect to the deceased girl. However, locals say that he became obsessed with the idea that the girl would return to haunt the island, and therefore began gathering hundreds of dolls to hang up in a bid to let her soul rest. He would also go in search of lost dolls in piles of rubbish from nearby areas, as well as those in the canals, choosing not to clean or fix them but instead hanging them from the trees in whatever state he found them. The result is pretty unsettling. Wander through the island and you'll find hundreds of dolls with missing limbs, heads, or just generally looking like something straight out of a horror film. La Isla de las Muñeca was never intended to be a tourist destination.


A teenager who visited doctors 15 TIMES suffering from headaches and was repeatedly told she was suffering from migraines actually had a brain tumour

***EXCLUSIVE*** Beckie Hiley, 19, discovered she was living with an undiagnosed brain tumour for over a year - after she was repeatedly told she was suffering from migraines. The English Literature student said she was living with "crippling headaches" which left her unable to work - as doctors told her they were down to her family history of migraines.

A dinosaur built from LEGO bricks

***EXCLUSIVE*** A giant dinosaur raised eyebrows as it was spotted being driven through Hampshire. The seven-foot colourful Velociraptor is just one of the dozens of LEGO brick dinosaur sculptures that will go on display this Friday at Marwell Zoo for its world exclusive BRICKOSAURS! event.

Grandmother, 64, reveals terrifying moment her hand was bitten off by a 14 STONE rescue dog in savage attack

***EXCLUSIVE*** A woman yesterday told how she had her hand bitten off by a huge rescue dog which savaged her in attack which 'seemed to last for hours.' Sue Scarlett, 64, was savaged by the 90kg - 14 stone - cross-bred beast while cleaning its kennel and looked down to the ground see her 'right hand on the floor.' The care home nurse was set up by the dog last October when the animal locked its teeth around her right arm.