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World’s heaviest kid loses 220lbs

***EXCLUSIVE*** VIDEO AVAILABLE, KARAWANG, INDONESIA: A thirteen-year-old boy, who once weighed 423llbs, has lost over half of his body weight thanks to weight loss surgery and is now looking to have his excess skin removed. Once known as the heaviest child in the world, Arya Permana, from Karawang, West Java, Indonesia is now an active 13-year-old after losing an incredible 220lbs. When he was 10-years-old - and at his heaviest - Arya weighed 423lbs (over 30 stone or 192kg) - the same as six boys his same age. But for all the ways that his life has improved, the weight loss has resulted in a large amount of excess skin on Arya?s arms and chest in particular. The teenager is hoping to have skin removal surgery, at the Hasan Sadikin Hospital in Bandung, after completing the national exams.

Chef, 33, drops SIX dress sizes to become a bikini bodybuilder after overcoming a junk food addiction

***EXCLUSIVE*** Meet the chef who once survived on a diet of processed foods and booze and even tried to stock a YEAR’S WORTH of hot cross buns in her freezer until she realised how big she had become when her wedding dress wouldn’t fit - prompting her to lose FIVE-AND-A-HALF-STONE and come FIRST PLACE in a bodybuilding competition. Chef and group fitness instructor, Sarah Cracknell (33) from Perth, Australia, has been a chef for 18 years and due to being surrounded by food, she would consume in large amounts including drinking alcohol and processed foods. Her weight reached its peak just before her wedding in April 2012 at 14st 2Ib and a UK size 16 to 18 and when she was at home trying on wedding dresses, she would cry every time, after realising how big she had gotten. She initially changed her diet and exercised to lose weight for her wedding, but she discovered how good she felt about herself from the weight loss that she decided to continue her fitness journey. After participating in a photoshoot at her gym, her nutritionist recommended bodybuilding to her and despite never having heard of it before, she investigated and decided to try it out. She managed to reduce her weight to 8st 9Ib and a UK size six to eight for the stage and is now 10st 3Ib and UK size 10. Her new bodybuilding body has helped her with her confidence, and she was shocked that she could stand on stage in front of people in a bikini, as she never used to wear bikinis before her weight loss. She is now a fitness instructor and is proud of her body.

An upcycled handbag worth a staggering $6.7million USD has just been unveiled in New York City

***EXCLUSIVE*** The pricey purse is made from materials that belonged to one hyper-wealthy woman, who decided to give her 'so last season' items a new lease of life for Easter. The bag is embellished with almost 8,000 glittering diamonds set in platinum and 24 carat gold, and it fastens using a pair of $40,000 Cartier earrings. The egg segment is made from a genuine emu egg, which was reinforced with enamel made from blue diamond dust. The egg is encased with an asymmetrical nest of 24k gold, valued at $250k, and the interior is lined with a silk Herm√®s scarf. The opulent item is the creation of British designer Debbie Wingham, who is famed for creating a series of „world’s most expensive” items for billionaires in Dubai and beyond. „All of the items I used to make the purse were upcycled from the client who commissioned it” said Debbie, 37, who named the bag „Reborn” for that reason. „I never thought I'd ever put „upcycling” and „world's most expensive” in the same sentence but here we are. It’s my most unique piece yet - the highlight for me was using Cartier jewellery as an embellishment.”

A dad who spent more than 40 years collecting Britain’s biggest collection of beer cans has been forced to sell most of them off - so he can buy a smaller house

***EXCLUSIVE*** Nick West, who was once voted Britain’s Dullest Man in a newspaper poll, amassed 9,300 cans before making the “heartfelt” decision to trim down his £25,000 collection. The 59-year-old first started collecting when he was 16 - sweeping up empty leftovers at the house party of the schoolgirl who would later become his wife. He has now downsized to 1,500, selling most of the cans and giving the rest to a local museum. Nick, a dad-of-two, started his collection in 1975 after seeing a report on TV about a man who sold beer cans to collectors in the US.  His first can was a half pint of Heineken - and the oldest in the collection dates back to 1936. Nick had to build an extension on a previous home to make space for the cans - and later moved into a large five-bedroomed Victorian house so he could have them on display.

Horrors of Korean conflict come back to life in colourised images that show the brutal toll it took on civilians and soldiers

***EXCLUSIVE*** The horror of the Korean War has been brought into the twenty-first century thanks to a series of stunning colourised pictures. The incredible images show Marines carrying a wounded soldier in Pusan, a US Marine ordering captured North Koreans to keep their hands up and a weapons squad leader pointing out a North Korean position to his machine gun crew. Other striking shots show a Korean girl with her brother on her back tiredly trudging past a stalled tank, a mortar crew returning enemy fire in the Masan area and astonished marines who hurled back a surprised onslaught by three Chinese communist divisions, being told they are to withdraw. The original black and white photographs were painstakingly colourised by electrician Royston Leonard (55), from Cardiff, Wales, with each snap taking between four and five hours to complete.

Student who adopted three slaughterhouse survivor dogs reveals their incredible transformation after escaping horrors of the Chinese dog meat trade

***EXCLUSIVE*** Meet the animal-loving student who has adopted three slaughterhouse survivor dogs that look UNRECOGNISABLE since being rescued and now she wants to raise awareness of the horrors of the dog meat trade and the importance of adopting pets instead of buying them. University student and animal welfare assistant, Skye Wardle (22), from Gloucester, UK, has always been brought up surrounded by animals including horses in a small countryside village. With a mum who was a vet nurse and now works for animal charities, Skye has always known about the Chinese dog meat trade and Yulin. When one of her friends rescued a Spanish street dog in 2016, she wanted to do the same thing and got in touch with a charity called Rushton Dog Rescue, who save dogs who have been abandoned, abused or are unwanted. She contacted them in November 2016 and was sent pictures of a golden retriever, Clover, who was rescued from a dog slaughterhouse in Changchun, China. He was starved, left dehydrated and contracted pneumonia and canine distemper, a viral disease that affects a variety of animal families. In March 2018, Skye’s family adopted Bonnie when she was just 10 months old, another golden retriever saved by the same charity who was abandoned on the streets of Beijing and was covered in sores and lice. She also had the distemper virus, which has an 80 per cent fatality rate in puppies. She has been left with myoclonus, involuntary muscle spasms which cause a neurological ‘tick’. Eight months later, Skye found out about Nellie, a Samoyed dog who was rescued from a puppy mill that breeds puppies for dog meat which was set on fire. She was one of the last remaining dogs that survived the fire, who was pregnant and badly burnt. She was taken to a vet to be treated for her burns before she was given a loving home and gave birth to eight puppies, one of which sadly passed away. The remaining seven puppies went to Y-Not Save a Sam Rescue in the USA and are all in loving homes. The three now healthy dogs have all been treated with love and care by the Wardle family and get along very well with each other. Skye now wants to raise awareness of the benefits of rescuing and adopting pets instead of buying them.