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The $1 million Brazilian Ken Doll

***EXCLUSIVE*** VIDEO AVAILABLE VITORIA, BRAZIL: A Brazilian model has spent over $1 million on achieving his „human doll” look. With his pearly white smile, perfect physique, blond hair and ice blue eyes, Maurício Galdi looks like a real-life Barbie’s boyfriend Ken. Brazilian-born Maurício had his first plastic surgery at the age of 16 and since then underwent more than 11 plastic surgeries and multiple cosmetic procedures, including silicone implants into his arms, chest and his bum and a high-risk permanent eye colour change procedure. The 30-year-old admits that his looks have helped him to gain fame and become a TV and social media personality. Brazilian human Ken says he is happy with his looks now but he is planning on getting further non-surgical procedures in the near future.

Former bikini model reveals how she finally found balance after battling depression and binge-eating during her first pregnancy

***EXCLUSIVE*** PERTH, AUSTRALIA: This mum of two and former bikini model admits to eating chocolate and ice cream EVERYDAY since embracing her post-baby body and is encouraging other mums to do the same after sharing her body pictures online - even though at one point she considered SURGERY to get her body back. Before falling pregnant in 2014, fitness coach and workshop facilitator, Lauren Calvin (31), from Perth, Australia, was a bikini competitor who had a regimented attitude towards food and training and would never eat anything that wasn’t ‘clean’. Due to this, Lauren had little knowledge about nutrition or what she needed to fuel herself during pregnancy so when she felt sick and tired she stopped training and found herself binging on packets of crisps and chocolate instead which saw her gain weight quickly. This saw her spiral into a depression which she comforted with food. In May 2014, her son Huckson was born, Lauren had thought that she would snap back into shape like the models she saw on Instagram and when she didn’t contemplated surgery but she started boxfit four-months post-partum and gradually lost weight and got fitter, going from 12st 8lb to 8st 9lb. Lauren and her husband, Louis, sadly suffered a miscarriage in 2017 and she slowly started to gain weight again but after getting a job at a gym, saw her weight decrease. As she lost weight, Lauren noticed that her saggy skin became more visible but instead of hiding it or longing for surgery, she decided to try and normalise it by taking to social media after hearing women body shame themselves at the gym and realising she had been doing the same to herself. When she fell pregnant with her second child, Lenny, at the end of 2017, Lauren feared gaining weight like she had done in her previous pregnancy but knew things would be different with her job and trained when she could and ate when she was hungry. After her pregnancy, Lauren weighed 11st 4lb, but she wasn’t fazed by how she looked, fascinated by how her body had changed in order to bring her two beautiful children into the world. Now, Lauren hopes to inspire other women to love their bodies by sharing real and honest body positive posts on Instagram.

Dancer was born with a hairy birthmark that covers a third of her body - yet it hasn’t stopped her from being proud of her unique feature

***EXCLUSIVE*** A dancer with a hairy birthmark that covers a third of her body has learned to love her unusual feature. Whitney Casal, 26, was born with giant congenital melanocytic nevus, a skin condition where sufferers have a patch of abnormally dark skin which spans at least 15in across. She said: „It’s crossed my mind that maybe I didn’t get a job because of my skin. But this is my body, this is my tool, this is who I am.”

Cross-dressing in the 19th century: Fascinating pictures show gender bending victorians experminting in the opposite sexes clothing

***EXCLUSIVE*** These are the fascinating photographs which reveal how Victorians loved to cross-dress. The recently unearthed collection shows people from the 19th century swapping clothes with the opposite sex, women wearing male uniforms and men wearing dresses. The captivating collection shows a mixture of people experimenting and famous stage performers who amused audiences with their depictions of the opposite sex. ItÕs easy to forget how transgressive cross-dressing was back in the 1800s. Whilst it was acceptable for men to play women on stage, taking it too far was frowned upon. In an era when homosexuality was a crime and piety was in vogue, members of the LGBT community had to be very careful with revealing who they really were.

Art exhibition on Gaza building hit by Israeli strikes

Gaza City, Palestine, 24 April 2019: Palestinian artist Ali Al-Jabali opens his art exhibition titled „Dreamers among the rubble” on the ruins of the Italian tower which was severely damaged by Israeli airstrikes during the 2014 Israel-Gaza conflict. On 26 August 2014 Israeli rockets hit the mixed-use ''Italian complex'', a 15-storey building hosting residential units and commercial offices, during the 2014 Israeli attack on the Gaza Strip.

Extraordinary photos show an incredible storm over Dubai capturing horizontal lightning striking behind some of the world's tallest buildings

***EXCLUSIVE*** The pictures taken yesterday show bolts of lightning igniting the night's sky behind the towering skyline of Dubai's sky scrappers, including the Burj Khalifa. Real estate photographer Zohaib Anjum, 29 who was born in Dubai has been capturing Dubai's storms for eight years and says he's "no longer afraid of them."

Incredible close-up photos reveal everyday objects in extreme detail… so can you guess what they are?

***EXCLUSIVE*** Incredible extreme close-up images have revealed the hidden world that exists on everyday objects. The stunning macro pictures show the tight bristles of a piece of Velcro, the intertwining strands of steel on a steel sponge and the rough edges of a marker tip. Other striking shots show the ridges of a chocolate cookie, the stems growing in black bread mould and the tight packed contents of a cigarette. The remarkable photographs were taken by a photographer known as Pyanek, originally from London, England but living in Buenos Aires, Argentina, as part of his series Amazing Worlds II.

Highlands beauty

***EXCLUSIVE*** Peek inside the ultimate highland getaway after this Scottish stunner went on the market for Ł4.35m. Incredible images show the imposing grey main residence from the outside with well-manicured lawns and a long driveway as well as the other buildings on the property. Other striking shots the welcoming interior with a modern kitchen, cosy living areas and spacious dining area. The seven-bed property is located in Dunkeld, Perthshire, Scotland and is currently listed by Rettie for Ł4.35m.

Nuclear bunker Harnekop

Brandenburg, Prötzel Ot Harnekop: On three floors 30 meters below the ground, the GDR defense minister and his high-ranking commanders wanted to entrench themselves in the event of war. The current owner has assigned the site and the bunker to various leaseholders who are in dispute over the rights of use.