Ha nem jelenik meg rendesen kattintson ide!

A French fashion designer created a collection of incredible one-of-a-kind ball gowns made entirely of everyday objects - including old book spines and violins

***EXCLUSIVE*** Sylvie Facon, 57, uses everyday objects such as watch dials, cogs, and musical instruments and experiments with different fabrics to create a unique look. The stunning dresses take 250 hours to create and these incredible pictures show the immense detail of the corsets, which are made entirely of old book spines instead of boning.

My giant leg won’t stop me dancing

***EXCLUSIVE*** VIDEO AVAILABLE, TYLER, TX: Wearing a floor-length maxi dress Ada Thompson’s lymphedema is almost hidden but as soon as she starts to walk or has to pick up her skirt, it’s impossible to disguise her condition, which effects the entire right side of her body. Ada Thompson, 38, from Tyler, Texas was born with primary congenital Lymphedema. Even as a baby she had to wear extra-large nappies to accommodate the swelling on her leg. As she got older the lymphedema on her leg has grown to the point that she can no longer wear any form of trousers, having to endure rude comments and stares when she is out in public.

Woman loves pink so much, she painted her terraced house in it

***EXCLUSIVE*** She's known as "Pinky" to locals and children often stop to have their picture taken outside of the house in Linton, Derbyshire.  "You've got to put a bit of colour in your life and mine is just pink," she said.  It's not just the house that is pink. Mrs Owen has a pink car, caravan and plenty of the colour in her garden.

A three-year-old gave her baby brother this hilarious TOWIE-style makeover with cosmetics - to 'look just like you mummy'

***EXCLUSIVE*** Mum Catherine Carr, 24, thought she'd grab a quiet moment to sort some washing and left daughter Tiffany downstairs watching TV with snoozing sibling Frankie.  But Tiffany then decided to use her mum's make-up to paint her bro's face - leaving him a deep brown colour.  The younger used a brush to cover him with bronzer, gave him red lips with lipstick and drew on eyebrows with eyebrow pencil.  Her mother came down to find Frankie fully made-up - and was even more gutted when Tiffany explained she wanted him 'to look like you mummy'.