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Student scientist, 24, who relies on a wheelchair to cope with her 'invisible' disability slams those who accuse her of FAKING it when she stands - as she vows to find a cure for her condition

***EXCLUSIVE*** OHIO, USA: This student scientist who was told she was ‘FAKING’ her disability when she got out of her wheelchair admits she feels nervous asking someone to give up their priority seating on the bus because of DISCRIMINATION but hopes to diminish the stigma around invisible illnesses and one day find a CURE. Graduate student, Sara Whitestone (24) from Ohio, USA, who is currently studying in Bordeaux, France, developed POTS (postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome) in 2010 yet the condition had been undiscovered in her for two years. Sara had never heard of POTS before but when her symptoms developed, she went from being able to run a half marathon to suddenly being unable to walk between her bedroom and bathroom without fainting. While studying her undergraduate degree in neuroscience at the University of Cincinnati, Sara’s POTS diagnosis played havoc with her studies, preventing her from attending classes. In 2012, Sara began using a wheelchair to get around campus more in order to prevent POTS from hindering her day-to-day life. It took years for doctors to diagnose Sara because she wasn’t believed for a long while, but she admits that when people see her in a wheelchair, they assume she must be paralysed. Although, people who have seen Sara get up from her wheelchair have also accused her of ‘faking’ her illness. Disability discrimination is something that Sara hopes will lessen over time as people become more accepting of illnesses you can’t see straight away. Assuming that Sara is healthy at face value can work both positively and negatively as she admits that it can help her in job interviews, yet she feels nervous to ask someone to give up their priority seat on the bus. Being diagnosed with POTS spurred Sara on to further her career in neuroscience as she hopes to continue researching and one day find a cure for the debilitating condition.

Photographer captures moment he proposed to his girlfriend on top of a Scottish mountain with stunning starry sky behind them HIMSELF

***EXCLUSIVE*** These striking photographs show an out of this world proposal as a man got down on one knee to propose - silhouetted against the Milky Way. Romantic Connor McLaren, 23, planned the occasion three months ahead so it would fall on the fifth anniversary of the day he met fiancee Jaimie McGregor, 29. The sweet photos show the couple, from Perth, Perthshire, silhouetted against a myriad of stars on top of Glen Lyon, Perth and Kinross. They went for a drive up the mountain at about 3am, which freelance photographer Connor had perfectly timed due to the light conditions required to see the Milky Way. He had previously taken a picture of them holding hands, silhouetted against the starry sky, and knew how much it meant to Jaimie, who works in a jewellers.

Super-rare £250k BMW that used to be the fastest custom car in the world found rotting in London shed

***EXCLUSIVE*** The M1 model, built in 1979, was sold and customised two years later by renowned Austrian racing driver Harald Ertl. He was able to reach a record of 187mph with the car by using twin KKK turbochargers, measuring around 410bhp. It was last on the market 25 years ago - which led enthusiasts to assume it had been lost - until it resurfaced in Wanted, east London. A widow decided that it was time to sell her husbands car, which had been collecting dust under a sheet in her garage. She called car specialist Charlie Howarth, who was 'completely stunned' to discover the car inside the property. Now, a car auction in Essen, Germany is set to feature the prototype on April 13 - and it could fetch up to £250,000. Charlie said: "When I received the call I expected to find something mundane, but what I discovered was something special. "The car was found behind a driveway in Wansted, we've left it in original condition - it adds to its mystique." Auctioneers Coys of Kensington said the M1 was designed to compete with the supercar market in the 80s, but with 'BMW-style reliability'.

Boy left with hole in his leg from spider bite

***EXCLUSIVE*** A nine-year-old boy was left with a hole in his leg after being bit by a spider. Bobby Cleary was told at first by his local GP that it was a gnat bite, but within a week the spider poison had eaten away at his flesh, leaving a inch deep hole. His mum, Emma Barnett, 34, said that she "panicked" when she saw the bite.

Couple in their 80s who have never used a computer are paying £220 more for their gas and electricity because they can't set up an online account to pay their bill

***EXCLUSIVE*** A couple in their 80s who have never used a computer are being charged £220 more for their gas and electricity - because they can‚Äôt set up an online account. Derek Millett, 89, and wife Vera, 88, have been loyal customers of energy provider E.ON for years. But the couple, of Milton in Weston-super-Mare, Somerset, were left ''gobsmacked'' when they were told their bill would be going up £180 a year from May 1. On the back of the bill was the advice that they could switch to one of E.ON’s different tariffs - which would save them £228.20 a year instead.

Teenage transplant patient, 18, who had been given a new heart died after 'doctors mistook her body rejecting organ for food poisoning'

***EXCLUSIVE*** Jessica Brooks, 18, was initially given two weeks to live but her life was "transformed" by a heart transplant. But the "wonderful and happy" student was rushed into hospital in January 2017 - one year after surgery. Jessica's family was told by staff at Medway Maritime Hospital in Gillingham, Kent, she was suffering from gastroenteritis, also known as food poisoning, and later sepsis.  But she passed away the same day and it was discovered her body was rejecting the donor heart.  A report into the tragic death revealed nurses pleaded with medics to assess her - but they failed to treat her for several hours.

Stunning images capture the bizarre relationship between an enormous 8-INCH tarantula and a diminutive frog as the amphibian protects the arachnid’s eggs

***EXCLUSIVE*** PERU: Stunning photos show a HUGE tarantula which keeps a pet frog on hand to protect its eggs. The incredible images show a huge 20cm peruvian tarantula living happily alongside a tiny humming frog in the Amazonian rainforest below the Andes mountains in Peru. Another photo shows the mammoth spider eating a cockroach, the tarantula towering over its amphibian amigo, and the spider’s young feasting on a treefrog killed for them by their mother. The unusual pairing of spider and frogs works as the two have a ‘commensal’ relationship, meaning the tarantula acts a bodyguard for its slimy pet as long as the frog keeps eating any ants threatening the arachnid’s precious eggs. The striking photos were captured by Italian naturalist Emanuele Biggi on a recent venture to South America.

A cheeky seal takes a break from swimming and climbs aboard a small boat for a snooze

***EXCLUSIVE*** The seal attracted attention from members of the public in the marina of a small British coastal town as it rested on the tender. While catching some shut-eye and enjoyed the sunshine, the weight of the heavy seal caused the little boat to list to one side and nearly tipped it over. Amateur photographer Vivien Keene was delighted when she spotted the seal in the harbour of pretty Lyme Regis, Dorset.

A red kite swoops rapidly downwards to catch a falling plastic bag that had been dropped by a rival

***EXCLUSIVE*** The winged predator smoothly snatches the empty bag in mid air with its talons as if it were prey. The pictures - taken near the heritage site of Derwent Valley - show that the plastic pollution problem doesn't just effect urban areas but has also spread into rural areas of natural beauty. The incredible pictures were taken in the village of Rowlands Gill, in Tyne and Wear, known locally as 'Red Kite Country'.

A little fish pokes its head out of a discarded bottle on the sea floor

***EXCLUSIVE*** The cute yellow Fang Blenny fish had been sheltering in the bottle, which offers a degree of protection from predators. The image was captured by Jill Smith, 50, in Raja Ampat, Indonesia.