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Meet the couple who gave up everything and moved their family into an OLD SCHOOL BUS for a life on the road

***EXCLUSIVE*** Meet the spontaneous couple who gave up everything and moved their family onto an OLD SCHOOL BUS in a bid to ‘unschool’ and be more present with their children – even though one of them wants to go back to school. Wedding photographers, Aaron (45) and Philan Tokarz (43) from Rockford, Illinois, USA, have been together for 14-years and have three children together; Cashin (11), Brig (9) and Freya (7). After years of living a conventional lifestyle they became sick of the time they were spending doing everyday chores like cleaning their house and realised that they weren’t spending enough time together as a family. In a bid to simplify their lives and be more present with their children they decided to rent out their 3,000-square-foot house, then convert and move into a 225-square-foot school bus and travel the USA. As 2017 started to draw to an end, Illinois was getting cold and dark and the Tokarz family realised that they had to make a drastic change quickly or else they would remain in the same routine and never really get to do the things they loved to do as a family. Having looked at many disappointing and uninspiring RVs, they eventually decided to buy a 1999 International Amtran Genesis 30’ Flat-Front puller school bus off Facebook for just $4,000 (£3,060). They renovated the bus themselves from November 2017 to July 2018 and in total it cost them $30,000 (£23,000) to turn it into the beautiful ‘skoolie’ home of their dreams.  They post their journey on Instagram as ‘Simplyusandabus’.  A ‘skoolie’ is the name given to a bus which has been repurposed to be used as something else such a as a new home, an office or restaurant etc. They have gained popularity in recent years for the likes of digital nomads, travelling singles, couples and families wanting a more simple and flexible life and those wanting to create unique quirky businesses. Their renovated bus includes all the mod cons including; solar power, AC, heating and batteries. The bus even has a 70-square-foot roof deck which is perfect for storing all of their outdoor activity equipment.  The Tokarz family finally moved into their mobile mini home on July 11, 2018 and began their journey with Wisconsin, followed by Minnesota, North Dakota, Montana, Idaho, Washington, Seattle and Oregon. They return to Illinois occasionally to do wedding photoshoots before hitting the road again.

A cheeky confectioner has caused controversy after launching an x-rated Easter treat from chocolate and fudge - an edible vagina

***EXCLUSIVE*** Christians vented on social media after news broke of 24-year-old Matt Garbutt's Creme Egg-flavoured 'fudgeina' being on sale for the holidays. The Mancunian entrepreneur faced their wrath after launching the Easter version his vegan confectionary - anatomically correct vaginas.  His creations, which normally only come in solid chocolate, strawberry or vanilla flavours, have been slammed all over the world.  The chocolate version of the treat costs just £9.99, while flavoured edible naughties sell for £12.99.

Girl, 5, forced to have eye removed after photo revealed 10 tumours

***EXCLUSIVE*** Little Gracie Corrigan was diagnosed after her mum Elly Smith, 38, took a photo and noticed the flash had made one of her eyes glow. It's a tell-tale sign of retinoblastoma ‚Äď a rare cancer of the eye - and doctors counted 10 tumours in the eye and optical nerve. Gracie had her right eye urgently removed and replaced with a painted prosthetic, but thanks to her mum's photo, she has cancer free.

Former addicts who met in rehab fall in love, marry and have kids

***EXCLUSIVE*** Meet the two former addicts who were both suicidal until they checked into rehab where they met each other, fell in love, had two sons and now claim that the support they’ve had from one another has helped them conquer their addictions. Medical biller, Melissa Kreutz (30), from California, USA, was just 15-years-old when she fell into an alcohol addiction which was stemmed from a lack of self-esteem where she felt like the world would be better off without her. For years she abused alcohol and this would lead to self-destructive behaviour which caused a rift between her and her family. Melissa ended up drifting apart from her family due to her addiction that lead her to move out. It wasn’t until her family told her she could come back to them if she went to rehab. So she went to her doctor, who was astonished by her excessive drinking, told her he had never seen anyone as young as her that consumed so much alcohol. Front desk manager, Cody (38), was raised Mormon but he had developed an addiction to opioid pills that resulted in him lying, stealing and starting to hate himself. His guilt mixed with self-loathing resulted in him attempting suicide twice within a 24-hour period before he realised he needed help. Both Melissa and Cody checked into rehab in 2013, both going in with low expectations, however, they ended up staying sober for months before meeting each other when Cody instantly fell in love with Melissa. Despite completing his treatments and 12-step programme in October 2013, Cody couldn’t get her out of his mind and asked his friend, who was still in rehab, to pass her number to him and they began dating officially in January 2014, by which time she had also left rehab. The two entered into a whirlwind romance that resulted in Melissa falling pregnant with their first child just five months into dating. Fast forward four years later, they are now proud parents of two sons, Watson (4) and Emerson (18-months), married and five years sober.

