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A six-year-old girl and her baby brother are closer than ever after she bravely saved his life -- by becoming his bone marrow donor

***EXCLUSIVE*** Caleb Ashby needed an urgent bone marrow transplant after a shortage of infection-fighting blood cells left him in danger of being killed by a common cold. Big sister Sophia was an 100% match and bravely demanded her worried parents to let her be a donor by declaring:  „If I give Caleb my bones he will live”.

A selection of Karl Lagerfeld’s earliest fashion sketches which are going under the hammer in Florida

***EXCLUSIVE*** A selection of Karl Lagerfeld’s earliest fashion sketches, including two that he penned for Elizabeth Taylor, are going under the hammer in Florida, USA. The archive of 125 original sketches and portfolios has been privately owned since the 1960s and has never been offered at public auction before. Many of the hand-colored drawings include fabric swatches and annotations added by the famous German designer.

Snowboarder, 28, has her pelvis completely rebuilt after she smashed into a tree at 55MPH as doctors say her injuries had ‘no comparison'

***EXCLUSIVE*** MISSOURI, USA: This snowboarder was having the run of her life before crashing into a tree at FIFTY-FIVE MILES PER HOUR and shattering her PELVIS with such damage that even surgeons were shocked, but she’s since got back on the same slope after eight months using a walking stick. Owner of Pixie Cup, Amber English (28) from Missouri, USA, tried snowboarding as a respite from her beloved skiing and knew instantly that it would become her firm favourite. After taking many trips to the mountains in Colorado, Amber did her first full season in March 2018 and after two months on the slopes, Amber was desperate to experience Step Bowl. As she went down the slope, Amber’s adrenaline took control and she gave it her all. It felt like the best run she had ever managed because she was going so fast. However, the trees started encroaching closer to where Amber was snowboarding and she was going too fast to stop herself, so she collided with a tree. Amber hit the tree at an angle, forcing her right hip to take the full brunt of the force. The pain Amber was feeling was too great and she had to lower herself to the ground, while strapped into her snowboard, with her hands. Before long, Amber’s friend caught up with her and contacted ski patrol who took Amber to the bottom of the slope. At the local hospital, a CAT scan revealed Amber had broken her pelvis in multiple places and caused internal bleeding. Hospital staff were amazed that Amber had gone so long without any pain relief and that she was still able to move, to some extent. Amber required a six-hour operation to completely rebuild her pelvis, but her injuries were worse than the X-rays had shown, so the surgery took twice as long, and doctors told Amber her shattered pelvis was one of the worst they’d seen.

Mother-of-three, 51, who was given just weeks to live after shunning chemotherapy while taking super-strength cannabis and Manuka honey baffles doctors as her tumours shrink

***EXCLUSIVE*** A mum who was given weeks to live after she shunned chemotherapy has baffled doctors by treating her cancer -- with illegal super strength cannabis and Manuka honey. Susan Dhillon, 51, a mum-of-three, was diagnosed with inoperable stage four cancer of the mouth, nose and lower skull in June 2018. Doctors said unless she had chemotherapy - and then incredibly risky facial surgery - her only option was end of life care.

A mother-of-four who suffers from a rare skin condition that covers her body in bubble-like lesions is finally embracing her appearance -- and now even has the confidence to wear a BIKINI in public

***EXCLUSIVE*** Rachael Reynolds, 43, endured years of cruel taunts and rude insults which made her so self-conscious that she often kept her body from view. The genetic disorder, known as neurofibromatosis type 1 (NF1), covers her face, neck, arms, back, stomach and legs.

Family of a three-year-old boy with a rare brain cancer thanks the public after crowdfunding to take him to the US for proton beam therapy raises £6,000

***EXCLUSIVE*** The aunt of a three-year-old boy with brain cancer has thanked the public after a fundraising drive to take the family to the US reached more than £6,000.  Claire Smith, the aunt of sick toddler Caleb Stirrat, said the widespread generosity from the public has reduced the family to tears. Caleb, from Clydebank, West Dunbartonshire, was one of three triplets - alongside sisters Alyssia and Poppy - born 27 weeks premature in January 2016.

One careless owner... James Bond Land Rover for sale

***EXCLUSIVE*** A bespoke Land Rover driven by Daniel Craig in the Bond film Spectre is tipped to sell for a spectacular Ł192,000. The huge 4x4 Land Rover Defender, that weighs 2.5 tonnes, featured in the 007 film as part of a high-speed chase through a snowy mountain range. Bond, in a helicopter attempts to pursue a group of gunmen who have kidnapped Madeleine Swann - his love interest in the film.

