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Inside ancient Egyptian Fifth Dynasty tomb filled with 4,300-year-old secrets

A tomb excavation in Egypt has revealed brightly coloured paintings made 4,300 years ago, during what is known as the Age of the Pyramids. The newly-opened necropolis near Saqqara, about 20 miles south of Cairo, features depictions inspired by the nearby Giza pyramids, painted in special resins that have kept their hues over the millennia. The tomb was built for a nobleman called Khuwy, who lived in the Fifth Dynasty of the Old Kingdom, which in total spanned 2686BC to 2181BC.

Man has steel rod speared through his head after falling down a well – and incredibly survives

***EXCLUSIVE*** A man was left with a steel rod speared through his head after he fell down a well - and he has survived. Construction worker Sanjay Bahe, 21, was doing some repair work at a construction site in Balaghat, India when he fell. He was rushed to B.J Hospital after the iron rod pierced him from the right temporal region of his brain to the left frontal region. At hospital, medics reported that Sanjay's blood pressure suddenly dropped. So the team led by Dr Pramod Giri began a 90-minute surgery in a bid to remove the rod. Sanjay was resuscitated with blood and blood products and was taken for surgery at the Neuron Hospital. Miraculously, the rod was removed safely with hardly any bleeding or injury to the surrounding area.

Blonde bombshell lorry driver reveals interviewer offered her a DATE instead of job

***EXCLUSIVE*** This blonde bombshell isn’t the stereotypical lorry driver but has been in the job for a DECADE after previously being turned down because she was a RISK to hire and even had one interviewer offer a DATE instead of a job - and now she wants to inspire other women into the industry. Lorry driver, Jemma Warren (33) from Bridgwater, Somerset, UK, grew up with a keen interest in big vehicles after watching her grandad drive lorries and excavators and always knew that she wanted to follow in his footsteps and couldn’t wait until she turned 21 to take her lorry licence test. Jemma also watched her dad put the first lorry on the Bridgwater carnival circuit in 1999 which inspired her to one day do the same. Jemma worked hard as a factory worker and circus aerialist to save up the £3,000 to get the qualifications she needed despite her boyfriend at the time trying to discourage her because he felt embarrassed telling his friends that his girlfriend was a lorry driver. Their relationship ended and Jemma went on to pass her test first time at 23. Ecstatic, Jemma looked forward to finding her dream job but went from interview to interview only to be turned away because employers couldn’t take the risk on a petite blonde woman with little experience. She had men working there talk behind her back whilst she was in interviews and one interviewer even rang Jemma back to ask her on a date instead of offering her the job she so desperately wanted. These setbacks only made Jemma more determined and she landed a job driving an 11-ton truck delivering milk and now she drives a 44-ton arctic Scania 440 Topline hauling grain and aggregate, which she loves. Jemma says she receives stares when she pulls up in her lorry as a lot of people deem women to be bad drivers or physically weak, but this makes her work harder to prove the doubter wrong. Jemma is now in a relationship with Ryan who works in the building trade and takes a keen interest in her career and supports her in everything she does. But for Jemma, it’s important to break society’s perception of stereotypical job roles for men and women and wants to show females that they can work in more male-oriented industries if they want to and no one can stop them.

Meet Daenerys Marshall, Khalessi Gonzalez and Arya Lippincott - the children whose Game of Thrones-obsessed parents named them after the cult show’s most powerful characters

***EXCLUSIVE*** Daenerys, two, Khalessi Sky, five, and Arya, one, are among a growing number of children in North America given names inspired by HBO series’ most recognized faces.   According to statistics released by the United States Social Security Administration, Game of Thrones inspired names have been climbing up the charts since the show’s inception. The name Arya, the Winterval-born heroine portrayed by British actress Maisie Williams, placed 135th on a list of America’s 1000 most popular girls names in 2017. In the same year, the name Khaleesi, the Dothraki title given to Daenerys Targaryen in show’s first season, landed 630th on the list.

