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World famous conjoined twins turn 18

***EXCLUSIVE*** VIDEO AVAILABLE, CHHATTISGARH, INDIA: Conjoined twins Shivanath and Shivram Sahu say they have no regrets turning down offers to separate them - calling their condition a „gift from God”. The boys, who have just turned 18 and live near Raipur in India, went viral in 2014 when a video of them washing and dressing themselves was broadcast. They say they were approached by several doctors with offers of surgery to divide them but said no. They are now too old for the operation but are happy with their decision despite it leaving them unemployable.

How I learned to love my ostomy bag: Student, 19, begged doctors to remove it because she felt ashamed - but surgery complications forced her to get it back... and the ordeal has made her appreciate it

***EXCLUSIVE*** TORONTO, CANADA: This student hated her ostomy bag which made her ASHAMED of her body until she had it REVERSED, but an erroneous surgery led her intestines to LEAK and she had to have the stoma bag REFITTED - but now she flaunts it and claims it’s SEXY because it saved her life. Psychology student Sofia Ali (19) from Toronto, Canada, started experiencing intense stomach pain when she was 16, which she initially assumed was just a stomach bug. However, she started having to use the toilet over 20 times a day, noticing blood in the toilet after. Sofia kept it to herself initially, but when she started to lose control of her bowels she went to the hospital, where she was diagnosed with constipation and prescribed laxatives. Sofia’s health deteriorated within weeks and she went to a different hospital where she spent a week on an IV drip, antibiotics and had a colonoscopy which led to her being diagnosed with ulcerative colitis. By October 2016, Sofia was admitted to hospital with a fever and low heart rate, subsequently requiring an emergency colectomy as doctors feared that Sofia’s perforated colon would become septic if they didn’t operate immediately. Sofia awoke with an ostomy bag, which devastated her and made her feel ashamed of her stomach. Sofia longed for a reversal surgery as she no longer wanted to be ashamed of the bag she was carrying around. In October 2017, Sofia finally underwent the reversal surgery to get rid of the ostomy bag, leaving her with a j-pouch, a makeshift colon created with the small intestine, allowing her to go to the toilet once again. Sofia was glad to be starting university without a stoma bag due to the stigma surrounding them. Unfortunately, Sofia’s surgeon didn’t see that there was a leak in the j-pouch region, causing a rectal abscess. She was once again admitted to hospital when the leak was found, and in July 2018 Sofia was forced to have an ostomy refitted because of the error. Now, Sofia’s stoma bag has gone from her most hated feature to her most beloved because of its power in saving her life, and she wants others to deny the stigma of ‘smelly’ stoma bags.

Vlogger reveals her skull was slowly 'crushing her brain and pushing it into her spine' and doctors ignored her excruciating headaches because they 'didn't know what to do'

***EXCLUSIVE*** Meet the inspirational girl battling a genetic disorder that caused her BRAIN TISSUE to slip into her SPINAL CANAL and who after a failed attempt at corrective surgery was ignored by doctors until she googled her own symptoms - leading to a diagnosis where she was told that her skull was CRUSHING HER BRAIN. Vlogger and artist, Christina Doherty (23), from Woburn, Massachusetts, USA, was born with Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome (EDS), a genetic mutation, which affects a protein called collagen that helps keep the body together. Although EDS is a genetic mutation present from birth it wasn’t really evident until Christina was 10-years-old. In 2006, on Christmas Eve, her whole family got the flu and although everyone else got better, Christina didn’t. For the next couple of years, Christina’s family were convinced that she had an auto-immune disease. In 2012 she started seeing gastrointestinal (GI) and allergist professionals but nothing was found. Christina was always tired and contracting viruses but when she was 16, she was suddenly unable to read and although she could see the words on the page clearly, they just didn’t make any sense to her. Shortly after that came vertigo, then paralysis, seizures, ringing in ears, fainting, headaches and confusion. Later, in 2012 she had a MRI scan where doctors discovered that brain tissues were extending into her spinal canal. Following this, Christina underwent emergency surgery and although scared she was overwhelmed at the prospect of finally getting her life back. Unfortunately, after surgery things got worse, she was having all the symptoms she had before but now she was also experiencing mini strokes.

