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Bride-to-be, 29, was told she had cancer just four months before her dream wedding but beat the disease five days before jetting off on her honeymoon

***EXCLUSIVE*** ST ALBANS, UK: While planning her dream wedding, this BRIDE-TO-BE was told she had CANCER, but she refused to let chemotherapy knock her down as she continued planning her special day – and five days before her honeymoon she was declared cancer free. Personal assistant Louise Smith (29) from St Albans, UK, was planning her dream wedding to her boyfriend of seven years, Oli (31), when she started getting a sore throat in July 2018, which she assumed was simply a cough, however when no other symptoms came, she got it checked. Louise’s GP commented that she was ‘too young for cancer’, so it was probably something minor. She was prescribed antibiotics, but these didn’t do anything to help, and in fact Louise felt the lump in her throat was getting worse. A second visit to the GP resulted in a second antibiotic prescription, which again didn’t improve the situation. Louise was then referred to an ear, nose and throat specialist to look at the lump. The specialist suggested Louise have her tonsils removed so the lump could be biopsied. Within a week, Louise was referred to an oncologist, which started to worry her. One week later, Louise was diagnosed with high-grade Non-Hodgkin lymphoma, affecting the body’s blood cells, on August 28, 2018. Louise’s diagnosis came just three months before her wedding, and her first question was whether that would still be possible. Immediately, Louise started IVF treatment to save some of her eggs before doing six rounds of chemotherapy. Throughout her chemotherapy, Louise continued to plan her wedding and is thankful for the positive distraction it created for her. After her first chemotherapy session, Louise went home and organised the seating plan, preventing her from thinking about treatment. Louise and Oli wed on December 1, 2018 in Shoreditch and Louise even wore a blonde wig for the ceremony before switching to a pink wig for the reception.

Psoriasis sufferer branded ‘pizza face’ by cruel trolls has last laugh after turning to bodybuilding

***EXCLUSIVE*** Meet the nomad who after years of being bullied because of his psoriasis-covered body and called names like ‘pizza face’ by his closest friend is having the last laugh - after finally finding confidence in himself through bodybuilding. Nomad traveller, Lucas Castillo (28), from Maryland, USA, was just 13-years-old when he first noticed a spot appear on his forearm and knew he had psoriasis as his mum has the same condition. Growing up, Lucas ended up losing his confidence due to the stares he received and was bullied by his peers and even his friends began teasing him which lead him to feel shy and depressed. His insecurities opened him up to pursue bodybuilding when he was 23-years-old and he has since embraced his appearance while growing in confidence.

Stargazer's breath-taking image of Rosette Nebula some 5,000 light-years away from Guernsey home is chosen as NASA's 'Astronomy Picture Of The Day'

***EXCLUSIVE*** A retired grandmother has taken a NASA competition-winning picture - from her BACK GARDEN. Jean Dean has a passion for astronomy, in particular deep space, and captured this incredible shot of the Rosette Nebula. She submitted it to NASA's picture of the day competition on their astronomy website, and was shocked when her image was chosen. Although the incredible nebula is 5,000 lightyears away, Jean managed to snap this picture from her back garden in Guernsey.

Woman thrown out of all you can eat buffet for eating 'too much' loses 17 STONE

***EXCLUSIVE*** Meet the woman who was once THROWN OUT of a pizza buffet because the owner said she’d had her ‘fair share’ and who was constantly mistaken for being PREGNANT because of her size – but has since taken control of her weight and lost over SEVENTEEN-STONE claiming she’s lost JEALOUS friends because of it. Program manager, Rachel Hallgren (44) from Folsom, California, USA, barely ever touched fresh fruits or vegetables in over 20 years and was in complete denial about how big she had become as she allowed the pounds to pile on. Her favourite food was instant ramen noodles and she would usually have three packs for lunch per day or a large pasta meal. Rachel never weighed herself at home but was pushed onto the scales during a doctor’s visit in January 2015 where she tipped the scales at over 25st and a dress size 28 (now size eight). Rachel refused that she had a problem with her weight, even though the doctors told her she was the perfect candidate for a gastric band. Every time she went to the doctor she was given a diagnosis that was directly related to her weight, but she refused to accept it. She had plantar fasciitis, which is inflammation of the tendons on the bottom of the feet, she had leg discolouration, high blood pressure and heart palpitations. Rachel was mistaken for being pregnant more than once, refused entry onto the Ferris wheel, told she’d had her ‘fair share’ at a pizza buffet and even her friend’s car had the ‘last laugh’ as it struggled to accommodate her large figure. On March 1, 2015, Rachel found out her grandmother was dying, and she realised she had no control over anything. From that moment she decided she needed to make a change and by the time her grandmother passed away a month later, she had already lost 1st 7lb and was determined to keep going. Over 18 months she lost 12.5st and has managed to stay at 12.5st ever since.

Poignant moment a father-of-two, 51, watches charity football match held in his honour from his deathbed after being diagnosed with terminal cancer and given just weeks to live

***EXCLUSIVE*** Mark Taplin (51), who was brought up in Evesham and lives in Northway, Tewkesbury, watched the live feed on YouTube.  He was too ill to attend the match between his work colleagues, at Evesham United Football Club, that raised nearly £5,000 for Cancer Research UK.  But thanks to the game being broadcast live on the internet, he was able to watch it from his bed at home.  Earlier this month, after being off work from the Rybrook BMW dealership in Worcester with stomach ache for eight weeks, Mark was diagnosed with stage four terminal cancer.  He was told it was too late for chemotherapy and was given a matter of weeks to live.  After a discussion with palliative nurses, he has been allowed to spend the rest of his life in the comfort of his own home.

Stampeding bull carrying a rider dressed as a Hindu god tramples worshippers and stamps on a toddler's head as it rages out of control

***EXCLUSIVE*** A man dressed as the Hindu god Lord Shiva rides the nervous bull into a large group of people but is thrown off as it becomes startled and lashes out.  The little girl is trampled by the beast as her mother tries to drag her away.  Nobody was seriously injured in the incident in New Delhi, India but the religious event was called off.

Milkman, 65, writes letter apologising to customers for quitting his round of 50 years after thug beat him with a baseball bat

***EXCLUSIVE*** A poppy-selling milkman who has never missed a shift in 50 YEARS has been forced to retire - after a masked thief beat him up and stole his float. Devastated John Kershaw, 65, should be celebrating half a century in the trade this year but has now quit after he was battered with a baseball bat. He was pulled out of his van and attacked midway through his morning round on Easter Monday. The granddad-of-four was rushed to hospital where he was treated for intense bruising to his face and body. John had another van three months ago and has decided to cut short his fifty years delivering milk which he would have celebrated in August. He and wife Jill, 64, decided to hand-write to his 200 customers explaining his retirement.

A set of 21 stunning hand-painted Victorian tiles depicting nursery rhymes on the wall of a former children's hospital ward have been saved by residents

***EXCLUSIVE*** The hospital wanted to remove the gorgeous grade II-listed panels from the Victoria Ward to give them to a museum but the council rejected permission. The tiles show well-loved scenes from tales such as Cinderella, Dick Whittington and his Cat and Hey Diddle Diddle the Cat and the Fiddle.

Chilli farm

***EXCLUSIVE*** Millions of chilli peppers form a sea of red as workers tend to them under the hot sun. The chillies can be seen spread out across the ground at the farm as dozens of workers carefully sort through their crop. The fruit is spread out as it undergoes the important drying process. Aerial photographs of the farm in Bogura, Bangladesh, show a pretty sea of red as the farmers pick the chillies and place them in bowls.