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Scientists have unveiled the first ever picture of a BLACK HOLE in groundbreaking discovery

The groundbreaking snap was captured by space scientists using telescopes across the planet in a find that experts have boasted is "a huge breakthrough for humanity". The black hole, described by scientists as a "monster", is 24billion miles across - 3million times the size of the Earth. Sitting about 300 million trillion miles away from our planet, it was photographed by a network of eight telescopes across the globe known as the Event Horizon Telescope (EHT). When used together, the telescopes combine with the power of a single telescope "the size of our planet", scientists said.

Two 97-year-old blind veterans find love again

Two blind veterans have found love again in their 90s and celebrated with a blessing where they vowed to live out their days together. Peter Van Zeller and Nancy Bowstead, both 97, celebrated their new-found romance with a ceremony at the Blind Veterans UK’s chapel in Ovingdean, near Brighton, on Wednesday. The pair, who both served in the Second World War, met in May last year at the sight loss charity’s training and rehabilitation centre where they both now live. Mr Van Zeller proposed just over six months later in November and the pair decided to make a formal commitment to each other surrounded by family and friends.

Incredible colourised photos show Bedouin families, worshippers and bustling markets 130 years ago

***EXCLUSIVE*** HOLY LAND: Fascinating colour pictures from the late 19th century capture the beauty of the people and places in the Holy Land. Stunning photochroms, taken circa 1890, show a bustling bazaar in the heart of Jerusalem, a charming cityscape of Bethlehem, and two Bedouin women happily carrying their young children on their shoulders. The Holy Land, which stretches between Egypt and Syria, is central to the world’s main monotheistic faiths, Islam, Christianity and Judaism. The term Holy Land broadly encompasses the places in the Middle East that are mentioned in the old and new testaments with vast tracts of land under dispute, not least between Israel and Palestine.

Britain's forgotten serial killer

***EXCLUSIVE*** A forgotten serial killer and the UK’s longest-serving living inmate who confessed murdering up to eleven people - including a four-year-old boy and his grandmother as well as a priest slain with an axe – may soon be walking the streets a concerned author has warned. West, Shipman, Sutcliffe, Nilsen, Hindley, Brady. All names, amongst many more, which send a shiver down the spine as you recall the brutal and often callous crimes of the UK’s most famous murderers. However, in 1975, there was another name that had the UK equally enthralled and dismayed following a spree of gruesome murders in west London: Patrick ‘Pyscho’ Mackay. Remarkable photos show the various demented faces of the criminal named ‘the most dangerous man in Britain’ at his court trial, a hacked-up body of a priest in a bathtub, and the cold dead eyes of a deranged killer staring directly into the camera. These stomach-churning photos form part of John Lucas’ new book Britain’s Forgotten Serial Killer: The Devil’s Disciple, a detailed and dramatic account of the notorious Nazi-obsessed killer and his victims.