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The twins that were cut in half

UTAH: Formerly conjoined twins have started a YouTube channel to highlight their different personalities and say they are glad they were separated. Twin sisters Kendra and Maliyah Herrin share an even closer bond than most: the sisters, from Salt Lake City, Utah, were born fused together at the torso, sharing an abdomen, pelvis, liver, kidney, large intestine and two legs. Kendra and Maliyah remained conjoined until they turned four-years-old, when their parents made the difficult decision to separate them. Now 17-years-old, the Herrin sisters live with one leg each and say they are so thankful to their parents for deciding to go through with the surgery. Maliyah and Kendra may be identical twins but they have different personalities and their YouTube channel has been the perfect place to let their different characters shine.

‘Ethical taxidermist’ only stuffs roadkill as she doesn’t want animals to die for her hobby

***EXCLUSIVE*** MISSISSIPPI, USA: This beauty school dropout who preferred to work on DEAD ANIMALS than live people became an ethical taxidermist, but she admits that people are still surprised to see a FEMALE taxidermist. Owner of Bunny Lace Taxidermy, Meghan Cunningham (38) from Mississippi, USA, once worked in the beauty industry but after seeing a taxidermy tutorial she became more interested in creating looks for animals rather than people. In 2012, while at beauty school, Meghan saw a tutorial for taxidermy, and she became intrigued by the art. However, Meghan wanted to find ways to ethically source her animals because she didn’t want animals to die for her hobby. Having always had a creative background, the appeal of taxidermy lay in the sculpting opportunities. So, Meghan left beauty school and began sourcing dead wildlife to begin her new hobby. The first dead animals Meghan found were roadkill, which she still uses frequently. Meghan’s home, which she shares with her husband Bryan, is located near a farm and any casualties are donated to her. Unlike traditional taxidermists, Meghan doesn’t mount trophy animals, preferring to mount rabbits, squirrels, house cats, possums and bobcats. Meghan estimates that she has mounted over 700 animals, with each one taking approximately two-and-a-half weeks to complete. Through her work, Meghan tries to honour the life of every animal she transforms and to bring happiness to it by creating colourful sets and costumes.

Artist creates unique works by taking painted prints of VAGINAS -- and finds his models on Tinder

***EXCLUSIVE*** Davide Di Votti, 34, wanted to create shocking art that also spread a positive message about inclusivity and equality. He said he "had the idea of painting vaginas and making prints" and set up a profile on Tinder asking for models for body painting art. The professional theatre critic found six models who were willing to let him paint their bits and take prints.

Ballet recitals, tea parties and being waited on hand and foot: Inside the luxury 1950s London hotel that catered exclusively for CHILDREN

***EXCLUSIVE*** Amusing images show the children of well-heeled 1950’s Londoners being waited on hand and foot by the staff of one of the capitals most luxurious hotel EXCLUSIVELY for child guests. In scenes that would raise eye-brows today, photographs show the child guests dropped off by their parents, then dining and playing together inside at the Panda Hotel for Children in Sussex Square which had a staff devoted entirely to look after young guests under the age of 10. Other striking shots show a young guest in awe as he arrives at the hotel, other child guests being put to bed and a group of boys playing outside. Maids, nannies, footmen and even what appears to be a butler all look to be attending the every need of the lucky children. The remarkable black and white photographs were taken in 1952 by famed photographer George Douglas during a trip to the hotel.

Woman, 29, has leg amputated after cancer weakened it so much that it broke stepping off a bus

***EXCLUSIVE*** BIRMINGHAM, UK: This inspiring woman was diagnosed with cancer at just SEVENTEEN after her leg BROKE while she was GETTING OFF THE BUS and was left terrified after doctors told her family to ‘SAY THEIR GOODBYES’ until a leg amputation saved her life and she now dreams of becoming a Paralympian. Head of interiors Josephine Bridges (29) from Birmingham, UK, was diagnosed with stage three osteosarcoma at the age of only 17-years-old, requiring intensive treatment before turning her life around and having the leg amputated in 2018. In 2007 Josephine had scans taken which showed hotspots on her leg, leading doctors to the cancer diagnosis. The illness had significantly weakened Josephine’s left leg, so when she was stepping off the bus at college her leg broke underneath her weight. Doctors told Josephine and her family that her cancer was terminal and warned them to say their goodbyes soon. However, Josephine fought for treatment, including chemotherapy and leg salvage surgery, despite the doctors’ reluctance to operate on a terminal patient. Leg salvage surgery involved removing the infected bone and muscles in the leg and replacing it with a false knee and tibia, but infection following the surgery led to five more surgeries. Josephine required many revisions of her leg, especially when her kneecap dislodged and travelled up her leg. Josephine had her leg amputated on October 4, 2018, and during her journey she decided that she wants to show other amputees that there are many opportunities out there, and her goal is to become a Paralympian in paracanoeing. Josephine received her prosthetic leg in November 2018 and soon began physiotherapy to learn to walk again, and has since celebrated her progress by kayaking, as she hopes to further her dream this year.

