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Girl born with back to front legs walks for the first time after life-changing surgery

***EXCLUSIVE*** Heartwarming footage shows a toddler who was born with backwards legs walking, running and playing following life-changing surgery. Victoria Komada was born with the one-in-a-million defect tibial hemimelia, which caused her to have a missing shinbone in her right leg and a shortened one in her left limb. Eight specialists warned the three-year-old's parents Marzena Drusewicz, 32, and Dariusz Komada, 41, her only option was a double amputation. Refusing to give up on their daughter, the pair found a limb reconstruction specialist in Florida and fundraised £180,000 to pay for her to have two surgeries. Medics were only able to save one of Victoria's legs, however, a prosthetic finally enabled her to walk. Following nine months of treatment, the family finally flew home to Norwich on Monday, with Victoria being due to start school in September. 

Four amateur metal detectorists have uncovered a hoard of 14th century coins - worth an estimated £150,000

***EXCLUSIVE*** A group of amateur metal detectorists dug up a 14th century hoard of more than 550 rare gold and silver coins worth an estimated £150,000. The four - including three Geordies - struck gold in a field in Buckinghamshire and were initially delighted to find 12 ornately decorated silver Edward I and II coins. But the men - more used to digging up shotgun shells and thimbles than treasure - were astonished to find coin after coin from the hidden ancient hoard. Over four days they excavated 557 coins - including 12 ultra-rare full gold nobles from the time of the Black Death.

Couple sell their possessions to live a plastic-free and zero-waste life on the road in a Volkswagen van

***EXCLUSIVE*** Meet the couple who packed up their life into a van to travel but are now on a mission to live sustainably and help other people do the same. Dustin, from Lake Charles, Lousiana, USA and Noami Grevemberg, from Trinidad, (both 36), sold most of their possessions and bought a 1985 Volswagen Vanagon to live and travel in three years ago. They were on the road one month after purchasing the van and have so far travelled throughout the USA and Mexico including: Colorado, Utah, Yellowstone National Park, Montana, Wyoming, Idaho and down America’s West Coast traveling extensively from the northern tip of the USA in Washington State's Olympic Peninsula, down through Oregon and California, all the way to the southern tip of Baja, Mexico. The adventurous pair are conscious of their consumption habits and waste production. They currently live plastic free and low waste with zero waste being their ultimate goal.

Pig Pilates class

***EXCLUSIVE*** A British farm has become the first in the world to offer a news exercise trend - PIG pilates. Yoga with lemurs (and goats, and alpacas, and pretty much every animal under the sun) is so yesterday. If you really want to get a good workout, you have to do Pilates with miniature pigs. Pennywell Farm in Buckfastleigh, England, is now offering Pilates classes with some special, curly-tailed workout buddies. Much like the various animal-themed yoga classes that can be found just about anywhere around the world, the concept of this class involves a fairly straightforward Pilates session down on the farm — while little pigs are allowed to roam around you. After the class participants are allowed to cuddle with the mini pigs to their hearts' content. An after-class continental breakfast and coffee is included.

Man, 49, and his 28-year-old girlfriend who fell in love when he interviewed her for a job defend their relationship, insisting the 21-YEAR age gap is 'not an issue' - even though she's just six years older than his son

***EXCLUSIVE*** Meet the man who fell for a woman TWENTY-ONE YEARS YOUNGER while INTERVIEWING HER for a job – but she still had to ask him out THREE TIMES before he agreed. Bus driver, Alanna Soehner (28) from Ohio, USA, first met operations director, Luke Wilson (49) in 2016 when he interviewed her to work at his landscape division. He was immediately struck by her when they locked eyes during their initial introductions, but despite their attraction to each other and her asking him out, he was hesitant. He felt that she was too young for him, but due to her persistence, after asking him out three times, they gave into their temptations and started dating. Luke grew more infatuated by Alanna’s feminine and masculine energy, being able to ‘outpace’ her male co-workers. While their families were apprehensive about their relationship at first, they soon warmed up to them as a couple and understood that they were in love. Alanna has two children from a previous relationship, Addison (9) and Stanley (6), who like Luke, while he has two older children from a previous relationship and while his son has struggled with their relationship, he says that his daughter Natalie (19) gets on well with Alanna.

One of the rarest Star Wars toys ever made has been unearthed in a loft still in its original box after gathering dust for almost 40 years

***EXCLUSIVE*** The unopened Tie Bomber „Authentic Imperial Spacecraft” from the 1980 film The Empire Strikes Back was recently discovered at an auctioneer's valuation day. The die cast metal toy is now expected to spark major interest among fans of the cult movies when it goes under the hammer on June 20. It was discovered in Coalville, Leics, belonging to a 77-year-old ex-Palitoy clerical worker who brought it home for their son to play with in 1983.

