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Stars on their private jets


Flying in a private plane is the ultimate symbol of success and excessive wealth. In today’s celebrity-obsessed culture, there is no shortage of Instagram and Snapchat shots of young celebrities flaunting their wealth by posing in front of the aspirational symbol of elitism. While a number of celebrities will often charter a private plan to gallivant across the world, (and will happily show off their journey to the world), a select few have taken the plunge and actually purchased a jet to add to their transportation options. Celebrities like these stars don’t have time to find a chartered jet when they need to travel- they can just hop on their own plane and take off without hassle.

Dwayne Johnson

Pamela Anderson

Cristiano Ronaldo

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley – Jason Statham

Kim Kardashian

Alex Rodriguez

Elizabeth Banks

Ian Somerhalder

Robbie Williams

Sofia Richie

Rita Ora

Lady Kitty Spencer

Ashley Benson


Ricky Martin

Sofia Vergara

Jennifer Lopez


Lady Gaga

Anna Kendrick

Steven Tyler

Jamie Fox

Bella Thorne

Donatella Versace