Fancy living in Winnie the Pooh's forest?

***EXCLUSIVE*** A luxury property in the real-life setting for the Winnie the Pooh books that even has a stream running through it connecting to 'Pooh Bridge' is up for sale. Hatfield Hall is in the same village author AA Milne lived when he was inspired to write his famous children's stories in the 1920s. Hatfield is within Ashdown Forest which Milne called Five Hundred Acre Wood and is where Christopher Robin, Pooh, Piglet and Eeyore had their adventures. Their most famous escapade was inventing the game of Pooh-sticks at a wooden bridge in the forest.

Underwater mines

***EXCLUSIVE*** Stunning pictures have revealed the remains of an abandoned mine that has been flooded after a photographer dived to depths of 196 feet. The incredible images show the intrepid explorer swimming along tracks where the carts would have been pushed, cautiously navigating his way through spiralling staircases and down rusting ladders. Other striking shots show wood piled up in one of the tunnels as the diver slips through a gap, metal equipment left behind rusting in the water and the orange glow of the mine walls that were excavated for opal gems. The remarkable photographs were taken at the Slovak Opal Mines, Slanske Vrchy, Slovakia, by underwater photographer and journalist Martin Strmiska from Bratislava, Slovakia.

Springer spaniel Louis is left feeling well under par after vets had to extract FIVE golf balls that he'd swallowed from his stomach

***EXCLUSIVE*** A plucky pooch has gone through an ordeal he'll never fore-get - after vets extracted five golf balls that he'd swallowed from inside his stomach. Louis the Springer Spaniel Labrador cross lost his appetite so owner Rebecca Miles took him to the vet, where an x-ray revealed a collection of spherical objects. It immediately dawned on Rebecca that Louis had been scoffing balls while on his daily walk through a golf course near their home in Birmingham, West Midlands.

Brexit, 293AD: Immaculate gold coin worth 100k emblazoned with face of rebel Roman who took Britain out of Empire is discovered by an amateur metal detectorist

***EXCLUSIVE*** Primus Brexitus! - Ł100,000 gold coin from the first British exit from Europe discovered near Dover. A lucky detectorist has struck gold after finding a stunning Roman Aureus of self proclaimed Emperor Allectus, who briefly ruled an independent Britain after it broke away from the Roman Empire in the late 3rd century AD. The detectorist found the coin last month near an old Roman road from the seaside town and after notifying the British museum it can now be sold. The incredibly well preserved coin is in mint condition looking as fresh as it did when lost over 1700 years ago.

Original 1950s railway posters celebrating Britain's golden age of seaside package holidays are found in home of late elderly couple

***EXCLUSIVE*** A collection of stylish vintage railway posters which celebrate the golden age of the seaside package holiday have been unearthed during a house clearance. The colourful 1950s posters were discovered under a pile of knick-knacks at the back of a cupboard in a deceased elderly couple's flat in Perthshire, east Scotland. They include a racy image of a lady in a bikini promoting the resort of Mablethorpe, Lincs, and a sweet picture of a mother playing with her young child on the beach at Bognor Regis, West Sussex. In total, eight posters produced by British Railways will go under the hammer with auction house Lindsay Burns & Co of Perth, where they are expected to fetch Ł1,000.

Snowboarder in ice cave

***EXCLUSIVE*** A daredevil snowboarder risks his life by speeding through a narrow ice cave. Matthias Jorda's challenge was simply to 'survive' the adrenaline-fuelled 40 metre ride through a glacier at 3,000 metres above sea level. Due to its altitude and location, hidden away from a nearby ski resort, the icy tunnel is difficult to reach. Photographer Christoph Jorda captured the stunning pictures of his twin brother Matthias' feat during their visit to Tyrol, Austria, using three strong torches to light up the cave.