Hairy is beautiful! Stunning portraits of women with unshaven armpits by photographer shows how body hair can be beautiful

***EXCLUSIVE*** These are the stunning portraits of women with unshaven armpits which show that body hair can be beautiful. London-based photographer, Ben Hopper captured dozens of „hairy” women in his Hackney studio for his project entitled „Natural Beauty”. And these striking images - most of them taken between 2016 and 2018 - prove that women don’t need to conform to society’s expectations of hair removal to be attractive. Hopper’s project champions the natural look on women and challenges the modern-day ideals of beauty by showcasing a series of gorgeous women proudly bearing armpit hair.

This adventurous little Jack Russell loves nothing more than the feel of the wind in her fur as she travels on her owner’s Triumph motorbike - dressed in a dinky denim biker jacket

***EXCLUSIVE*** Cookie, who will turn one year old next month, belongs to avid motorbike enthusiast Dave Hall, 40, and his partner Deborah O’Neill, 29. With their other dog, Mojo, an Northern Inuit, getting a bit elderly the couple decided that if they were to get another dog, it would need to be a smaller breed - so opted for a Jack Russell. The couple, who met through their love of motorbikes and soon discovered they shared a love of dogs too, never imagined at the time that their pooch would soon be whizzing round Scotland on the back of Dave’s Triumph Rocket 3, with a 2300 CC engine.

A woman is training to be a top MMA fighter despite wearing a stoma bag

***EXCLUSIVE*** Kharina Kharran trains six times per week for a series of martial arts including cage fighting, despite having a colostomy bag permanently attached to her stomach. The 41-year-old became involved in martial arts at the tender age of nine after being inspired by Bruce Lee movies. But two years later, her dreams of becoming an MMA fighter were put on hold when she began battling with her health and was diagnosed with Crohn's Disease.

Woman, 34, who was violently abused by her stepdad as a child and piled on weight while using food for comfort reveals how she lost 115LBS so that she could fulfill her dream of being a mom

***EXCLUSIVE*** This mum-of-two became overweight after experiencing abuse as a child, but this all changed when she met the love of her life, overhauled her diet and dropped SEVEN DRESS SIZES. Growing up, weight loss coach, Shandra Redwine (34) from Michigan, USA, was physically and psychologically abused by her stepfather between the ages of four and 13. He would hit her and made her feel worthless. The traumatising experience lead to her indulging in food for years which increased her weight to 18st 8Ib and a UK size 26. It wasn’t until Shandra was 13 that he was arrested for domestic and child abuse after a stranger saw him hit her in the face outside their house. Despite him being out of her life after her mum divorced him, the emotional ordeal she went through didn’t stop her from binging on food. She met engineer and the love of her life, Gerald (39), when she was 16-years-old and they got married in 2011. A few years later, they both agreed they wanted to try to have children, as they were in their late twenties. This is when she stepped on the scales and this was a wakeup call for her. She wanted to lose weight to improve her health to be the best mum for their future children and after taking up running and changing her diet, she shrunk down to a healthy 10st 4Ib and a UK size 12. In 2014 they welcomed their first child, Brecken (4) and two years later they had another son, Hendrick (2). She has since taken back her confidence her stepfather had stolen from her and couldn’t be happier as a wife and mum-of-two. They all go out for walks together, running and exploring.

Bright-eyed and bushy-tailed: Alpaka trekking

***EXCLUSIVE*** Big eyed, cute and fluffy, alpacas and llamas escort visitors on a trekking expedition in Emstek in Lower Saxony, Germany.  The farm "Herzog-Alpakas" offers photo shoots, wool products as well as hikes with the so-called New World Camellias originating from Latin America. 

Tudor house hunting! 16th century Surrey three-bed lodge visited by Henry VIII during stag shoots hits the market for £850,000

***EXCLUSIVE*** Live like a king in this £850k three-bedroom converted lodge that was once a favourite haunt of King Henry VIII on his hunting tours. Incredible images show the historic lodge, which dates back to 1540, from the outside with its redbrick exterior and large windows overlooking extensive gardens. Other stunning shots show the modern kitchen, cosy living areas and comfortable bedrooms. Old Hextails is located in Bletchingly, Surrey and is currently listed by Unique Property Company for £850k.

In hospitals of eastern Ukraine, the warriors of health

More than 50,000 people live in the industrial town of Roubijne. A population impoverished by a permanent economic depression, and bruised by the conflict that has persisted since 2014. Clashes between Ukrainian troops and pro-Russian and Russian separatist forces have already claimed more than 10,300 lives, according to the UN. The front line is less than 60 kilometers south of the city. Several thousand displaced people have taken refuge in the city. A destitute population in dire need of care that adds to the burden of the hospital. More than 50,000 people live in the industrial town of Roubijne. A population impoverished by a permanent economic depression, and bruised by the conflict that has persisted since 2014. Clashes between Ukrainian troops and pro-Russian and Russian separatist forces have already claimed more than 10,300 lives, according to the UN. The front line is less than 60 kilometers south of the city. Several thousand displaced people have taken refuge in the city. A destitute population in dire need of care that adds to the burden of the hospital.

A photographer caught this great moment of a zebra "bursting into a fit of laughter"

***EXCLUSIVE*** Caron Steele and her husband were documenting the great migration in Masai Mara, Kenya in which thousands of zebra trek almost 2,000 miles. Caron, 54 from Worcestershire, then spotted the zebra grinning and had to get a picture.