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Mum who failed to conceive after four bouts of IVF has FOUR babies in 13 months

***EXCLUSIVE*** Meet the stunning mum-of-five who was DESPERATE for a second child but struggled to conceive naturally and after trying IVF FOUR TIMES ended up having FOUR BABIES in THIRTEEN MONTHS while she was in her forties. When managing director, Tracy Park (43) from New York, USA, was 30, she gave birth to her first child, Hunter (now 12) who was conceived naturally in October 2006. Due to their busy careers, Tracy and her husband Peter (42), were not in any rush to have another child. A decade later, they both started to realise the clock was ticking and they were desperate to have another child to keep Hunter company, however, after trying for a year, they were told by their doctors that they couldn’t conceive naturally and that IVF was their only option. In 2016, they tried four times through IVF for a baby, but none were successful, she decided to try surrogacy, through an agency, to increase her chances. A few months later, she was delighted to discover that one of her IVF treatments worked and she was pregnant with her second child, Harlow (now 18 months) who was born in August 2017. Meanwhile, her surrogate was also pregnant with not just one baby, but twins, which initially left Tracy and Peter overwhelmed, realising they had to make room for their big family. Her twins, Piper and Presley (now 14 months) were born in January 2018, and eight months later, once they moved into a larger house, Tracy discovered she was pregnant with a fifth child, Dylan (now six-months-old) who was born in September 2018. Now Tracy and Peter want to encourage people not to give up on their dreams to become parents and they share their journey with over 10,000 followers on Instagram.

Young couple quit their jobs to travel the world with their children for months on end

***EXCLUSIVE*** AUCKLAND, NEW ZEALAND: This family-of-four packed up their lives to go on the road but faced backlash after taking their children out of school, despite their teachers admitting they’ll learn more from seeing the world for themselves. Freelance content writer and sales operations manager, Kylie Gibbon (45) and Mike Gibbon (43) from Auckland, New Zealand, spent much of their earlier years together travelling through Europe, South America and Africa, but their corporate jobs were their priority. When the couple welcomed their children, Sophie (9) and Jack (7), they knew they wanted to one day continue travelling as a family. Unfortunately, Kylie and Mike’s intense jobs required much of their time and by 2015 they felt burned out by their careers. This led the couple to discuss a change of lifestyle and they decided that there was no reason to put off travelling again. So, in 2016 they quit their jobs and rented out their house before spending the next eight months in Asia and Europe. They visited Malaysia, Vietnam, Thailand and Bali, before heading to the UK, Belgium, France, Croatia and Germany. Kylie and Mike have travelled to an impressive 57 countries, while their children have already ticked off 35 countries themselves. Kylie and Mike home-school their children while travelling for four hours a day and five days a week, using an online curriculum, but they admit that lessons such as history and art can be taken care of by getting themselves out and witnessing historical sites for themselves. While travelling, budgeting it an important factor and the family has managed to stick to a budget of roughly £50 a day for all four of them. Kylie and Mike share their travels on Instagram, @ouroverseasadventures to encourage others to take the leap and travel, showing that there is no right or wrong age to travel and learning in a conventional school setting isn’t the only method of educating.

Meet the high-flying female pilot who has rocketed to Instagram fame by sharing pictures of herself in the cockpit and travelling the world

***EXCLUSIVE*** TORONTO, CANADA: This female pilot who has visited THIRTY-FIVE countries has propelled herself to Instagram fame after sharing pictures of her adventures in the cockpit with her 36.8K followers but says she has had to try harder to prove herself to her colleagues because of her gender. First officer, Emilie Christine (31) from Toronto, Canada, has been a pilot for eight-years after achieving her private pilot’s licence in 2011 followed by her commercial pilot’s licence in 2012 and loves everything about her career, from the travel opportunities it affords and the different people in the industry that she gets to meet. However, Emilie who loves travelling and adventure didn’t always know she wanted to be a pilot but after working as a registered massage therapist for a couple of years in her early twenties decided to pursue a career in flying. Although Emilie doesn’t feel like she’s been discriminated against due to her gender, she says that because women in aviation are still so few and far between she feels like she has had to work harder to prove herself to other people when she was training with mainly men and when competing for jobs. Emilie shares her travels and adventures in the skies on Instagram under the handle, @pilotemilie, and so far, she has visited 35 countries and hopes to up this to 50 over the next four years. Stunning pictures show Emilie in the cockpit, standing in the aisles and on her latest travels to Croatia.

