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The £10.6 million purchased by a Japanese buyer, for his daughter

***EXCLUSIVE*** A Japanese father has splashed out more than £10.6 million on a gigantic flawless diamond, for his daughter. The 88.22-carat diamond was purchased the private collector at the Hong Kong Sale of Magnificent Jewels and Jadeite held on Tuesday. He named it the “Manami Star,” after his eldest daughter. The 'perfect' diamond is one of only three oval diamonds over 50 carats to appear at auction in living memory.

Woman who spent YEARS covering her psoriasis with makeup has finally embraced her skin after people said her 'cheetah spots' looked 'sexy'

***EXCLUSIVE*** COLORADO, USA: This athlete was so embarrassed of her psoriasis that she saw FIVE dermatologists and was even told to try CHEMOTHERAPY to get rid of her condition which she is now embracing after being told her ‘cheetah skin’ looked cool and even ‘SEXY’.  Student athlete Sophia Chen (20) from Colorado, USA, first developed psoriasis on her chest when she was 16, but at the time she thought it was just a bug bite or a spot. Within a month, the psoriasis had spread to her face and Sophia began covering her face with makeup because she felt ashamed of her skin. Sophia went to see five dermatologists about the issue, which was diagnosed as guttate psoriasis, all over her body. Some dermatologists recommended that Sophia try using tanning beds to heal her skin, while others suggested chemotherapy to fight the psoriasis. Both options baffled and concerned Sophia, leaving her feeling lost and still without treatment. Sophia got into the habit of waking up at six am every morning to give herself time to cover up her psoriasis with concealer, foundation and powder, even if she was just playing football. Eventually, in 2015, Sophia saw a doctor who looked at the food triggers which might have been affecting her skin. Initially, Sophia cut out dairy, gluten and alcohol before later turning to veganism in 2016 to heal her skin. Sophia still follows a vegan diet but hasn’t seen her psoriasis disappear completely. However, since moving to the University of Albany, Sophia’s roommate noticed how much time she spent trying to cover up her spots and told her that she should embrace her unique look. Now, Sophia loves her ‘cheetah skin’ and she hopes to show others not to hide their true selves out of fear of what others might think.

Macro insects

***EXCLUSIVE*** These incredible close-up images of insects make them look like larger than life invaders from another planet. The amazingly intricate photographs capture the creatures' every detail - including ladybirds, flies and wasps - right down to each individual hair on their heads. Engineer physicist Andrew Shapovalov, 28, took the fascinating photographs using a macro lens at his home studio in Grodno City, Belarus.

Meerkat Campsite

***EXCLUSIVE*** A group of meerkats have been living around the campsite for the past 20 years because it is safer for them compared to being out on the reserve where they’re more at risk from predators. The clan of 18 meerkats were pitched up alongside a group of people staying in a caravan, and relaxed on the sandy ground before bedding in for the night. In one image, a meerkat is seen standing up and inspecting a man who was also staying at the campsite in the Kglalagadi Transfrontier Park, South Africa.

Grain and chillies

***EXCLUSIVE*** Thousands of bright red chilli peppers are harvested in the hot sun before being sorted ready to be delivered to spice companies. Incredible drone photographs of the chillies, taken from up to almost 1,000ft above the ground, show them laid out on concrete paving slabs. As temperatures soar to almost 30 degrees Celsius, workers patiently sort the peppers ahead of them being sold. The pictures were captured in coastal Sariakandi Upazila, Bangladesh, by photographer Abdul Momin.

The rare triplet calves born on Carsgoe Farm in Halkirk, Caithness- and 1 in 100,000 chance occurrence

***EXCLUSIVE*** These adorable photographs show newborn triplet calves - which have been described as a 'miracle' due to the one in 100,000 chance of their birth occurring naturally. A cow has given birth to triplets in the north of Scotland - which only occurs once in 100,000 births. The Simmental calves were born at the 500 acre Carsgoe Farm in Halkirk, Caithness and are all doing well. The calves were safely delivered by farmer Graeme Gunn while he was out observing his 130 Simmental cow herd and noticed a six-year-old cow was about to give birth in the straw bedded cattle pens.