Bride who climbed a huge rock on the Isle of Skye for incredible misty photos admits she had to bin her RUINED wedding dress afterwards

***EXCLUSIVE*** This is the moment a newly-wed bride climbed a massive rock formation in the mist in her wedding gown - and was mistaken for a GHOST by French tourists. Emma Anderson, 29, and Craig MacVicar, 38, tied the knot on the Isle of Skye with just a lone piper and a photographer watching them exchange vows. The couple, who have been together two years, had a humanist ceremony outdoors at Honeycomb Rock, Elgol.But photographer Andrew Rae suggested they hike up iconic land formation The Old Man of Storr for some pictures.

Traditional English farmhouse with converted oast house near Darling Buds Of May village goes up for sale for £1.5million

***EXCLUSIVE*** A quintessentially English farmhouse and converted oast house - on the market for under Ł1.5m - is the ideal home for fans of the Darling Buds of May. Groome Farm is a beautiful Grade II listed property in a stunning rural spot between the villages of Egerton and Pluckley - the filming location for the Larkins' idyllic life in the ITV show. On the outside the pretty property in the Weald of Kent looks like it could have been plucked straight from the TV show, set in the 1950s, but inside it has been beautifully refurbished to create a modern, stylish family home. It is now on the market with BTF Partnership for Ł1.495m, and has a swimming pool and paddock land in the 6 acres of grounds.

The mystery of the Terracotta Army's shiny swords and spears has been solved by British scientists

***EXCLUSIVE*** Chrome plating on thousands of bronze weapons was thought to be the earliest form of anti-rust technology - thousands of years before it arrived in the West.  But the steely grey metal formed by chance through a chemical reaction between a decorative varnish on adjacent objects and the low organic content of surrounding soil, according to new research.  The lacquer was used to treat wooden parts of the weapons - such as shafts, grips ands scabbards.  The findings, published in the journal Scientific Reports, may answer a riddle that has baffled experts for decades  It challenges a long-standing claim that the Qin craftspeople had developed a chromium anti-rust system - more than 2,000 years ago.

Four-legged whale with otter-like features that lived more than 40 million years ago is found along the coast of Peru

***EXCLUSIVE*** A four-legged whale with otter-like features that lived more than 40-million-years-ago have been found along the coast of Peru, a new study found.The new amphibious species was four-metres long and is believed to be first ancestor of whales and dolphins to reach the Pacific Ocean after leaving Asia and crossing the Atlantic.Paleontologists called it Peregocetus Pacificus - Latin for the travelling whale that reached the Pacific Ocean.It had small hooves at the tip of its fingers and toes suggesting it could walk on land - but was also had webbed digits and a tail like an otter making it a strong swimmer.

Fascinating images of SS Normandie, the world’s largest and fastest cruise liner… until a clumsy welder destroyed it in a blaze

***EXCLUSIVE*** Remarkable photos of the iconic ocean liner SS Normandie which was like a 'floating palace' have come to light over 80 years later. The giant 1,000ft long French passenger ship was the largest of her type in the world and won the coveted 'Blue Riband' for the fastest crossing of the Atlantic. English photographer Percy Byron's photos show the liner's luxurious 'Art Deco' interior with its chandeliers and pillars of Lalique glass. The vessel, which launched in 1935, even boasted its own swimming pool and a gym where young women can be seen doing aerobics while a man in a suit trains with a punch bag.

Great-gran, 94, eats first pizza for 74 YEARS after boycotting Italian food over Mussolini’s troops’ treatment of her prisoner of war husband

***EXCLUSIVE*** A great-grandmother has finally tucked into a pizza after vowing never to touch Italian food after he husband was held captive by Mussolini's forces. Retired dinner lady Audrey Prudence, 94, boycott all Italian food with her husband Jack Prudence - after he spent a year in Italy as a prisoner of war. Jack died ten years ago, aged 89, and the former wartime nurse slowly embraced spagetti bol. But now she decided it was time to try her first ever pizza - ending an astonishing six decades without tasting the world's most popular food. And her choice of a Hawaiian with its ham and pineapple topping proved irresistible after just one bite with her saying she "could not wait to try another." Mrs Prudence from Abridge in Essex who has three grandchildren and nine great-grandchildren enjoyed a whole two slices.

