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Miracle girl with tumour awaits groundbreaking treatment

***EXCLUSIVE*** VIDEO AVAILABLE, LODI, CALIFORNIA: Little Olivia Chicchon remains upbeat despite battling a rare condition that has made the right side of her face heavily swollen. Two-year-old Olivia, was born with a lymphatic malformation that crosses her facial midline, reaches back towards her ear and goes up to her eyelid. Affecting only one in every 4,000 births, lymphatic malformations produce a small mass in the head or neck after an abnormal formation of lymphatic vessels. The Chicchon family, who reside in Lodi, California, has already experienced numerous health scares with Olivia; a bubbly girl who loves to sing and take ballet lessons with her friends. And her parents, Ivan and Teresa Chicchon, are now anxiously waiting for ground-breaking treatment that could see Olivia?s swollen tumour shrink up to 50% in size.

Filipino woman, 23, who's married to a British pensioner, 71, hits back at critics who call her a 'mail order bride' - and insists they're destined' for each other despite the age gap of half a century

***EXCLUSIVE*** Meet the woman who is in a FORTY-EIGHT-YEAR AGE GAP relationship with a guy she met on FACEBOOK and has been married to him for FOUR YEARS – but she still gets called a MAIL ORDER BRIDE by strangers. Housewife, Lorie fe Dales (23), from Cebu, Philippines, was approached by retired business owner, Thomas Greig (71), from Wallasey, UK, on Facebook in 2014, after he fell for her looks. For him it was love at first sight and although Lorie was initially taken aback by his age, their common personalities warmed her to him. Their first date was in the Philippines in July that year for her birthday and while she was scared and nervous at first, she fell for him when they met, and they became exclusive. Their whirlwind romance lead Thomas to propose to her during his first stay with her a few months after he arrived in December 2014. They couldn’t wait too long before they got married and had a civil ceremony with just the two of them in January 2015. A year later, in June 2016, they welcomed their daughter, Mary (2), and despite having to communicate via Skype, they say they are a happy family. While their families have accepted their relationship, Lorie says they have received some backlash from strangers who accuse her of being a ‘mail order bride’ or that Thomas has ‘bought’ her to have a ‘young wife’. Thomas now travels to the Philippines every year and stays for five months at a time to be with his wife and daughter. He hopes to move to be with her in the Philippines in the future.

An armed forces charity with a number of disabled veterans has completed one of the world’s toughest desert rallies

***EXCLUSIVE*** The Future Terrain team drove three Dacia Dusters a combined 3,000 miles through the Sahara in a seven-day adventure.  They took on giant sand dunes, rocky roads, flooded tracks and other harsh terrain in the Carta Rallye - having just driven more than 2,000 miles from England to the starting line in Morocco.  And it wasn’t a case of the charity just taking part - with the team battling gruelling conditions to finish second and third in their categories on one day. While a number of specially-built rally cars costing hundreds of thousands were getting stuck overnight in the desert, the hardy Dacias made it back to the camp each evening after ten to 12 hours of driving plus night stages.  Navigation during the orienteering-type competition was made extra difficult by the unpredictable weather. Sunshine was interrupted by heavy downpours and visibility was limited by regular sandstorms.   The Future Terrain team is made up of wounded, injured and sick former and serving members of the armed forces, who use motorsport and off-road driving to gain qualifications to redefine themselves after life-changing injury.

Chilling pictures reveal inside a 'haunted' Florida manor house where two girls were kidnapped and a decapitated head was found in the garden

***EXCLUSIVE*** Peek inside the haunted manor house where two girls were once kidnapped and where a DECAPITATED HEAD was also buried in the garden. Eerie images show the large property looming over the photographer. A vintage car left forgotten in the garage and a piano that remains in the living room alongside a sofa and extremely old television. Other striking shots show what’s left of a large kitchen, a jacket still hanging on a bedroom door and mattresses strewn across the bedroom floor. The stunning pictures were taken at the Dr Horace Drew Manor in Jacksonville, Florida, USA by a photographer known as Bullet.

A cancer-stricken bride who contemplated cancelling her big day because she didn’t want to walk down the aisle bald wore a HAT to keep her hair during grueling chemotherapy sessions

***EXCLUSIVE*** Allison Carey was devastated to learn she had stage two breast cancer four months before her wedding to Michael Carey, 31, a high school math teacher. The bride, 28, of Denver, Colorado, confessed that she considered calling off her big day because she didn’t want to walk down the aisle without her long dirty blonde tresses. When her doctor suggested a specially designed cooling cap which prevents hair loss in women undergoing chemotherapy, Allison was willing to try the contraption. The cooling cap, known as a Dignicap, slowed down Allison’s hair loss and she married Micheal in a romantic ceremony last June with her hair swept into an elegant updo.

Flintstone-House goes to court

US, Hillsborough: View into a room of a colorfully painted house in unusual construction in Hillsborough near San Francisco. A Californian decorated her unusual Flintstone house with meter-high dinosaurs and other figures. For some city officials in that fancy place, it's a blot. Now the construction dispute is going to court.

An anorexia sufferer has spoken out for the first time about her battle with the eating disorder after doctors told her she "wasn't thin enough" for treatment

***EXCLUSIVE*** Hannah Robinson, 25, was first diagnosed with anorexia in 2010 where she underwent treatment and received help, support and counselling from her GP. Three years later, the then second-year university, suffered a relapse and began to notice the thoughts and behaviours returning.

A bridge too far: Dramatic images reveal how Allies' Operation Market Garden - intended to end WWII by Christmas 1944 - fell apart 75 years ago

***EXCLUSIVE*** NETHERLANDS: Rare photographs of a botched military operation which was memorialised in controversial Hollywood blockbuster ‘A Bridge Too Far’ have emerged 75 years after the infamous battle. Operation Market Garden, a military maneuverer conducted in September 1944, was supposed to see US and British troops sweep through the battle-weary Nazi forces which were occupying the Netherlands, proceed to liberate Arnhem and its key infrastructure, open a back door into Germany, and bring the war to close by Christmas. This was one of the most audacious and imaginative operations of the war - and it failed.  Graphic images show German soldiers laying dead in the street, hundreds of allied paratroops being dropped on Nazi-occupied land unaware that they would be desperately outnumbered and outgunned, and the devastated remains of a Dutch city which served as a battleground for Europe. The striking images are included in military historian Anthony Tucker-Jones’ new book The Battle For Arnhem 1944-1945: Rare photographs from the wartime archives, a dramatic insight into all sides of the remarkable but ill-fated Operation Market Garden which has fascinated historians and been the subject of much controversy ever since.