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Toddler with rare chromosome condition proves doctors wrong as his mother reveals he can crawl – despite being told he would never be able to

***EXCLUSIVE*** NORTH CAROLINA, USA: Despite everything he's been through, Ethan always manages to smile.  THIS ADORABLE little boy was diagnosed with a rare chromosome condition and doctors said that he wouldn’t be able to sit, crawl, stand, walk or even talk but has proved everyone wrong by reaching the milestones his parents were told he wouldn’t. Stay at home mum and former nurse, Jennifer Bothe (32) originally from Alberta, Canada but now living in North Carolina, USA, met her nano-electrical engineer husband, Kyle (34) whilst at university and they were married in 2010. Jennifer and Kyle welcomed their first child, Ella (3) in 2016. In 2017 Jennifer fell pregnant for a second time but a routine genetic screening early in her pregnancy indicated red flags that couldn’t be identified without further testing which showed her unborn son had one kidney. Jennifer gave birth to her son, Ethan in March 2018 and in the months that followed he underwent further testing. In July 2018 Jennifer and Kyle attended their first geneticist appointment where they were told that Ethan had distal chromosome 18q deletion syndrome, a rare genetic condition that can lead to further medical diagnoses. Heartbreakingly, the couple were told that Ethan wouldn’t be able to sit up, crawl, stand, walk, talk or live an independent life and that he might lose his sight and hearing.

Being disabled doesn’t stop us being great parents

***EXCLUSIVE*** VIDEO AVAILABLE, WATFORD, UNITED KINGDOM: A family from Watford, England, want the world to know that life can be the same when living with disabilities. Faye Pearson, 29, and her husband Stevie, 26, are parents to 18-month-old Rowan. Both of their conditions are progressive, however, neither was passed onto their son, Rowan. Stevie and Faye rely on the help of carers around the clock, but are determined that people recognize this does not mean they are in less control when it comes to bringing up their son and providing him with the love and care he requires.

Hot Wheels fan builds ultimate Land Rover Defender

***EXCLUSIVE*** VIDEO AVAILABLE, BRISBANE, AUSTRALIA: A determined father has taken a rusty 1985 Land Rover and converted it into a modernised Hot Wheels Land Rover Defender. Family man, Brian Reginald, spent two years producing the incredible vehicle with the help of his father and three sons. Brian, 42, originally bought the Land Rover Defender County for just $1,000 (AUD). Destined for the scrap heap, he saw an opportunity to convert the car into a modern Defender that replicated something from the hit toy car brand, Hot Wheels. Brian and his family, who reside in Brisbane, Australia, have been fans of the Hot Wheels franchise for over 15 years and they couldn?t be more pleased with the outcome.

Wish you worked here? Britain’s best bosses take all of their staff on month-long holidays to Thailand, Mexico and India and give them unlimited annual leave

***EXCLUSIVE*** Most employees have to save up their wages and precious annual leave to go on a holiday. But staff at Birmingham-based company Turn Partners have been treated to MONTH-LONG luxury holidays in Thailand, India and Mexico. Mike Bandar, 29, and James Vardy, 31, have been dubbed „Britain’s Best Bosses” for allowing all nine of their staff to take as much paid leave as they want, letting them work wherever they like and regularly treating the whole team to exotic getaways to escape the miserable British weather. Whilst many of us are chained to our office desks, Mike’s and James’ grateful employees have spent their working days swimming with sea turtles and eating fajitas on the beach in Mexico, staying in five star hotels in India or relaxing at a spa and jet skiing in Thailand.

Hotel worker, 35, reveals she went into septic shock after bile 'ate away her organs' when surgeons accidentally snagged her intestine during a 'routine' operation

***EXCLUSIVE*** UTAH, USA: A frightening mistake during surgery led this woman’s intestines to LEAK BILE, causing her to go into septic shock before emergency surgery left her with a large FISTULA WOUND after her abdominal muscles had to be SEPARATED and cut open. Hotel agent, Bonnie Judge (35) from Utah, USA, went into hospital in September 2018 for what should have been a routine colon operation to clear a blockage, however her inflamed insides led the surgeon to make an error and accidentally cut her intestine. The error wasn’t noticed immediately, so Bonnie was transferred to a recovery ward following her surgery. A nurse took some food to Bonnie in her bed, but after just three bites she became nauseous and vomited. Although, what Bonnie threw up wasn’t her food, it was black in colour, which was an initial sign for concern. After a couple of days of no improvement, Bonnie’s surgeon thought there could be a leak in her organs and he ordered a CT scan of her abdomen, which revealed nothing. However, Bonnie’s condition continued to spiral and when doctors started to suspect she could have sepsis, they knew the best way to find out the cause would be to open Bonnie up. During surgery, Bonnie’s abdomen was split in half and it was found that her intestine was leaking bile into her body. For the surgery, doctors had to split the abdominal muscles, creating a hole, known as a fistula, in her abdomen. The first time Bonnie caught sight of her wound was very difficult for her and she had to be sedated by nurses because of her horrified reaction. To this day it is still hard for her to look at the large hole in her abdominal region without crying, but she is also proud of how her body is healing.

Mum captures stunning images of her children in Alaskan ice caves

While most children’s photo albums are filled with snaps of them on the swings at the local park or swimming in the sea on holiday, Lindsay Saunders children will have some far more interesting additions to look back on when they’re older. Making the most of the real-life winter wonderland on her doorstep, the photographer took a series of stunning images of her three young children visiting some local ice caves.

Fascinating portraits of America’s professional criminals in the late 1800s - by the famed NYPD detecive who popularized the modern-day mugshot

***EXCLUSIVE*** These are the fascinating portraits of America’s foremost bank robbers, con-men, forgers, embezzlers and pickpockets in the late nineteenth-century. The photographs reveal the underhanded men and women who terrorised civilians across the US in the 1880s. The remarkable images were taken by famed New York Police Department (NYPD) detective Thomas F.Byrnes - the officer who popularised the use of the mug shot in law enforcement and even coined the term „rogues gallery”. The collection show some of the 203 lawbreakers that Bryne featured in his seminal book „Professional Criminals of America” in 1886. He believed that publishing these „mugshots” would not only help civilians identify felons but also prevent future crimes from taking place.

Women wrestling in Bolivia

Bolivia, El Alto: A group of "Cholitas", indigenous Aymara women, organize regular ring evenings. There they bring out their fighting qualities. However, the event is not so much focused on the sporty, but rather on the colourful moments of the evening.