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New Guinness World record set

Henry Crew (centre) and supporters arrive on Tower Bridge in London as he breaks Guinness World Record to become the youngest person to circumnavigate the world on a motorcycle. Henry, from Petersfield in Surrey, began his journey in April 2018 and has travelled through 35 countries and over 35,000 miles, raising money for the Movember Foundation.

A British woman miraculously survived after doctors flew a "liver in a box" thousands of miles from America to save her life with just hours to spare

***EXCLUSIVE*** Teacher Helen Rawlinson, 29, was dying of liver failure and faced a race against time to find a donor organ. But because she had a heart condition and had already had a transplant before she never made it to the top of the transplant list. With just days before doctors predicted she'd die, medics in America heard of her plight and a revolutionary machine was flown 3,500 miles. The gadget - dubbed a 'liver in a box' - acts like a miniature transportable ICU that keeps donor organs alive and healthy by mimicking the human body. It meant a liver she previously couldn't have used was suddenly totally adequate. With just 48 hours to spare, the organ was transported from the deceased donor and her life was saved. Helen - who was previously receiving palliative care and had said her final goodbyes to loved ones - she said owes her life to the machine. She's the first person to successfully undergo have a re-transplant - a second one - using the machine which could soon be in UK hospitals. Helen, from Lancaster, who is engaged to Darryl Flynn, 28, said: "I was running out of time and options and I thought this was it - I’m going to die.

Super-savvy mum, who has been able to give up work after slashing the family food bill to as little £20 a MONTH - by only eating discounted food and ROAD KILL

***EXCLUSIVE*** Aura Ansbro, 33, left her full time marketing job three years ago to be a full time mum to Wilf, three. But in a bid to cope with the drop in income long term, her and husband Max, 37, an engineer, totally overhauled their spending. They slashed their £280 monthly Waitrose bill to just £80, by taking it in turns to scour the reduced sections of FIVE supermarkets near their house - every night. While the other parent puts their son to bed, one buys food which is 80% or 90% discounted, for as little as a few pennies per item. The family scour reduced sections at least four to five times a week and they buy all their fruit, veg, meat, fish and cheese from there. Laura also buy treats like crumpets and hot cross buns from reduced sections and they forage in the fields near their Sailsbury home for wild spinach and blackberries.

A five-year-old boy who battles a rare cancer has completed a successful round of chemotherapy, his delighted parents have revealed

***EXCLUSIVE*** Earlier this month more than 5,000 people queued for hours in the rain to help save Oscar Saxelby-Lee following a desperate plea from his parents. The youngster is in a race against time to find a life-saving cell donor after he was diagnosed with a rare cancer. His parents became concerned when severe bruising turned out to be T-cell acute lymphoblastic leukaemia last year. Doctors say the youngster has only three months to find a stem-cell match. In order for any stem cell transplant to work, doctors need to kill enough leukaemia cells in Oscar’s body. His parents revealed Oscar was „responding well” to chemotherapy which drastically improves his chances of surviving should a cell match be found.

A premature baby born weighing just 1lb 10oz has defied the odds to celebrate her first birthday - despite being so small she was kept alive in a SANDWICH BAG

***EXCLUSIVE*** Miracle tot Amina was so tiny and fragile when she was born 16 weeks early that medics had to improvise by placing her in clear plastic sandwich bag - which mimicked her mother's womb - to keep her warm. She had an open valve in her heart that wasn't closing and a bleed on the brain, but after spending 76 days in hospital, the little girl was able to go home to Chicago, Illinois, US, with her loving parents. Mum Taylor Dobson, 24, a beautician, said: "We thought Amina might not make it, so to be here celebrating her first birthday is so special and we feel so lucky. "When she was born, it was a terrifying time. She was so tiny. "She's been through so much - she's our little miracle." Amina was born at 24 weeks and four days on 23rd February 2018 after an emergency c-section.

Huge donkey in British sanctuary set to become world’s biggest at 5ft 7in

***EXCLUSIVE*** The enormous young animal called Derrick is a staggering 16.3 Hands (5ft 7ins) tall - and is still growing. Whopping Derrick is an American Mammoth Jackstock - the largest breed in the world. The current record is held by Romulus in the Texas, USA, who measures 17 Hands - (5ft 8ins). Derrick is now just an inch short but his owners say he will easily become a world record holder for biggest donkey. The donkey lives at Radcliffe Donkey Sanctuary, Lincolnshire.