Couple reveal they almost broke up over Brexit because the husband was so fed-up with his German wife's passionate Remain campaigning

***EXCLUSIVE*** This fiercely anti-brexit mum-of-two claims that her passion for campaigning against Britain’s divorce from the EU almost caused the breakdown of her own marriage after the pressure got too much for her husband and resulted in them sleeping in SEPARATE BEDS for THREE WEEKS. Home maker, former business woman and mum-of-two, Cosi Doerfel (47), who has been living near Liverpool, UK, for 30 years, feels that since the UK voted to leave the European Union (EU), she has been left in limbo due to being born in Munich, Germany. Following the EU referendum in June 2016, in which she was not eligible to vote, Cosi became concerned about how the result would affect her rights as an EU citizen living in the UK and her concern grew so much, she would dedicate the majority of her time to researching about and campaigning against Brexit. Throughout her investigation, her husband, Jim, from Ayre, Scotland, who voted remain in the EU referendum, couldn’t cope with how it had consumed his wife’s life which created a rift between them. They would avoid talking to each other worrying it would become a heated political debate and her husband ended up sleeping in his office for three weeks. Cosi created lifelong friends as a result of her campaigning efforts and becoming involved in a group called In Limbo; a project dedicated to publishing testimonies from EU citizens who have been badly affected by Brexit. For a year, she built up a support system from strangers that campaigned with her but says that her husband was in denial about the effects of Brexit. Their tension-filled relationship resulted in Cosi looking for somewhere else to live and even considered moving back to her home country but feared that she would be permanently be separated from her children, who are still in primary school aged 11 and eight. A few days after failing to find somewhere else to live, her husband broke down and admitted that he was proud of her campaigning and that he thought that Brexit would never happen. He decided to join her in future protests and supported her during her speeches.

Buy your own island! Tree-covered uninhabited isle on Britain's largest freshwater lake goes up for sale for £150,000

***EXCLUSIVE*** This beautiful unspoilt island in the famously stunning Loch could be yours for only Ł150,000 after it's owner put it on the market. Torrinch Island is completely untouched and has large areas of ancient woodland making it a haven for wildlife. There are no buildings on the 18-acre plot and no record of it ever being inhabited, but the fact it has been undisturbed for over 100 years means it is one of the most fruitful and picturesque islands on the loch.

Rainbow sperates penguins

***EXCLUSIVE*** Two penguins admire the beautiful colours of a rainbow. The rainbow appeared after the passing of a storm at Volunteer Point in East Falkland. The dramatic scene was captured by Joshua Galicki, 40, from Washington DC, USA.

British D-Day hero's terrifying H-Bomb photos taken above the Pacific Ocean while he was a 1950s Cold War scientist are discovered after his death at 94

***EXCLUSIVE*** A British scientist's incredibly rare photos of the controversial nuclear tests of the Cold War have come to light following his recent death. Stan Bowyer, a D-Day veteran who went on to work at the Atomic Weapons Establishment at Aldermaston, took his own snaps during the testing in the Indian Ocean in the late 1950s. His black and white pictures include one taken at ground level of a huge explosion from a thermonuclear blast in the distance. They also contain images of leading nuclear scientists Edward Teller, the American physicist who helped create the world's first hydrogen bomb, and British scientist William Penny. 

Historic Tudor Manor in Dorset...Yours for £7.5million

***EXCLUSIVE*** A stunning Tudor manor house that has been visited by writer Thomas Hardy and actors Michael Caine and Laurence Olivier is on the market for Ł7.5m. Athelhampton House dates back to the 15th century and was used as a film location for the 1972 film Sleuth, starring Michael Caine and Laurence Olivier. The Grade I listed property is in the heart of Hardy Country in Puddletown, near Dorchester, Dorset, and Hardy was a regular visitor to the house, which his stonemason father worked on. For the last 60 years, it has been owned by the Cooke family with three generations of the family building on and enhancing the legacy of the historic home. But the house is now on the market with estate agents Savills and Knight Frank. 

Dissapearing giraffe

***EXCLUSIVE*** This giraffe looks like it has lost its neck and head as it indulges in a practice as 'necking'. Although it might seem like the two giraffes are getting amorous, in fact they are embroiled in a fight. The males attacked each other with aggressive swings of the neck, creating a loud thud as they made contact with each other. The bout amounted to a training session between the young pair of Masai giraffes as they prepared for future encounters with rival adults. Amateur photographer Marco Pozzi captured the encounter during a holiday visit to Tsavo East National Park, Kenya.

Bird nests in lamp post

***EXCLUSIVE*** A blue tit makes an unlikely nest in a tiny opening at the top of a lamp post. The bird can be seen squeezing into the small gap at the top of the 14ft lamp post in London after it flew off to find nest materials. A section of the top appears to have moved away from the post, creating just enough room for the blue tit to wriggle into it and make it a home. Writer Josephine Wheeler spotted the unusual nest in a quiet road in Walthamstow, East London, while she was out capturing pictures of birds.