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Meet the twins with a bond so close it nearly killed them when their umbilical cords got tangled in the womb

***EXCLUSIVE*** Lying side by side with big, bright smiles, it's hard to believe twins Carter and Grayson Swailes share a bond so close it almost killed them. Mother Paula Wilkinson was warned her boys had a slim chance of survival after doctors found their umbilical cords had become entangled in 'intricate knots' in the womb. With every movement, the brothers risked cutting off their supply of oxygen and nutrients – and had to be delivered by emergency caesarean at just 29 weeks. But the pair, who weighed little more than a bag of sugar each at birth, have thrived against the odds, celebrating their first birthday earlier this year.

Dinner lady gran scoops £1m EuroMillions jackpot but keeps win secret for FIVE weeks

***EXCLUSIVE*** Paula Williamson, 59, decided to keep her newfound fortune a secret for more than five weeks as one of her sons was on holiday in Australia. Just 12 hours after her son Jack arrived back on UK soil, Paula revealed her life-changing news to both sons, Jack and Ian. Paula and husband, Geoff, 68, wanted to keep their news a secret so they could all be together as a family and share the celebratory moment. Despite one of their sons Ian living in the same house as them, they still managed to keep it from him!

A brave mum battling cancer was pictured smiling from her hospital bed and giving a thumbs-up, moments after waking up from major surgery - when she had her breast removed

***EXCLUSIVE*** Kimberley Birkett shared a picture of herself lying in bed, bandaged across her chest with tubes running from her wound after surgery to have her left breast removed. The 29-year-old was diagnosed with breast cancer in September last year when doctors discovered a tumour "the size of a tennis ball" in her left breast. Following her operation last month, Kimberley shared the photo on Instagram and Facebook in a bid to encourage others to talk about the disease.

Haunting pictures show ghost village submerged in a toxic lake 40 years after it was evacuated and flooded to make way for a copper mine in Romania

***EXCLUSIVE*** ROMANIA: Eerie photos show a once bustling village deliberately drowned by a multi-coloured toxic lake by a communist dictator. Fascinating, if not somewhat unsettling, photos show an abandoned graveyard slowly being consumed by an almost fluorescent turquoise lake, the spire of a church poking forlornly through the murky red waters, and another crumbling rooftop seemingly floating on the red and yellow sludge of a nearby mine. The stunning images capture the Romanian ghost village of Geamana, which was evacuated and deliberately flooded in 1978 to make way for one of the continent’s largest copper mines. The waste products of the mine were washed into a manmade valley, spelling the end for the mountain community. Romanian photographer and urban explorer Cristian Lipovan (36) frequently visits the foreboding lake and witnessed year on year how the village which was once home to hundreds of people has sank below the lurid, poisonous water.

Napoleon’s magnificent Camargue horses photographed thundering through a French lake

***EXCLUSIVE*** White horses gallop majestically through a coastal lake as the sun sets behind them. The herd of around 12 Camargue horses send water splashing into the air as they charge at speed through the lake near the French town of Sainte Marie de La Mer, near Montpellier. Photographer Scott Stulberg said seeing the 'beautiful' beasts gallop through the lake as the setting sun reflected off the water was 'magical'.

Woman wins ‘Young Slimmer of the Year’ after shedding 10st – look at her now

***EXCLUSIVE*** Before her weight loss journey, Lucie Hadley tipped the scales at 19st 3lbs and struggled to fit into a size 24. The 21-year-old struggled with her weight since childhood and was bullied at school which forced her to move classes. Now 10st lighter, Lucie has been named Slimming World’s Young Slimmer of the Year 2019. The school worker, who lives in Peterborough with her parents and boyfriend, said: “School life was very upsetting for me.” She added: “I lost count of the amount of times I would go home early pretending to be ill because of the cruel things people used to say. “I remember once someone threw food at me in the school canteen and made the remark ‘she’ll eat it, she eats everything’. That just made me feel worthless. Lucie met her boyfriend Sam, who always called her beautiful, when she was at her biggest. Within 14 months of joining the Slimming World group, Lucie was 10st lighter and had discovered a brand new zest for life.

Panoramic shots from the Library of Congress show the brave, smartly-dressed men and women who served the U.S. in World War One

***EXCLUSIVE*** Century-old panoramas from the First World War capture the joy, despair and destruction of the historic event. On 11 November 1918, the guns fell silent. The 11th minute of the 11th day of the 11th month signified an end to the bloody four year war which saw more than 40 million people lose their lives. Although the fighting ended on Armistice Day, the echoes of the conflict would ring down the ages. Following the end of World War One, tens of thousands of troops who had made the ultimate sacrifice still had to be buried with dignity, many more war-weary soldiers had to be returned to their families, and there was a duty to pay tribute to the fallen. These stunning panoramas, from the Library Of Congress in the USA, depict a heavily churned up Flanders Field where much of the brutal frontline fighting took place in 1919, thousands of soldiers on horseback remembering their dead comrades at the Suresnes American Cemetery on the outskirts of Paris in 1920, and the freshly installed war graves at the Argonne Cemetery near Verdun.

Revolutionary diving helmet as gone on public display for the first time in the UK

***EXCLUSIVE*** A revolutionary diving helmet as gone on public display for the first time - almost 200 years since it was first constructed. The James helmet, invented by William James in 1825, was one of the earliest ever made, pre-dating the first successful diving helmet, but was never actually tested underwater. It was designed three years before the official first diving helmet, the Deane helmet, but the Deane was the first to be tested under the water and proved successful. Subsequently, the James model never went into production and the only one ever built was put into storage, where it has languished ever since.

Sand Martins fly 3,500 miles from Africa to roost on Norfolk coast only to find council has covered their nests in netting to protect eroding cliffs

***EXCLUSIVE*** Bird lovers hit out at a council putting up netting on a cliff side preventing sand martins from nesting. The RSPB say that the netting is risking the lives of the birds as they may get stuck in it. The RSPB shared a video on Twitter and said the effect of the material, which resembles a football net, was "heart breaking" and said that the council "have not taken out (and their contractor's) original advice. "The netting was put up on the Bacton cliff side, Norfolk, to deter wildlife from nesting during a project to stop erosion.

Stunning retro pictures show Sir Winston Churchill as he receives his honorary American citizenship in London after a proclamation by President Kennedy

***EXCLUSIVE*** Stunning retro pictures of Sir Winston Churchill have been released to mark National Churchill Day on 9th April. The holiday is celebrated each year to mark the occasion when Churchill was given honorary citizenship to the USA, the first time this had been granted. The incredible images show United States President John F Kennedy reading the proclamation making Britain's elder statesman, 88-year-old Sir Winston Churchill an honorary citizen of the United States at a White House ceremony on 10th April 1963, the American passport presented to Churchill in London and Churchill and US Ambassador to Britain David Bruce looking through the proclamation which made Churchill an honorary citizen of the United States of America. Other striking shots show the WW2 hero enjoying his retirement as he is pictured smoking one of his famous cigars during an outing in Monte Carlo, sitting in a wheelchair overlooking the sea during a visit to Cap D’Ail and enjoying an outing with his wife, Lady Clementime Churchill. On April 9th 1963, a ceremony for honorary citizenship presided over by President John F. Kennedy, took place for Winston Churchill.  Churchill was not present at the ceremony, but his son and grandson were able to attend.