A mum from Plymouth has revealed how her baby was born with so much hair that she is stopped by strangers who mistake the child for a doll

***EXCLUSIVE*** Jemma Bellingham wasn't surprised when she gave birth to Vienna, after the medium mum predicted that her child would be born with a luscious locks. The 27-year-old revealed that the baby girl, who is now three months old, was conceived in Fiji and was a total surprise to both she and husband Michael, 31, who thought they were unable to have more children. Jemma said: "She is so adorable and her hair is on another planet. We actually conceived in Fiji and found out we were expecting in April last year. She was two weeks late arriving and I gave birth on January 9, 2019.

Angry bull hippos butt heads and rear up on their hind legs during epic riverside clash over female mate

***EXCLUSIVE*** Incredible pictures from Botswana show two male hippos battling it out for a female mate during an epic river-side show down. The images capture the moment the fierce stand-off between a resident bull marking its territory and a new male interested in a near-by group of females came to blows. The two aggressive hippos were seen baring their teeth and swinging their heads at each other in an effort to dominate the territory.

A high school science teacher is to remortgage her home to pay £20,000 vets bills to repair her pet Chow Chow's legs

***EXCLUSIVE*** Nicki Dyson is on a fundraising mission to pay for surgery that will cure her three-year-old dog, Narla, who suffers from a condition which means she has abnormal elbow joints. Poor Narla suffers from elbow dysplasia, which has caused her bones to rub away the protective cartilage, resulting in bone rubbing against bone when she walks. She is on constant pain killers and limps along as she has problems with both front legs, and an unconnected problem with her knee on her back left leg. But Nicki, who rescued the adorable lion-esque type dog from travellers two years ago, wants to do everything to give her "baby" the loving life she deserves.

A former student who was mortified by her twenty stone figure in graduation photos has revealed her slender new look -- after shedding EIGHT stone

***EXCLUSIVE*** Katy Mathers piled on the pounds during university while studying English and History at the University of Leeds. She tipped the scales at 19 stone 6 ozs after gorging on sugary cereals, meal deals, frozen pizzas and takeaways. But it wasn’t until she was snapped at her graduation ceremony in her cap and gown in July 2017 that Katy was spurred into overhauling her lifestyle.  The unflattering pictures motivated her to drop seven dress sizes to a svelte 10/12 after losing a whopping eight stone in just 15 months.

A gupti was embedded four and half inches inside man’s skull

***EXCLUSIVE*** It had entered the head from the left frontal region just above the left eyebrow and reached upto the right subtemporal region. The surgery to remove the weapon was completed in one and half hours and the patient is now conscious and doing well without any loss of vision.

Seal of approval! Cheeky sea lion hitches a ride on the back of a boat to grab a snack - and enjoys a head rub

***EXCLUSIVE*** Watch the moment one lucky tourist handfeeds an excited sea lion pup a fish after it jumped onto the back of her boat. The incredible footage shows the sea lion clamber onto the back of the woman’s boat before she pets and strokes it like a dog which elicits a satisfied look on the sea lion’s face. The woman then rewards the sea lion for its good behaviour by feeding it a fresh fish which it happily gulps down. The sea lion sticks around for some more cuddles before eventually diving back into the sea after one of its friends turns up. The adorable video was taken in Cabo Sun Lucas, Mexico and shows maths professor and yacht broker Tracy Wollschlager (28), from Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA, feeding the sea lion pup.