Teenager told she may never have kids after docs miss signs of endometriosis – blaming it on ‘heavy periods’

***EXCLUSIVE*** This poor girl had crippling pain and bleeding in between menstrual cycles which doctors repeatedly blamed on a ‘BAD PERIOD’, but after two years of suffering she was finally diagnosed with ENDOMETRIOSIS, leaving her worried that she may never become a mum - and now she wants to educate others about the misunderstood condition. Kate Robertson (19) from Auckland, New Zealand, started experiencing painful and heavy periods when she was 16 but she didn’t think too much of it at the time, telling herself that every girl suffers with bad periods now and then. However, these periods grew increasingly painful and Kate’s dad took her to the hospital after she began having chronic pain in her pelvic area as well as bleeding. Scans revealed nothing, and Kate was sent home without answers. The symptoms disappeared for a year, but by mid-2017 the pain returned for a few days every now and then. As it was sporadic and didn’t last too long, the symptoms didn’t bother Kate too much, but they were still concerning. In June 2018 Kate moved in with her boyfriend, Ezra, and she had just achieved her dream job as a fashion stylist. After a few months of thinking she was on the up, the chronic pain returned and became an everyday occurrence. Kate and Ezra were lying in bed when she began bleeding, despite not being due her period. She doubled over in pain and was rushed to the hospital, only to be told it was a bad period and sent home. This pain returned and Kate called an ambulance the following day, but paramedics couldn’t advise her as they didn’t know what was wrong. Scans and blood tests didn’t reveal anything, so Kate was sent for a smear test, despite being under 21. However, it was Kate’s doctor who suggested she could have endometriosis, a disorder whereby the tissue which should line the inside of the uterus forms outside of it. Unfortunately, the constant pain meant Kate lost her job because she couldn’t be on her feet all day as it required.

Spring lambs

***EXCLUSIVE*** Playful spring lambs leap into the air as they frolic on a grassy hillside. Around 15 of the baby sheep took it in turns to run over the small hill in their field and jump high into the air. Photographer David Higgins, 49, spotted the lambs 'charging about' as he was driving past the field in Weardale, County Durham, just as sunshine started to peek through clouds. Mr Higgins, from Cottingham, near Hull, east Yorks, said the lambs also enjoyed play-fighting on the hill.

Crusaders married local women, had families and their sons fell in battle as they tried to reclaim the Holy Land for Christianity, study reveals

***EXCLUSIVE*** Crusaders married local women, had families and their sons fell in battle as they tried to reclaim the Holy Land for Christianity, a study revealed. But when the Crusades failed and they were pushed out they did not leave a lasting genetic footprint in the region. During the medieval period, hundreds of thousands of Europeans migrated to the Near East to take part in the Crusades, and many of them settled in the newly established Christian states along the Eastern Mediterranean coast. Now the history of the Crusades has been decoded through DNA left behind in nine 13th century Crusaders buried in a pit in Lebanon.

Super squirrel

***EXCLUSIVE*** A pair of squirrels fly through the air like Superman as they search for food. The daring squirrels leapt around 5ft across tree branches after spotting nuts in woodland in the Scottish Highlands. Amateur photographer Gary Bruce snapped the hungry squirrels soaring through the air and said they 'looked like Superman'. Mr Bruce, 52, took the photographs in woodland just outside of Inverness, Scotland, and said this rodents were part of a group of four who regularly search the area for nuts and seeds.

Two „idiots” dangling their feet off the notoriously treacherous 500-ft Beachy Head cliff

***EXCLUSIVE*** A pair of "idiots" were snapped dangling their legs off the edge of a notoriously dangerous crumbling 500-foot cliff. Despite giant cracks and signs warning that the cliffs could give way at any moment, the two men were spotted inches from death at the top of the notorious Beachy Head, on the East Sussex coastline. Retiree Lynne Davey was walking along the beach with her daughter when she spotted the careless pair. The 63-year-old said: "My daughter and I were walking on the beach between Birling Gap and Beachy Head.

Red umbrella makers

***EXCLUSIVE*** Workers painstakingly paint umbrellas by hand in a vibrant red colour. The umbrellas are made using bamboo and will be used to block out the sun, keeping their user cool. Photographer Zarni Myo Win, 43 capture the scene in Began, Myanmar.