Building to be built on 1st century Roman Bath site

***EXCLUSIVE*** An architect has unveiled innovative new designs for an eco-friendly apartment building with more than 25,000 plants which is set to be built around the site of 1st century Roman baths. It's claimed the futuristic block of 'premium sky-villas' will absorb more than 150 tonnes of carbon dioxide a year and will have its own 'mini biomass recycling plant'. The huge complex is said to feature 185 'green apartments', a rooftop restaurant, dazzling water features and even a shopping centre with its own tourism information point. The innovative project is set to be built around the ancient thermal baths of Maurice-Mollard Square in Aix-les-Bains, in Savoie, France.

Two sisters have told of their heartbreak at both being diagnosed with the same rare aggressive cancer just weeks apart - with only one set to beat the killer disease

***EXCLUSIVE*** Julia Gailes, 48, found a lump in her left breast and while she was waiting for test results, sister Wendy Moffett, 57, discovered an identical lump in her right boob.  Not wanting to worry her little sister, Wendy secretly had tests, and was diagnosed with the exact same cancer as Julia, five weeks after her sibling.  The pair both had single mastectomies two months apart, and Julia had chemotherapy and radiotherapy.  They supported each other throughout 18 months of treatment, calling regularly and sending text messages to boost each other's spirits.  But while Julia was told she was in remission, Wendy was told she couldn't have chemotherapy due to a weak heart.  Just 10 months after her sister was given the all clear, Wendy was told her cancer was terminal, and she had one year to live.  Despite their starkly different prognosis', the pair are closer than ever, and threw a joint party to celebrate life.

Brit Instagram model Rebekah Fulton’s dad in desperate bid to raise £70k as she battles mystery illness in Thailand

***EXCLUSIVE*** The dad of a Scot taken ill in Thailand said he fears she may have meningitis as he fundraises £20,000 to bring his daughter home for medical treatment. Rebekah Fulton, 25, is currently battling a serious infection in a hospital in Phuket, and her dad, James Geddes, has described her as „very ill”. The 48-year-old pleaded for support to raise enough money to fly Rebekah home as he fears she may have meningitis or "something similar". However, it is not yet known by medics what is actually wrong with her.

A photographer has jet-washed a Superman logo onto an alleyway at the back of his garden which could be seen - on SATELLITE IMAGES

***EXCLUSIVE*** Christopher Verity, 30, made the large-scale 80ft creation after being inspired by Neil Buchanan's 'Art Attack'.  He used planks of wood to define the outside edges of the famous symbol before 'chalking' in the 'S' shape in the centre.  Despite being jet-washed in May 2018, the logo is still visible on the ground and can even be seen on Google Earth satellite images.

Life in Bihac Bosnia

Bihac, Bosnia: Bosnia, a war torn country not so long ago, is facing a new problem. With the Balkan Migration Route now taking a turn through Bosnia thousands of refugees have entered the country with nowhere to go. They were hoping to pass through onto Croatia or Slovenia, and then onto Western Europe. Both these countries have closed the border to the refugees, and are inhumanely treating those they find trying to cross. They have been beaten, had their money stolen by authorities, and cell phones destroyed..With this being an election year the government of Bosnia has decided to ignore the current influx of refugees. Ethnic divisions are still present in Bosnia, and the politicians are using the refugees as a way of reclaiming their political territories. The only help they have received is form the people of Bosnia, and the Bihac Red Cross..Atleast 2,000 refugees are living in horrible conditions, an abandoned war bombed old dormitory and adjacent field in the city of Bihac on the Croatian border. Many are families with young children. The future of these people in Bihac is unknown. With the government turning an eye to them there is no hope of government aid, and no future of leaving the abandoned dormitory in Bihac.

Alfred Hitchcocks The Birds visit Myanmar

***EXCLUSIVE*** A flock of hundreds of pigeons and crows line electric wires - resembling a scene from Alfred Hitchcock's iconic film The Birds. The intimidatingly huge flock waits next to a stall selling bird food in the hope of being fed by locals and tourists.

Cheetahs share tender moment

***EXCLUSIVE*** A pair of cheetahs share a tender moment as they rub their heads together in a hot desert. The affectionate sisters lay close to each other while keeping a watchful eye for potential prey nearby. Amateur photographer Michael Voss, 57, said he was 'absolutely fascinated' to see the 'elegant' big cats as they shared the sweet embrace. Mr Voss photographed the cheetahs at their enclosure in the Tiras Mountains, Namibia.