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Paralysis didn’t stop me becoming a ballet dancer

***EXCLUSIVE*** VIDEO AVAILABLE, ATLANTA, GEORGIA: A 17-year-old girl with paralysed arms has sworn that she’ll never let her disability stop her from dancing. Sarah Todd Hammer, from Atlanta, was just eight years old when she developed acute flaccid myelitis, a rare neurological condition which left her unable to move her arms and hands. But despite how many small difficulties she faces day-to-day, she refuses to let her disability hold her back from making impressive accomplishments. At just 11 years old. Sarah Todd published her first auto-biographical book „5k, Ballet and a Spinal Cord Injury”, and has published another two books since. She also continues to dance and choreographs moves to adapt to her disability.

Executive assistant, 39, who struggled to find 'the one' decides to be a single mother and have a baby through IVF

***EXCLUSIVE*** MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA: After struggling to fall in love before she turned THIRTY-FIVE, this woman is now embarking on a journey as a SOLO MUM BY CHOICE after undergoing IVF treatment out of fear of waiting too long for love to become a mother. Executive assistant, Sarah (39) from Melbourne, Australia, told her younger self that if she hadn’t met ‘the one’ by the time she was 35 then she would look into IVF, and last year that became Sarah’s reality.  Sarah lived in London for a couple of years in her early thirties, during which she fell in love with a Londoner who worked for the British Army. Unfortunately, as her two years came to a close, Sarah’s visa ran out and she returned to Australia, which put too much of a strain on their romance, bringing it to an end. Since then, Sarah has never felt a spark with any man she dated, but as she saw her sisters with their children, she began to realise that she wanted to start a family of her own. Sarah started looking into IVF treatment in 2017 and later started treatment in July 2018, using an anonymous sperm donor. Sarah didn’t want to miss out on the opportunity of becoming a mother and felt that she didn’t have time to waste. In September 2018 she found out that her first IVF attempt had been successful and she’s expecting her first child, a son, in May 2019. Through sharing her journey as a solo mum by choice on Instagram, Sarah wants to show others that family dynamics differ and she may be without a father for her son, but that doesn’t make them any less of a family unit. Sarah is proud to become a solo mum and hopes that she encourages other women not to leave their chances at motherhood too late on the hopes of falling in love with ‘the one’.

„It's a puppy”: couple goes viral after sharing adorable gender reveal

A prankster couple's 'gender reveal' has gone viral after they announced they had adopted a boy puppy. Lily Denesha and Paul Callahan fooled their family and friends with the post on their social media. The animal lovers hired a professional photographer to take a series of pictures to reveal they were „expecting”. However instead of sharing the traditional gender reveal baby news the couple instead announced they had adopted a three-month-old puppy.

Abandoned after killer Katrina: Haunting shots show New Orleans buildings left empty and untouched since the 2005 hurricane, including hospitals, school and a former Nazi internment camp

***EXCLUSIVE*** The haunting beauty of buildings left abandoned in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina has been revealed in a new book. Incredible images show containers of human body parts left in the pathology lab of Charity Hospital, houses that were part of Camp Algiers ‚Äď a former Nazi internment camp and inside a massive five-storey power plant. Other striking shots show a courtyard in an abandoned nursing home destroyed by Hurricane Katrina, an abandoned high school auditorium and the autopsy amphitheatre of Charity Hospital. The remarkable photographs are showcased in Leland Kent‚Äôs new book, Abandoned New Orleans, published by Barnes and Noble.

350 dead combines sit in a field, are broken for parts and exported around the world in a container

***EXCLUSIVE*** These colourful pictures show a 'graveyard' for combine harvesters from around the UK - which will be shipped as far away as Pakistan to give farmers there a new livelihood. The 700 acre farm is home to around 350 broken and second hand combine harvesters which are used for spare parts or reconditioned and sent as far afield as New Zealand. Three generations of farmers have been running the site, situated near Alnwick, Northumberland, since the early 1970s. The business was set up by John Manners in 1972 when he started salvaging, dismantling and reconditioning combine harvesters. John, 75, is now retired but his sons Fraser, 41, and Richard, 45, deal with the haulage and parts sides of the business respectively.