Ha nem jelenik meg rendesen kattintson ide!

Couple, aged 94 and 95, celebrate their 75th anniversary by renewing their wedding vows in the same church where they tied the knot

***EXCLUSIVE*** A besotted elderly couple aged in their 90s have returned to a church to renew their vows on their diamond anniversary - 75 YEARS after they tied the knot. Jim Richardson, 95, and wife Irene, 94, who met at a village dance, wed on April 12 1994 aged 20 and 19 during the midst of the second world war. The retired farming pair - who are believed to be one of the longest married couples in Lancashire - have since had four children and spent 75 years happily together. However, Jim always regretted that he had never thanked his late mother during his original groom’s speech and wanted to walk out to 'the wedding march' - so granddaughter Sandra Taylor planned the celebration.

Drunk woman left with £300 bill after accidentally ordering Uber to Newcastle

***EXCLUSIVE*** Drunk woman in London left with £300 bill after forgetting to change her home Uber setting - and ordering a cab to NEWCASTLE. Helen Dryden, 25, had enjoyed a boozy day with friends in the capital when she used her app to hail a cab - which she wanted to take her to her house in Guildford. But Helen forgot that her home Uber setting was an address in Newcastle where she went to university. She then fell asleep in the back of the cab and when she woke up an hour later she was 60 miles north - in Milton Keynes. Red-faced Helen explained her mistake and the cabbie did a U-turn and took her 75 miles back. The whole trip ending up costing her £275. Helen said: "I couldn't believe it. The whole day ended up costing me about £400.

Cancer survivor, 70, is ordered to repaint her pink front door after 33 years when one of her neighbours complains

***EXCLUSIVE*** A cancer survivor was ordered to repaint her pink front door after 33 years when a mystery neighbour complained to the council. Janine Renshaw-Beauchamp, 70, has lived in a listed property in Cirencester for three decades and says she has nearly always had the door painted bright pink. She painted it when she moved in and has had it that way ever since, apart from a two-year period when she changed it to red for Christmas. But recently a letter from Cotswold District Council ordered her to paint it a more 'neutral' colour because it was 'causing harm to the conservation area'. Ms Renshaw-Beauchamp, a divorced administrator, was diagnosed with cancer in 2015, when she says the door became a 'sod off' to the disease. 

A new eco-friendly loo roll is giving people the real feel-good factor which is "seriously soft" and made with 100 per cent forest friendly bamboo

***EXCLUSIVE*** Who Gives A Crap claim their bamboo toilet paper is "like wiping with clouds" yet the premium rolls are also vegan and made without harming a single tree. Other bamboo products include tissues and kitchen roll, which are blended together with sugarcane fibres, and 50 per cent of profits are donated to building toilets across the globe. The company website is bursting with witty toilet jokes encouraging people to "stop wiping with trees" and "do good with their bum."

Locals compete in Pie Scrambling and Bottle Kicking between two Leicestershire villages in Easter Monday tradition dating back 1,000 years

Locals in two different villages competed to get a wooden beer cask across each other's boundary line in an Easter Monday tradition. The tradition of 'bottle-kicking' takes place every Easter Monday in the village of Hallaton, Leicestershire and dates back hundreds of years. Residents in the villages of Hallaton and Medbourne went against each other in the traditional event, which some claim could have links to Pagan times 1,000 years ago. The event is split between the ball game held later in the afternoon, and the scramble with the hare pie thrown into the crowd. It reportedly first started when a local vicar gave the Hallaton poor pie and beer every Easter Monday, which Medbourne residents took.

Soft knocked and hard glued: Lace shoes

Bavaria, München: For professional dancers, individually adapted lace shoes are part of their workwear, which they wear daily through many hours of training, rehearsals and performance. Up to eight pairs a professional dancer wears out - per month. At the Bavarian State Ballet in Munich, there is therefore a special position as top shoe manager.

Pensioner couple are at war with their neighbour over his 'out of control' 40ft leylandii hedge that has left their home of 26 years 'in almost constant darkness'

***EXCLUSIVE*** A frustrated pensioner says her neighbour’s plant has grown „out of control” and has had to pay £200 for it to be trimmed down. Maggie Orgee, 65, has been living at her property in Aconbury Close, Worcester, for 26 years and says her neighbour's leylandii has been an ongoing problem for over 10 years. Mrs Orgee said: „It is really bad - the tree has grown out of control. I can’t stand it.” Mrs Orgee claims the plant has grown so tall it has blocked sunlight from entering her house.