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Meet man, whose latest hobby is collecting human skulls

***EXCLUSIVE*** Since he was a young boy, searching for birds’ eggs and netting butterflies in Tintagel, Shaun Boundy has been a serial collector. For many years, he collected vintage bottles, selling unexceptional finds in quantity at car boot sales to raise funds to buy rare, collectable bottles from dealers, eventually amassing a collection worth £20-30K. In more recent years, Shaun’s focus has turned back to his original love of nature, collecting butterflies once again as well as rare and much-coveted examples of Victorian taxidermy.

Space-mad boy, 9, who has autism, has had a doll designed in his image - complete with ear defenders, sunglasses and communication cards

***EXCLUSIVE*** An autistic schoolboy has inspired the first ever doll with the condition - complete with ear defenders, sunglasses and communication cards. Space-mad Hayden Geraghty, nine, was non verbal and only started saying full sentences around four years ago - and hasn't stopped since. Toy company Lottie Dolls was so impressed with his transformation it designed a little toy inspired by Hayden. The first ever doll with autism, the doll wears blue astronaut overalls and ear defenders and sunglasses - to cope with light and sound sensitivity.

Mum and dad document first year of toddler’s life in photos across the UK

***EXCLUSIVE*** Meet the creative mum and dad who have documented the first year of their toddler’s life in a monthly series of stunning pictures that see him travel the UK with his furry best friend. Performing arts manager, Shawnna Michalek (35), from Michigan, USA, and her 3D animator husband, Leonardo Michalek (42) from Buenos Aires, Argentina, moved to London, UK for postgraduate studies in September 2012. Shawnna and Leo took on photography as a hobby when they arrived in the UK and were later influenced by other parents who they had seen document their own babies’ first year of growth and wanted to do something similar. Ever since, their animal-loving baby boy Adrian, now 15-months-old, has been busy with monthly, and often weekly, photoshoots in different locations around the UK alongside his little Yorkie companion, Maddie (9). The first month was inspired by a traditional teddy bear and the addition of two old vintage style suitcases that they had received as a Christmas gift. The following eleven months saw a range of scenery, all four seasons and a whole spectrum of colours used collectively to match the time of year. The couple showcase their bundle of joy’s delightful journey through Instagram under the name Little Chap and Pup.

'Saving the un-saveable': Kindhearted couple rescues 'special needs dogs' with illnesses, broken bones, and deformities to prevent the unwanted pups from being put down

***EXCLUSIVE*** Meet the inspirational husband and wife duo and their team who work around-the-clock saving dogs with unsightly illnesses, deformities and broken bones – including a dog with TWO MOUTHS – and they do all of this whilst juggling FULL TIME JOBS. Heart wrenching photos show an incredibly emaciated pup on the verge of starvation, a pooch with four broken legs being cuddled by a volunteer, and a dog with such severe ulcers that its eyes had to be removed. Another photo shows a dog called Toad who has two right ears and an extra mouth with a few teeth on the right-hand side of her head. All these dogs and many more may would have faced a terrifying, painful end if it were not for the compassion and industry of Mutt Misfits, a United States charity set up to help unwanted animals in situations that could lead to harm or euthanasia. The family-and-friend-run group primarily focus on animals with major medical illnesses, injuries or advanced age that are often overlooked. By partnering with shelters in Oklahoma and the public, Mutt Misfits promote responsible pet ownership, spay and neuter, and the adoption of special needs pets.

A grandfather is over the moon to be one of the oldest runners to represent his country in an international race

***EXCLUSIVE*** Lindsay Pulley, 80, was signed up by England Athletics's Masters Team after becoming the third fastest over-80-year-old long-distance runner in the country. He qualified for the Masters Team after taking completing the Chester 10km race in 68 minutes on March 10, despite “poor weather”. The veteran runner, who started the habit of a lifetime while carrying out national service in the Army in 1960, will now don an England strip for the Simplyhealth Great Birmingham Run on May 26. He will be among more than 20,000 on the streets of the city on the day, and in particular will be competing against other over-80-year-olds from other nations. Mr Pulley has run nine marathons since 1982, and nearly 240 Parkrun 5k events, typically completing the run in an impressive 30 to 31 minutes. Mr Pulley also takes part in 2k runs with his two grandsons, Maxwell, nine, and Barnaby, six.

