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A dad has fulfilled his Phileas Fogg inspired dream by travelling around the world - in 80 HOURS

***EXCLUSIVE*** Mark Paling, 53, has wanted to follow in the footsteps of his fictional hero ever since he read the Jules Verne's novel Around the World in Eighty Days as a schoolboy. The retired game designer even started and finished in London's Reform Club - same as the novel's protagonist. The 23,902 mile trip took him 77 hours and 53 minutes and saw him board four flights - but only make it out the airport once, for a day out in Auckland, New Zealand. He said he didn't suffer any jet lag at all, and his flights were filled with sleeping, watching six movies -- and reading Around the World In Eighty Days from cover to cover. The dad-of-three spent around £3,000 on the trip, and one day hopes to circumnavigate the globe in eight HOURS - once technology catches up with his dreams. Mark, from Camberley, Surrey, said: „The weird thing is it was not as tiring as I thought it would be.”

Meet Britain’s paragliding dog who takes to the skies with his owners

***EXCLUSIVE*** Henry the three-year-old cockapoo has flown more than 20 times over the hills of west Wales - and even in the Alps. The little pooch also paddleboards with owner Amy Jones, 38, travels in a trailer with her on long bike rides and enjoys long walks up Cadair Idris mountain in the snow. Henry’s love for the outdoors is a trait mirrored by Amy and partner Joe McCarthy, who met three years ago when he was a puppy. He often flies with Amy’s dad, Rob, who has over 30 years paragliding experience and was one of the sports early pioneers.

Mother, 33, who got engaged to a 65-year-old three WEEKS after they met insists they're happier than ever after seven years of marriage

***EXCLUSIVE*** This British couple embarked on a whirlwind romance and got engaged just THREE-WEEKS after they first met and MARRIED the same year despite their THIRTY-TWO-YEAR AGE GAP. Public service graduate and support worker, Charity Wilson (40) from Cheshire, UK, first met part-time chemistry teacher and author, David (72) seven years ago at a Christian group event. He fell in love with her at first sight and asked her out but as she was not looking for a relationship at the time, Charity didn‚Äôt take it seriously. After just three weeks of dating, Charity realised that she was in love with David and he casually proposed to her and she happily agreed. Within the space of eight months, they got married and they have been loved up ever since. Charity has two daughters from a previous relationship, and they call David their ‚Äėdad‚Äô. While they have received countless stares from strangers due to their age gap, the couple have never been fazed and feel stronger together after conquering many challenges together.

Trolls attack our interabled love

***EXCLUSIVE*** VIDEO AVAILABLE, ADELAIDE, AUSTRALIA: An interabled couple whose wedding video went viral prove trolls wrong. Phillip Eling was born with a rare form of Muscular Dystrophy called Bethlem Myopathy - affecting the skeletal muscles and connective tissue, the disease is characterised by slowly progressive muscle weakness and joint stiffness. In Phillip’s case, his fingers, wrists, elbows and ankles are weak, however, he has also been diagnosed with the most severe case of his condition in the Southern Hemisphere and has to use a wheelchair to get around. Due to his lack of physical health, the 31-year-old, who lives in Adelaide, Australia, has experienced many hardships in everyday life, but remains positive and ambitious thanks to his wife Susan Eling. Originally from Kenya, Susan moved to Adelaide in 2015 and just two years later, her and Phillip were engaged. The differences between them are noticeable to all and after their wedding video of them dancing went viral online, they received a torrent of negative comments towards Susan in particular and how she was only with Phillip for his apparent wealth. But in spite of this, the married couple couldn’t be happier and are looking forward to spending the rest of their lives together.

A little girl is lucky to be alive after was partially SCALPED when her hair became caught in the motor of a child’s go kart

***EXCLUSIVE*** Lani Use, five, was riding on a 17-year-old gasoline-powered go kart at a family party on October 27 when her hair became caught in the vehicle’s exposed motor belt. The child's head was pulled backwards in the accident, fracturing her skull in four places and ripping the right side of her scalp off from her hair line to her neck. Mum Macie Gautreaux, 24, was walking a few feet ahead of her daughter’s four-wheeled go kart, designed for children, when she heard her family members scream. The mum and her husband Jacob Use, 23, watched in horror as Macie's stepdad, Jason Blanchard, 43, freed an unconscious Lani from the motor by cutting her hair with a knife. The parents rushed Lani, whose brain and skull were exposed, to their local hospital in Houma, Louisiana, USA, before she was airlifted to Ochsner Medical Center in New Orleans. Lani underwent a five hour emergency surgery on October 28 to repair lacerations to her brain and bind her fractured skull together with six dissolvable plates. Plastic surgeons were able to manipulate Lani’s remaining scalp to cover her wound, saving the five-year-old from a painful skin graft.

