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550lb beautician launches plus-size new salon and nightclub

***EXCLUSIVE*** VIDEO AVAILABLE, LAS VEGAS, NV: The owner of a plus-sized beauty salon was forced to relocate her business after a „hate campaign.” Jamie Lopez, 33, opened Babydoll Beauty Couture in Las Vegas in 2017 vowing to make it a safe haven for larger ladies. But she says she soon faced a backlash, including constant malicious phone calls, thefts, vandalism and even faeces smeared on the windows. But now Jamie is having the last laugh after opening an even BIGGER salon closer to the strip. And she has even taken over the reins at a nightclub specifically for Big Beautiful Women. As part of the grand opening of her new salon, she gave a free makeover and nightclub passes customers, including Annalicia Panackia, 23.

Brave cancer patients who felt 'unrepresented' by 'glossy' awareness campaigns reveal their scars to show the public the 'real face' of the disease

***EXCLUSIVE*** HERTFORDSHIRE, UK: After a disastrous marketing campaign ENRAGED cancer patients across the UK, one determined blogger planned a photo shoot in just FOUR DAYS, bringing cancer patients from all over to show the reality of cancer as they embraced their scars, insisting that glossy, CELEBRITY-ENDORSED campaigns don‚Äôt raise awareness for cancer. Vicky Saynor (43) from Hertfordshire, UK, questioned the representation of cancer patients in marketing campaigns which portray glossy models who are far removed from the reality of cancer, after the latest campaign by Fashion Against Breast Cancer called on women to show solidarity to beat breast cancer, with the hashtag #Bosombuddies trending online. Alongside the hashtag, the campaign‚Äôs tagline ‚Äėtwo is better than one‚Äô attempts to highlight the importance of support and solidarity. However, this campaign has drawn criticism for its insensitivity to what people going through cancer experience, such as having one or both breasts removed. The campaign was released on April 10, 2019 and is being promoted by high street retailers such as Marks and Spencer and River Island. Vicky was diagnosed with grade 3 stage 1 breast cancer in November 2018 and underwent surgery just days before Christmas to remove the cancer. On December 31, 2018, Vicky began sharing her experience on @gammy_tit, allowing her to show the reality of cancer and connect with others. Inspired by her want for cancer patients to be correctly represented in the media, Vicky started her own movement, aptly named True Cancer Bodies. Within three days, Vicky recruited 38 men and women, who have all been diagnosed with cancer, to gather for a photo shoot. Participants ranged from 26 to 57 years old, encompassing numerous cancers.

Fabulous Faberge - Parasol handle sells for £75,000

***EXCLUSIVE*** An elaborate gold and enamel umbrella handle made by iconic Russian jewellers Faberge has sold for £75,000 at auction, nearly eight times its estimate. The intricate parasol handle was made by one of Faberge's most important workmasters, Michael Perchin, and is set with diamonds and rubies. It had an estimate of £10,000, but was bought for much more than was expected to a private collector in the room at Woolley & Wallis auctioneers in Salisbury. Perchin became the leading workmaster in the House of Faberge in 1886 and remained so until his death in 1903. During this time he made a number of important commissions, including some of the Imperial Easter eggs, and his time as head workmaster is generally considered to be the most artistically innovative. The handle has three trellis panels set with rose-cut diamonds, each centred with cabochon rubies within green enamel laurels and further rose-cut diamond borders.

Model, 21, was in the shape of his life when his sore throat turned out to be leukemia

***EXCLUSIVE*** INDIANA, USA: This gym enthusiast was in the shape of his life before a sore throat turned out to be LEUKAEMIA and his body nearly shut down, going from working out DAILY to being confined to a HOSPITAL BED and then having to learn to walk again. Student William Yank (21) from Indiana, USA, was the picture of health as he woke up at five am every morning to work out at the gym, transforming his lean six-foot-seven frame into a more muscular shape. After the gym, William would focus on studying throughout the day, followed by extracurricular activities, such as track running. William’s regimented lifestyle enabled him to grow stronger and fitter, with his health becoming his main priority. In 2016, William started modelling and had photographers reach out to him before later signing with an agency. However, in June 2018, William started experiencing a sore throat, and after a few days he decided to get it checked out. A doctor at urgent care said it was just glandular fever, or mono as it’s also known. William’s roommate could see that his condition was getting worse and insisted that he go to the hospital for a second opinion. Within hours of arriving at the hospital, William was diagnosed with septic shock, organ failure and acute lymphoblastic leukaemia (ALL). The diagnosis was much to William’s shock as he was in such great physical shape and couldn’t believe that after years of looking after himself, his body was now shutting down. The next month was spent confined to a hospital bed, as William fought for his life. When William first caught sight of himself in the mirror, he couldn’t even recognise his own body and cried at what he saw. William went from 13st 2lb of muscle to just 10st 7lb as he watched his body morphing before his eyes.