A Royal Ballet dancer charted her pregnancy with a beautiful time-lapse video of her spinning on her tip toes - with her bump growing bigger with every turn

***EXCLUSIVE*** Tara-Brigitte Bhavnani, 36, has been dancing with the Royal Opera House ballet company for 17 years and wanted to combine her life-long passion with the birth of her daughter. The first artist recorded an impressive video of her doing a twirl on her toes - a bourrée en tournant sur les pointes - every week, since her ten-week scan. Wearing the same dress and shoes in each clip, she pieced together each video and sped them up, to make it look like one continuous performance.

Woman told she was 'too young for breast cancer' diagnosed with disease months later

***EXCLUSIVE*** Doctors refused to do a biopsy on a lump this TWENTY-SEVEN-YEAR-OLD found in her breast because she was ‘too young’ for cancer until it TRIPLED IN SIZE and she demanded a biopsy which revealed stage three cancer, leading her to pioneer for young women to be believed when they fear something is wrong. Programs coordinator at Rethink Breast Cancer, Emily Piercell (31) from Ontario, Canada, was an aspiring lawyer, but in May 2015 she noticed a lump in her breast which she went to get checked out. Emily’s doctor wasn’t concerned by the lump because she had no family history of breast cancer and she was only 27 at the time. Emily was sent for an ultrasound and doctors concluded that the lump was dense tissue and nothing of concern, so they didn’t do a biopsy. Over the next three months, Emily’s lump tripled in size and grew to 10 centimetres in both length and width. Emily returned to her doctor who sent her for another ultrasound which, again, showed the lump as just dense tissue. However, Emily pushed for a biopsy to be done this time, despite the radiologist’s reluctance. The biopsy revealed that Emily had triple positive stage three breast cancer. Doctors had told Emily she was too young to have cancer, which was why they initially refused to do a biopsy, and this added further to her state of shock at her diagnosis. Emily began chemotherapy in September 2015 until January 2016, followed by a double mastectomy in March 2016. Chemotherapy made Emily incredibly weak and she struggled with nausea, bone pain and mouth sores. In May 2016, Emily began 25 rounds of radiation which severely damaged her skin. Emily had to advocate to be given a biopsy, but if she wasn’t so persistent her diagnosis could have been much worse further down the line. However, Emily has come out on the other side feeling stronger and more confident.

A terminally ill mum with just weeks to live was "overwhelmed" when her family threw her a surprise 30th birthday party four months early, before she lost her battle with cancer

***EXCLUSIVE*** Cheryl Calver was determined to make the most of life and celebrate her 30th birthday when she received the devastating news last month she had just weeks to live. The 29-year-old thought she was going for a family meal when beauticians turned up to give her a surprise makeover at home before she was whisked away in a white stretch limo. The former nursery worker was set to turn 30 in July but her friends and family threw the surprise birthday bash at the end of March over fears she might not make it to the summer.

Britain’s oldest goldfish George has died at the ripe old age of 44 after struggling to swim

***EXCLUSIVE*** Britain's oldest goldfish which was won as a prize at a funfair in 1974 has died at the age of 44. George was won with another fish called Fred by Keith Allies, 75, as a romantic gesture for his then 18-year-old girlfriend Mary. The couple married five years later and kept the goldfish as pets - which both went on to outlive two family dogs. Despite having a ten-year life span, George amazingly survived for over four decades at the family's home in Worcester.

Villagers are delighted after donating more than a thousand pounds to local causes after posing in the buff for last year's must-have naked calendar

***EXCLUSIVE*** The Iwade Naked Calendar was so popular they sold out two print runs, as the buff and ready villagers celebrated worldwide fame, taking orders from as far as America. The cheeky calendar showcased dozens of locals from the Kent village baring all at work, including a dog groomer, a personal trainer and a gardener wearing nothing but a chainsaw harness. Other shots that left little to the imagination included three mechanics in a white transit van covering their modesty with nothing but a barrel, a teapot and a coffee mug.

An 8 metre whale sharks swims under a tourist boat

***EXCLUSIVE*** These Incredible underwater images show a massive SHARK under a boat full of tourists - who are totally unaware and sit munching sandwiches. This brilliant photograph of the 8m (26FT) beast in Western Australia was shot by photographer Sam Lawrence. Twenty people were on the whale shark tour off the Ningaloo Ree - but they all missed the giant fish, as they were too busy having their lunch.