Lemoga classes

Armathwaite Hall hotel in Keswick, Cumbria holds Lemoga classes with the lemurs from Lake District Wild Life Park mingling with the class to create a personal yoga experience which aims to heighten the sense of wellbeing for both lemur and human.

The multicoloured Malabar Giant Squirrel, which was spotted in a forest in the Pathanamthitta District of India

***EXCLUSIVE*** Incredible giant multi-coloured squirrels have taken the internet by storm - and this is no April fools. Kaushik Vijayan, 39, snapped the Malabar Giant Squirrels deep in the forests of their native India, capturing their fascinating shades of orange, maroon and purple. The stunning rodents, which are also known as the Indian giant squirrel, are double the size of the eastern grey squirrel, with bodies measuring 36 inches from head to tail.

Dogs enjoy a holiday break at dog hotel

***EXCLUSIVE*** Three quarters of British pet owners have no idea their furry friends could lose their European passport in the event of a no deal Brexit, a study has found. Currently, EU nationals can travel freely with their cat, dog or ferret - if it has a European pet passport. But leaving the EU without a deal is 'likely' to lead to the UK getting unlisted, third country status. This in turn would mean pet passports issued in the UK would become invalid for travel to the EU.

A schoolgirl was astonished when she found a mark on a grape -- that looked exactly like a giraffe

***EXCLUSIVE*** Matilda Macmillan, six, was eating her breakfast when she spotted the tiny animal on the skin of the fruit. The tiny giraffe even had markings identical to the real creature - as well as an elongated neck, pointed ears and long legs. Matilda showed the grape to her mum Jo, 36, during the morning school rush, and it took awhile for the busy mum to realise what she was talking about. The family from Whitchurch, Hampshire, have put the grape - bought in a Tesco Express multipack - into the fridge for safe keeping for now. Mum-of-three Jo said: "I was doing her hair and she had just finished her croissant and she asked for some grapes. "She noticed a mark and said 'what's that on the grape' and I told her 'It's fine to eat'. "She said 'mum there's a giraffe on my grape'.  It's so busy in the morning and I said to her 'just eat it up'.

A bride and groom were left stunned when their wedding photographer had a sex change between the ceremony and reception

***EXCLUSIVE*** Newlyweds Laura and Jeff Badland tied the knot in a secret ceremony in front of two witnesses and photographer Martin Neeves.  But Martin officially became Katie just two weeks later, after a lifetime of struggling with gender dysphoria.  By the time the couple, of Sapcote, Leics., had their reception four months later, Martin was living as Katie.

These shocking pictures show the world's worst face plant by a surfer - leaving him so badly injured he need a FACELIFT

***EXCLUSIVE*** Steve Bowens suffered such horrendous injuries during a wipe-out he need his entire face rebuilt. He was hit 'square in the face' by a stand-up paddle board he had been using after a 3ft swell knocked him off his feet. With blood pouring from his face he was helped to the shore and taken to hospital - where he underwent major reconstruction surgery. Two facial surgeons spent nine hours working on him, during which time he was cut from ear to ear and his face peeled forward allowing the perforation to be patched with muscle. His cheek also had to be rebuilt and his eye suspended on titanium mesh. Steve, 43, a sports scientist of Portreath, Cornwall, said he was now on the road to recovery. Recalling the accident in February he said: "As the wave came to the end it sectioned. I bottom turned but misjudged it and took a tumble.

More than three-quarters of the sea ice formed in the Arctic Ocean melts before it leaves its 'nursery', warns a study that reveals the "extreme" scale of climate change

***EXCLUSIVE*** The dramatic loss of ice in the Arctic is influencing sea-ice transport across the Arctic Ocean, according to the research. Experts found that only 20 per cent of the sea ice that forms in the shallow Russian marginal seas of the Arctic Ocean today actually reaches the Central Arctic where it joins the Transpolar Drift, a major current of the Arctic Ocean. The remaining 80 per cent of the young ice melts before it has a chance to leave its 'nursery'. Before 2000, that figure was 50 per cent.

Britain's biggest rhododendron bush

***EXCLUSIVE*** Shrubzilla - Britain's biggest rhododendron bush has burst into flower early after ideal conditions have produced a stunning display. The majestic shrub, that measures 120ft long and 50ft high, is within the gardens of the exclusive South Lodge Hotel in Horsham, West Sussex. And head gardener Paul Collins is going to need a bigger set of shears to prune the mountainous shrub that is actually native to the Himalayas. The plant is currently covered in hundreds of vibrant purple flowers having benefited from a mild winter that was boosted by a wet February. The rhododendron - Rhododendron arboreum Smithii in Latin - was planted more than 120 years ago by Victorian explorer Frederick Du Cane Godman.