Boy who was told he had just 18 months to live after being diagnosed with terminal brain cancer at the age of 10 is now on the road to recovery after doctors got it WRONG

***EXCLUSIVE*** Boy was diagnosed with a brain tumour in 2014 and underwent a painstaking 11 hour surgery to successfully remove the golf ball-sized growth. Daniel Morton was told he had terminal cancer aged 10 is miraculously on the road to recovery five years later - after it emerged he was misdiagnosed. But ten days later doctors gave his family the earth-shattering news the tumour had developed into stage four brain cancer and that he had 18 months to live.

A mum who tattoos 3D nipples on breast cancer survivors says she was banned from her own business page on Facebook - after being accused of posting images of a 'sexual nature'

***EXCLUSIVE*** Lucy Thompson, 29, 'changes women's lives' by offering the 'empowering' treatment to cover-up the scars left behind by mastectomy surgery. The tattoo artist, who set up the business in February this year, advertises her paid for services on the social media platform to reach out to women she could help. But, after posting a photograph of a 3D nipple tattoo on her business page, Yorkshire Mastectomy Tattoo, single mother-of-one Lucy claims she was blocked by the social media giant without warning.

Meet the 16-year-old currency trader who has turned £150 into more than £60,000 in less than a year - with tips he learned on YouTube

***EXCLUSIVE*** Edward Ricketts was just 16 when he spotted a Foreign Exchange Market trader boasting on Instagram about how much money he was making. In awe of his flash cars and designer clothes, college student Edward asked him for tips - and was told without formal training he'd never succeed. Proving him wrong, Edward spent hours watching YouTube videos on how to make money by buying, exchanging and sell global currencies online for a profit. And in eight months he's turned £150 - he made by handing out leaflets in a train station - into £63,000, by monitoring the money markets between college classes. Edward, from Tottenham, London, believes he is the UK's youngest Forex trader - and says he doesn't know any traders his age who are making serious money.

Poignant Titanic ring emerges at auction

***EXCLUSIVE*** An engagement ring given by the man who designed the Titanic to his fiancée is being sold by his family 107 years later. Shipbuilder Thomas Andrews tried in vain to have enough lifeboats for all passengers and crew on board the doomed liner but was overruled. His widow's engagement ring is going up for auction for the first time alongside a previously unpublished letter which describes his "brave" and "unselfish" actions as the ship sank. The letter was written by a relative to Andrews' grief-stricken mother Lizzie and includes an account from stewardess Mary Sloan, who survived the disaster after Andrews put her in a lifeboat.

Man builds mini trolleybus in his shed

***EXCLUSIVE*** A pensioner has paid homage to the humble trolleybus by converting a mobility scooter into one of the vintage vehicles. Keith Burbidge, a 77-year-old retired bus driver, decided to mark the 50th anniversary of the last electric bus to travel in his hometown by creating a miniature version of one. Keith used an electric buggy as the base for his wacky invention and created the superstructure from discarded aluminium. He also installed two seats, one behind the other, and 30 perspex windows. He and wife Carol now drive the 5mph bus around Bournemouth, Dorset.

Buy your own Game of Thrones style estate

***EXCLUSIVE*** Game of Thrones fans will want to snap up this 17th century ruin before winter comes. A derelict Scottish house with a history that would make a fitting storyline in the popular HBO fantasy series has gone on the market for Ł475,000. The property, which comes with more than 400 acres of coastal farmland, is on the Isle of Skye which is set to be a filming location later this year for the Game of Thrones prequel The Long Night. Unish House, which is a roofless stone structure, is said to be the earliest domestic building on the Hebridean island and the land has a history of clan feuds worthy of a Game of Thrones plot.

A man who almost died in a horrific accident has transformed his body and now looks like Daniel Craig as James Bond in Casino Royale

***EXCLUSIVE*** Over since he was a young boy, 37-year-old Chris Arpino always dreamed of getting rock-solid abs and wanted to look like his hero - James Bond. But disaster struck when Chris was 27, a pile of timber fell on him and nearly cut him in half - leaving him fearing for his life. Now, thanks to a strict exercise regime and dieting plan, Chris has achieved his goal and looks just like Daniel Craig in the iconic beach scene in Casino Royale. Chris, from Truro, Cornwall, runs his own business, W Spencer Interiors and Bespoke Cabinet Makers, an interior design and furniture company. It was at work that Chris had his accident, as he went to pull out a sheet of wood and was crushed by falling timber.