'22,000 bees swarmed around home for 10 years - until I got my Hoover out'

***EXCLUSIVE*** The swarming insects had built a hive behind the plaster above the dormer window of a loft conversion. The family spent years trying to remove the bees from their three-storey home in the Eastern Green area of Coventry but to no avail. Bee experts told them the hive was too delicate to remove safely and numerous pest controllers simply refused the job because it was too dangerous. In desperation, the family boarded up the room and left the attic to the bees until one pest controller came up with an innovative way of removing them safely - using a vacuum cleaner. David Bird, who owns Delta Pest Control in Coventry, spent several hours hoovering up the bees before transferring them to a sealed container.

A retired man has been spooked by a piece of firewood - which bares a striking resemblance to E.T.

***EXCLUSIVE*** Dave Robinson, 64, had picked up some logs from a friend after phoning his home at the end of March 2019. He was moments away from throwing the piece into the fire before having a close encounter of the blurred kind with the slice of wood. A retired man has been spooked by a piece of firewood - which bares a striking resemblance to E.T.Dave Robinson, 64, had picked up some logs from a friend after phoning his home at the end of March 2019. He was moments away from throwing the piece into the fire before having a close encounter of the blurred kind with the slice of wood.Dave, a retired support worker from Bradford, West Yorks., said: "It is the first time I have noticed anything like it.

Ronnie Kray's menacing WWI bayonet used to enforce his reign of terror with brother Reggie across 1960s London is among notorious gangster's gear including his prison shirt and silk cravat up for auction

***EXCLUSIVE*** A chilling bayonet that was used by gangster Ronnie Kray on his victims has sold at auction for over Ł3,000. The 16ins lethal blade was from a First World War rifle but belonged to Ronnie during his and twin Reggie's reign of terror in London's East End in the 1960s. Alongside the weapon, several personal items relating to the convicted murderer's time in prison were also sold. These included his prison-issue towel which has his surname and prisoner number written on along with the menacing words 'Do Not Remove'.

Fascinating pictures show anti-terror police in action around the world including US SWAT teams, French RAID agents and Israel's elite Yamam unit

***EXCLUSIVE*** A shocking new book gives insight into some of the world’s worst terror attacks of the past thirty years and introduces us to the brave men and women who put their lives on the line to prevent them. Sobering but enthralling photos of the specially trained French agents show them expertly storming a train which is believed to be carrying a terrorist, members of the Israeli counter terrorism unit Yamam climbing down a building at night to face a dangerous criminal, and a US SWAT team clinging to the back of an armoured vehicle as they desperately hunt down an on-the-run bomber. Judith Grohmann, an investigative journalist whose interest in global special units was sparked by her love for the 1998 Hollywood blockbuster The Negotiator, includes the stunning photos in her latest book Fighting the War on Terror, where the intrepid reporter joins the world’s fighting elite to understand more about the top-secret world of counter-terrorism, kidnap prevention, and stopping supplies of illegal narcotics over the last three decades or so.

Artist produces antiques from ashes clay in Gaza city

Rana Al-Batrawi was born in Gaza in 1983. She graduated from al-Aqsa University with a BA in passion for art her to take up courses on a range of subjects, including puppet making, analysis of children's drawing, advanced educational methods and practical applications in art education Based in Gaza, Batrawi organizes several training courses for children. She is an active member Turkish-based Femin- Art Female Artists Association, for which Batrawi was in charge ofa large art project for the children of Gaza in November 2015. The influence of teaching Art to children is clear in Batrawi's work. She paints her themes with bold, innocent and colorful brushstrokes. Her work has been exhibited in several Palestinian cities, as well as Turkey and the United States.