Drink two glasses of wine per day and end your meal with an espresso to close your appetite!

***EXCLUSIVE*** Wendy Narby, 58, is one of those women we love to envy.  As a wine educator, Wendy manages to stay a slim size-10 whilst regularly attending delicious lunches and dinners as well as exquisite wine tastings. In a single working day, the mum-of-three from Leamington Spa, Warwick can easily taste as many as twenty wines and her Instagram feed is filled with photos of the rich food and wine she indulges in. How does she do it? Wendy has answered this burning question in her new book ÔThe Drinking WomanÕs Diet: A Liver Friendly Lifestyle GuideÕ. In her fascinating book, Wendy reveals her simple tricks for staying in shape without giving up wonderful wine and fine food. Her tips include drinking two glasses of wine five days per week, finishing a meal with an espresso to close your appetite and doing a 10-hour mini daily fast to give your body a break. Wendy was inspired to pen her lifestyle guide after a client asked her how she managed to watch her waistline when she drank for a living.

Excited squirrels poke their heads through a hole in a tree

***EXCLUSIVE*** An adorable family of squirrels squeeze through a tiny treehole in this incredible snap. Hiroshi Takeda from Tokyo, Japan who took the photo, said: "Squirrels are my favourite animals, whenever I see them they are always playing across the trees. "I have photographed them many times but this was definitely the best one." Hiroshi was getting a little worried that the squirrels may have got themselves in too tight a spot: "The whole family were squeezing way too far, I was worried they could have got stuck."

Haunting portraits of male patients at London asylum provide rare insight into men’s mental health in the early 20th century

***EXCLUSIVE*** A suicidal vicar who was sent to a psychiatric hospital after he declared his whole life had been a mistake and that he been wrongly ordained. A 50-year-old male who was institutionalized because who believed that he was an APOSTLE. A delusional man who said that he had bought the asylum that he was committed in. These are the haunting portraits of male patients who were committed to lunatic asylum, Croydon Mental Hospital in South London between 1906 and 1907. The images offer a rare insight into menÕs mental health in the early twentieth century.

Luxury four-bed flat near The Mall hits market for £22.5m - and new owner will be neighbours with Charles and Camilla

***EXCLUSIVE*** A luxury flat that counts the Queen and Prince Philip as neighbours has gone on the market for £22.5million. The swanky four-bed apartment is within a Grade II* listed building overlooking The Mall and is next door to St James's Palace and just a few hundred yards from Buckingham Palace. St James's House was built in 1904 to house the Alliance Assurance Company, which provided insurance cover for aristocrats. The office building fell into a state of disrepair before developers the Carlyle Group bought it from the Crown Estate for £36.5million in 2012. They converted the four-storey building into eight grand apartments. The apartment now for sale, called The Clarence, has had no expense spared on its design, which includes marble flooring, bespoke furnishings and hand-painted wallpapers. Estate agents Strutt & Parker say the property is superbly located in the heart of London's most prestigious and historic district and its proximity to royalty makes it unique, with Charles and Camilla nearby in Clarence House.

Stairway to Heaven - Bournemouth seaside property

***EXCLUSIVE*** A luxury seaside property that offers private access to a stunning seven mile beach has emerged for sale for Ł3.5. Cliff House, in Branksome Chime, Dorset sits at the top of a secluded path running all the way down to the stunning sandy shore. The four-bed home is so close that the owners can 'hear the waves' crashing into the land from the comfort of their bedrooms.

Dicing with death

***EXCLUSIVE*** 3 girls pose for a very risky picture over 100ft above the beach at Durdle Door on the Dorset coast this week. A teenage girl sits with her legs hanging over the cliff edge high above the beach near Durdle Door in Dorset with one of her friends leaning in behind her to pose for a photo as another girl takes a picture of them on a phone.