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Fascinating portraits reveal the hidden history of albinism in the victorian era and the handful of albinos who were captured on camera in the 1800s

***EXCLUSIVE*** These are the fascinating portraits which reveal the hidden history of Albinism in the Victorian era. These rare images show Albino men, women and children posing for the camera in the nineteenth century – at a time when many of them would have been kept segregated from the rest of society and as such, few pictures exist. Whilst many of the characters in the photographs are unidentified, other photographs shows the mere handful of individuals with albinism who rose to fame in the nineteenth century and were captured on camera. During the 1800s, people with albinism were exhibited in Victorian travelling circus sideshows and featured on postcards that became popular collectors' items. Indeed in the nineteenth century, a stint as an attraction in these touring circus shows would have likely been the only occupation available to Albino people.

Woman who had to learn to walk again after being mauled by FIVE Bull Mastiffs aged 11 reveals bullies called her a 'dog chew toy' - but now wants to prove her scars are 'beautiful'

***EXCLUSIVE*** ONTARIO, CANADA: This woman survived being viciously mauled by FIVE of her grandma’s BULL MASTIFF DOGS when she was just ELEVEN which saw her in hospital for THREE-MONTHS and was cruelly labelled a „dog chew toy” at school by bullies - but now wants to show that scars are beautiful. Landscaper, Jynnie Kent (26) from Oshawa, Ontario, Canada, was at her grandma’s on her 11th birthday when she went outside to play with her dogs but instead was brutally attacked by five of her bull mastiffs which were later put down. Jynnie’s grandad found her and tried to pull the dogs off her whilst Jynnie was rushed to hospital and suffered 13 tears all over her body and more than 150 puncture wounds which required more than 1,000 stitches. Jynnie was in a coma for two days after the attack and in hospital for three months while she recovered and learnt to walk again. Jynnie’s throat was ripped open and the main artery in her right leg was lacerated and she lost a lot of blood. After 10 hours of surgery and skin grafts her leg was saved but she will continue to see her specialist for the rest of her life as she is at risk of artery collapse which would result in her having her leg amputated from the hip. At school, Jynnie was mercilessly bullied by her peers and called a „dog chew toy” and told that the dogs should have killed her, this saw her struggle with depression and self-harm for eight-years. But as summer approached in 2008, Jynnie decided she was tired of covering up and hiding away so decided with her mum’s support to embrace her scars in shorts and hasn’t looked back since. Now Jynnie hopes to be a role model to men and women to show them that scars are beautiful and something to be proud of.

Agony of cystic fibrosis sufferer, 29, who was given a new lease on life thanks to a double lung transplant but contracted a virus from her donor

***EXCLUSIVE*** MASSACHUSETTS, USA: This lung transplant recipient has seen her life drastically improve after battling cystic fibrosis since she was only FOUR MONTHS OLD, but she wants to show that just because she‚Äôs got new lungs doesn’t mean she’s FIXED after contracting a virus from her donor. Rima Manomaitis (29) from Massachusetts, USA, was diagnosed with cystic fibrosis at just four months old after her parents noticed she was struggling to gain weight.  Rima lives with cystic fibrosis, gastrointestinal reflux disease, pancreatic insufficiency, chronic sinusitis and cystic fibrosis related arthritis. When she was growing up, Rima didn’t think anything of her condition because she knew no different. Each day, she did two nebuliser treatments, took pills both morning and evening, then lung function tests every few months.  Due to the constant coughing and the strain it required to breathe, Rima couldn’t gain weight, so in 2007 she had a G-tube fitted to provide her with the equivalent of 1,500 calories overnight. In 2009, while studying, Rima’s lung function was at just 30 per cent, however, she stabled her condition and moved in with her parents after graduating. Although, in 2015 Rima became incredibly sick and required an oxygen machine at all times. After struggling to get accepted for a double lung transplant despite her failing condition, Rima moved to Minneapolis with her sister, Laima. The transplant centre in Minneapolis listed Rima and she then waited eight months until she received her new lungs. On May 14, 2017, Rima received her double lung transplant from a donor. Rima no longer spends hours every day doing treatments, she isn’t coughing incessantly, nor does she need to take naps each day as she once did. However, Rima’s donor had a dormant virus known as CMV, causing complications in Rima’s recovery. As positive as a transplant is, it doesn’t mean Rima is „fixed” and no longer faces difficulty.

SUIT UP: Non-profit provides suits for ex-convicts

***EXCLUSIVE*** VIDEO AVAILABLE, MARCH 19: A non-profit gives free suits, ties and training to underprivileged men, in the New York City area. Starting the initiative in 2011, Kevin, 41, came up with the idea after seeing young men in his area unable to afford a suit for job interviews as well as those coming out of prison with no smart clothes in their possession. From ad hoc clothes rails on Harlem’s sidewalks to two boutiques (in Jamaica and Harlem) 100 Suits has expanded to offer clothing to women, academies for at-risk youth and in 2016, 100 Suits started going into Rikers Island correctional facility once a month and now works there every week, running a book club and mentorship programme.

Boxing match of the (Easter) rabbits

***EXCLUSIVE *** BURGENLAND, AUSTRIA: The German wildlife photographer Ingo Gerlach has been photographing the rut behaviour of the European Hare in Burgenland for years. In this beautiful region of Austria, there are still many hares to watch. In the last week, Gerlach finally had the opportunity to capture a classic fighting and boxing scene of the field hare. Gerlach always stalks by car to the scene as most hares are used to vehicles and the escape distance is correspondingly low. The photographer spotted a group of field hares, six in number, from the roadside through his camera. At first, nothing happened until another hare jumped in. All of a sudden, the first Hare approached and got on their hind legs and challenged the newcomer to a boxing match. A quick and hard exchange followed. Curving back the fighters both try to dodge the blows. Both use their front paws or their head with force in order to injure their opponent. The longer the challenger endures the fight, the higher are his chances to impress and ultimately make the rabbit happy. With the boxing match lasting less than ten seconds, Gerlach was able to capture around 120 pictures with his fast camera.