Super-rare 'Gun shield' from Henry VIII th discovered

***EXCLUSIVE*** An incredibly rare Tudor shield which has direct links to Henry VIII and his elite bodyguard has emerged for sale for Ł50,000. The historic 'gun shield' dates back to the 16th century and were thought to be used by Henry's personal bodyguard. An inventory of his armoury made shortly after his death lists only 35 of these specially designed defensive weapons that a matchlock pistol could be fired from. They have a specially designed hole in the centre that would have been used to poke the newly invented matchlock pistol through.

Jay Kay's Mini 'Bar' for sale

***EXCLUSIVE*** A 'funky' Mini Cooper that comes complete with its own disco ball and drinks bar is to be sold at auction by Jamiroquai singer Jay Kay. Affectionately nicknamed 'Chuckles' by the star, the Cooper Sport has been given a complete overhaul and is now completely unique. It has been fitted with plush velvet curtains and a bespoke red leather interior to go with a multicoloured disco light located on the cabin ceiling.

Edward IV hat pin discovered

***EXCLUSIVE*** A metal detectorist has unearthed a gold hat pin that may have links to King Edward IV and is worth Ł15,000. Lisa Grace spotted the Medieval jewel while searching a recently-ploughed field in Lincolnshire. It is believed the pin is linked to royalty as Edward IV and his circle wore strikingly similar pieces in the 15th century. The jewel is now being sold by Duke's Auctioneers.

Last letter from Titanic victim

***EXCLUSIVE*** A fateful letter from a Titanic steward telling his wife she 'needn't worry' about him has emerged for sale for Ł18,000. Tragic Richard Geddes tried to reassure wife Sally by informing her the doomed liner was 'better and steadier' than any ship he had known. He also hoped the crew would be 'luckier' on Titanic's next trip following an ominous near-miss with another ship when it left Southampton for its ill-fated maiden voyage.

Wacky Races - Young giraffe beats zebra in a spring race

***EXCLUSIVE*** A young giraffe and a zebra at Longleat Safari Park engaged in their own version of the wacky races - a clear signal spring is definitely on its way. The pair were spotted making the most of the sunshine as they hurtled around the Wiltshire wildlife attraction’s 60-acre reserve; much to the delight of visitors who witnessed their high jinks. Fifteen month old Rothschild male giraffe, Rudy, and male Grant’s zebra, Iebe, competed in the frantic runabout as the other members of their herds looked on with bemusement. “It was quite a sight to see them galloping across the reserve,” said keeper Ian Turner, who captured their antics on camera.

Stunning Cornish seaside property comes to market

***EXCLUSIVE*** A spectacular Cornish coastal house with breathtaking panoramic views out to sea is on the market for Ł1.75m. Seaways is positioned on the hill overlooking the quaint fishing village of Polperro, where the owners can watch the boats come in and catch the sun all day. It was once the home of Doctor Zhivago actress Rita Tushingham, but has beeen completely renovated and updated by the current owners, who have added a swimming pool and hot tub. Estate agents Lillicrap Chilcott say no expense has been spared on the refurbishment and Seaways is the"best house in Polperro".

New book reveals heroic animal 'VC's'

***EXCLUSIVE*** The remarkable stories of the 71 heroic animals who have received the pet equivalent of the Victoria Cross are told in a new book. They include a dog who dragged his drowning handler to safety in a torrent of shells and machine gun fire and a carrier pigeon which flew 120 miles to raise the alarm for a bomber crew who had crashed into the sea. Their courageous acts, and others involving dogs, cats, pigeons and horses, feature in history teacher Philip Hawthorne's book, The Animal Victoria Cross: The Dickin Medal.

A pair of great crested grebes put on a dramatic display as they battle in a loch

***EXCLUSIVE***The territorial birds fight to defend their space and mating partners. Photographer Jeff Brown captured the moment one of the male birds flew to the defence of its turf in Linlithgow Loch, Scotland. The retired college lecturer, from Musselburgh, Scotland, said the birds become aggressive at this time of year.