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The family of nine who live in an off-grid shack with a composting toilet for an 'economic lifestyle' (and five of the children are home-schooled so the parents can 'stay connected')

***EXCLUSIVE*** Meet the family-of-nine who live an off-grid lifestyle which sees them use an eco-friendly composting toilet despite critics telling them they live like “poor people” and have been HOME-SCHOOLING FIVE of their children to stay connected to them. Mum-of-seven, home educator and homesteader, Jasmine Kosach (31), from Tasmania, Australia, grew up with an appreciation for all things nature, due to her mum and nana being gardeners. Jasmine and her husband, Ben, had a garden maintenance business which didn’t do very well and saw them struggle financially. After this difficult time, in May 2017, they decided to start a holistic, off-grid life in a shack to help the planet as well as live an economic lifestyle. Since then they have been living off necessities, including using a tank of water, a small amount of solar power and using a generator for using computers and power tools. Jasmine and Ben have also been home-schooling their children; Wallace (11), Lucy (10), Ronan (8), Hattie (7) and George (5), while looking after their toddler Morris (2) and Vera, who is eight-months-old. They plan to move out of their little shack and do a full-shed conversion to increase their space.

Cancer survivor who had an OVARY removed defies the odds to give birth to a healthy boy

***EXCLUSIVE*** SASKATOON, CANADA: This pharmacist spent years supporting cancer patients before BECOMING ONE HERSELF and after having an ovary and fallopian tube removed surprised everyone when she overcame the odds and fell PREGNANT with a baby boy. Oncology pharmacist Dr. Amy Smith-Morris (32) from Saskatoon, Canada specialises as a pharmacist in cancer care, which led her to working for the Saskatchewan Health Authority, providing care for patients fighting cancer. In September 2016, Amy and her husband, Marc (31), got married and took a honeymoon to Italy and Greece where they took in the beautiful sights and local foods. However, weeks passed after their return home and Amy was still noticing symptoms which she initially thought were a result of her recent holiday, including weight gain and bloating. When she became troubled by heartburn also, Amy went to her GP who then referred her for an ultrasound. But due to Amy only being 30 at the time, cancer wasn’t expected to be the outcome. Unfortunately, the ultrasound found a large tumour on Amy’s ovary, which was later confirmed to be cancerous. Within weeks, Amy underwent surgery to remove one ovary, which had been engulfed by a 21-centimetre tumour, and a fallopian tube. In December 2016, Amy began her first of four chemotherapy cycles, with her final round in March 2017. Throughout her cancer fight, Amy maintained a positive mindset and held onto her beliefs of one day starting a family of her own. Then, in the summer of 2018, Amy received the exciting news that she was expecting her first child in 2019, despite having an ovary removed. On March 17, 2019, Amy and Marc welcomed their son Max via emergency c-section, weighing 6lbs 10oz.

Inside £20m Florida mansion that comes with a Star Trek-themed home cinema

A huge mansion which includes a home cinema based on the bridge of USS Enterprise from Star Trek has gone up for sale in Boca Raton, Florida for $24.99 million. The 27,000 square foot home, which was built in 2006, was originally put on the market in 2014 for $35 million. But owner, entrepreneur and philanthropist Marc Bell decided to stay in 2015 despite receiving a serious offer. The home cinema, its space age lobby and an estimated $1 million-plus worth of show memorabilia are down to Bell becoming a Trekkie during a holiday in Florida when he was ten. He said: I had never seen Star Trek before - I stayed awake for 24 hours to watch. A Trekkie was born.”The home cinema includes 11 custom seats that recline into beds. There’s also a large arcade with video games from the late 70s and early 80s. As well as a 1,500-bottle wine cellar and a 60-by 20-foot pool with a heated spa for more than 20 people and an underwater sound system. The home has nine bedrooms, 10 full bathrooms and six half-bathrooms and an eat-in chef’s kitchen. Twin generators can also provide a month of off-grid power. Bell and his wife Jennifer – who run a swimwear line together are looking to relocate locally.

Hitler said 'I'm ending it today', then killed himself in his bunker: Diary of former close friend offers fascinating insight into last moments of the Fuhrer

***EXCLUSIVE*** GERMANY: This personal diary of Hitler’s pilot includes rarely seen photographs of the Nazi leader and offers a unique insight into one of the evillest men in history, including his final words. Lieutenant-general Hans Baur’s diary highlights the remarkable story of the pilot who was an intimate friend of the führer and one of his most trusted members of staff. Their friendship was sparked in 1933 when Baur was hired to help Hitler campaign around Germany. Just three years later, Hitler was Baur’s best man at his wedding. In 1945, Baur was one of the very last people to speak to the Nazi warlord before his grisly suicide in a Berlin bunker. Remarkable photos included in the diary show Baur and Hitler warmly greeting each other on an airfield, standing alongside each other whilst throwing a Nazi salute, and the soon-to-be leader of the Third Reich posturing stony-faced whilst serving as best man for his beaming captain. The first German edition of Baur’s memoirs Ich flog Mächtige der Erde (‘I Flew with the World’s Powerful’), was published in 1956, but the diary has now been reprinted and re-released by Frontline Books in English with the title I was Hitler’s Pilot.

Soldier performs on stage after keeping dance passion secret

A British soldier is taking to the stage having kept his passion for dance a secret from his colleagues. Alex Smith, 22, is a trooper from the Queen’s Dragoon Guards. He studied ballet, tap, jazz and contemporary dance before deciding to join the Army three years ago. Smith, from Cwmbran, South Wales, did not tell his fellow soldiers about his previous dance training. He is now back on stage, having been cast in 10 Soldiers, which “tells the stories of men and women serving on the front line” and opens at the Birmingham Hippodrome in May.

A haul of boxed vintage Star Wars toys unearthed in Derbyshire is expected to spark worldwide interest at auction

***EXCLUSIVE*** Some 40 boxed figures - one dating back to 1977 when the first Star Wars film was released - have been uncovered by Hansons Auctioneers, in Etwall, near Derby. Together, they could make up to £5,000 when they go under the hammer at the firm’s June 20 Toy Auction. And yet, they would have sold been pocket money prices when first produced in the 1970s and 80s. One, a 1983 Barada figure, has an original price of £1.59 on the packaging but now carries an auction estimate of £80-£120 - and could sell for far more. David Wilson-Turner, head of the Toy Department at Hansons, said: „There is massive demand for Star Wars memorabilia from fans around the world and the Midlands has proved to be a brilliant area to find them because the Palitoy factory, which once made the toys, was based in Coalville in Leicestershire.”

Daredevil diver feed sharks

***EXCLUSIVE*** This brave diver swims among some of the oceans' most dangerous sharks, even petting and playing with them. Using a cage of dead fish to attract the giant predators, the diver swims with tiger sharks, hammerheads, reef sharks, lemon sharks and nursery sharks off the coast of Freeport in the Bahamas. Together with great whites and bulls sharks, tiger sharks are responsible for 80 attacks on humans each year and are considered one of the most dangerous breeds.

Abstract Icelandic landscape

***EXCLUSIVE*** An Icelandic landscape looks like an impressive oil painting from above. Vibrant hues of green and blue are created from melting glaciers, forming a series of small lakes in a lava field. Amateur photographer Stas Bartnikas captured the stunning terrain while flying across the island in a light aircraft. The 46-year-old charity worker from Moscow, Russia, said: "These photos are taken from a small Cessna aeroplane.