An 85-year-old man has spent three years building a four-foot replica of the Titanic, based on sketches he made from the 1997 film

***EXCLUSIVE*** Lifelong Meccano enthusiast Bill Gardiner, who grew up in Kidderminster and now lives in Stone, worked on the sculpture for eight hours each week using more than 1,000 pieces. At 18 inches high and featuring corridors, cranes, a ballroom and lifeboats, the structure is Bill's largest piece to date. Bill, a retired Post Office worker, said: "The Titanic has taken me three years to build - I never thought I would get it done.

A mum who started a vegan bakery after struggling to find a birthday cake her son could eat says the business has got off to a sweet start

***EXCLUSIVE*** Talented cook Louise Nicholson, 38, opened the Naked Bakery in Edinburgh last December, and has provided baked goods to the likes of Harvey Nichols and Waterstones. The former fashion photographer was inspired to set up the bakery, where all cakes are dairy-free and also made without egg, after finding out her son, David, 15, had a dairy intolerance. As a child David suffered from sickness and stomach pains and it wasn’t until after several trips to the hospital that it was discovered he was lactose intolerant.

Miracle solution to chicken pox

A Scottish mother discovered a surprising miracle solution when her daughter was struck down with chicken pox - and most people may already have it in their bathroom cupboards. She was desperate to find something to relieve her daughter Reagan’s scratching after the contagious spots began to appear on her daughter’s back. Clare Jenkin, from Musselburgh, East Lothian, said she was amazed when her daughter Reagan's doctor advised the family to use Head and Shoulders Classic Clean shampoo to calm the child's inflamed skin. So impressed was Clare by the transformation in her daughter's skin, she took to social media to share the remedy. Clare also shared pictures of her daughter's skin in a post that has now gone viral, gathering 27,000 likes and more than 158,000 shares.  

The fastest delivery boys in the world: Fascinating photos show the time when errand boys competed to see who was quickest

***EXCLUSIVE*** Stunning retro pictures have revealed the annual derby race run by errand boys across the United Kingdom and indeed the world. The incredible images show the annual derby at Maidstone in 1935 as W Holland of H Batts Butchers won it and was presented with the cup by the Mayor of Maidstone. Other striking shots show market porters competing in the annual Bushel Basket carrying championship at Herne Hill Athletics Grounds in London in 1936. The craze wasn’t restricted to the UK as other photos show a Derby Day taking place in Tokyo, Japan in 1955.

A woman with a rare condition that sees her pull out every single hair on her head and body is to undergo a transplant

***EXCLUSIVE*** Claire Jenna Ory, 24, has suffered trichotillomania since the age of ten and has pulled every strand of hair from her scalp, eyelashes and body over the last ten years. Swiss-born Claire, 24, who now live in Bristol describes the condition as an addiction and compares it to the need to smoke cigarettes. The unusual impulse, named started for Claire when she was ten years old. She has since battled depression and anxiety, making two attempts to take her own life, while trying to come to terms with her mum Stephanie’s suicide.

Britain's oldest market stall holder who has racked up over 165,000 hours behind her stand is still going strong - at the age of 90

***EXCLUSIVE*** Joan Ward works eight hours a day, six days a week on her fruit and veg stall which she set up with her late husband Fred Ward in 1952. Since Fred's death in 2006, Joan - who wakes up at 6.30am every morning to get to work - has single-handedly ran the successful stall in 'Wath's Value for Money Market'. The intrepid nonagenarian has made the 10 mile trip from her home in Barnsley, South Yorks., to the stall each morning - racking up tens of thousands of miles.

A mum was left sobbing after £4,600 worth of medical cannabis for her epileptic daughter was seized by airport staff

***EXCLUSIVE*** Teagan Appleby suffers hundreds of seizures every day thanks to a rare genetic disorder which trials have shown is relieved by taking THC - the compound in cannabis that causes users to become 'high.' But mum, Emma, 35, was forced to take matters into her own hands after the NHS denied her daughter THC - the only cure to her 300 daily seizures. The nine-year-old was diagnosed with a rare chromosome disorder and severe Lennox Gastaut Syndrome epilepsy when she was four-years-old and has suffered constant fits ever since.