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Miracle survival for twins after doctors warned parents: let one die

***EXCLUSIVE*** Doctors wanted to stop the heart of Lillie in the womb whilst their Nicky was pregnant as they didn't think she would survive. But now aged two she is happy and healthy. Twin girls defied medics’ expectations after their parents were warned one would need to die in the womb for the other to survive - and were described as „wee miracles”. Little Lillie and Lacie Ferguson are now healthy toddlers, aged two, and are meeting their milestones. But when their mum Nicky was pregnant the situation was not so rosy. Nicky, 42, was warned that the unborn babies had a potentially fatal heart condition diagnosed at 16 weeks - and stopping the heart of baby Lillie was the only way for Lacie to survive.

Ice skater whose chronic limp was dismissed as a 'swagger' is diagnosed with hip dysplasia and given a double hip replacement at just 29

***EXCLUSIVE*** ONTARIO, CANADA: This avid skater walked with a LIMP which people thought was her trying to be SWAG until she was later diagnosed with hip dysplasia, requiring a double hip replacement at just THIRTY - but all the available resources only catered to the ELDERLY.  Entrepreneur, Kaitlyn Sharpe (32) from Ontario, Canada was a keen skater since she was young, even representing her country at the age of 17 in a synchronised skating competition, however what no one knew at that point was that Kaitlyn suffered with severe hip dysplasia.  Hip dysplasia refers to the hip socket being too shallow to support the ball of the hip joint, causing the hip to dislocate. Skating maintained Kaitlyn’s flexibility and she built up strength in her legs, which she later learnt was to compensate for the weakness in her hips. Since her teens, Kaitlyn woke up feeling sore and stiff, and even walked with a limp which people thought was her ‘swagger’. Physiotherapists tried to relieve Kaitlyn’s pain but there was never a great improvement. By her mid-twenties, Kaitlyn was forced to give up skating because the pain had grown too much and she could no longer do simple skills, such as a spiral as she couldn’t lift her leg. In 2015, an athletic therapist recommended that Kaitlyn have an X-ray on her hips which located the source of her problems, and Kaitlyn was diagnosed with severe hip dysplasia. After searching for a solution, Kaitlyn was told by a surgeon that her only option was to have a bilateral hip replacement which filled her with fear as she was only 29, but the prospect of walking without pain made her hopeful. In October 2016 Kaitlyn had her right hip replaced as well as a bone graft to create a hip joint as her hips had deteriorated so much. Then in May 2017 her left hip was replaced, complete with another bone graft. Kaitlyn used to joke about feeling elderly, but she was disappointed in the lack of resources available for young people going through hip dysplasia. Now, she makes light of being the youngest person in airport security queues designated for people with metal replacements.

Some of the world's most unexpectedly dangerous and endangered animals

***EXCLUSIVE*** Stunning pictures of some of the world’s most dangerous, surprising and endangered cold blooded animals have been showcased in a new book. The incredible images show the bright eyes of an albino alligator, the well camouflaged Satanic Leaf-Tailed Gecko and the luminous underbelly of the Purple Harlequin toad. Other striking shots show the omnivore Western Blue-Tongued Skink lizard, the plant-like Vietnamese mossy frog and a two-headed cornsnake. The remarkable photographs are showcased in world renowned amphibian and reptile photographer Matthijs Kuijpers’ new book, Cold Instinct, which is currently crowdfunding on Kickstarter.

Baby boy left brain damaged after doctors ‘mistook meningitis for chest infection’

***EXCLUSIVE*** Freddie O’Driscoll was taken by ambulance to Good Hope Hospital in Sutton Coldfield with symptoms including vomiting, lethargy and wheezing. He was also grey, had not been drinking fluids and had sunken eyes and had a significantly high temperature. His parents, Rachel Henderson and Tyler O’Driscoll raised concerns with hospital staff that he may have been suffering from meningitis. However, the then 11-month-old was sent home early the following morning. Staff believed he was suffering from a chest infection and gastroenteritis. Freddie, of Hockley, Tamworth, was readmitted to hospital later that day and placed on intravenous antibiotics in the early hours of the following day. However, it was not until more than 12 hours later that he underwent a lumbar puncture to officially diagnose his meningitis. Following discussions with a specialist paediatric consultant at another hospital he was transferred for specialist treatment. He was later diagnosed with brain damage as the result of his meningitis. His condition means that Freddie’s brain is unable to rest, which means he does not sleep which causes behavioural problems. Freddie’s hearing has also been affected and his development is delayed.

Boyhood dreams made real: From missions to Mars to being a racing car driver...

***EXCLUSIVE*** Stunning pictures have revealed the fun children got up to at the annual National Schoolboys Own Exhibition from the 1930s to 60s. Incredible images show screen star Mickey Rooney surrounded by an eager crowd of schoolboys as he sits at the wheel of the British E.R.A. racing car on show in 1948, eight-year-old Nicholson Boyd of Westminster has a hair raising experience on the Static electricity machine in 1961 and a couple of schoolboys dressed for a ‘trip to Mars’ in 1951. Other striking shots show John Jefferson and Clive Sheridan astride the Photon Jet, the ultimate power unit of space ships in 1959, schoolboys riding go-karts around a miniature indoor track in 1963 and Sir Harry Brittain opening Schoolboys' Exhibition on December 28th 1933. The National Schoolboys Own Exhibition seems to have started in 1927 and ran for a few decades but there’s no record of when it ended.  The exhibition was a place where schoolboys could showcase their skills and learn new ones as many celebrities attended.

Mysterious man seen wearing shed on his head that plays Dubstep and blasts fire

***EXCLUSIVE*** The shed-head man can be seen strolling along a residential street blaring dubstep music and blasting flames while coloured lights add to the look. The incredible headgear was filmed by stunned Edward Jenkins, 35, who captured the incredible scenes while out for a walk with his wife Poppy on Monday evening. He said: "I've just moved in the fabulous St Werberghs community in Bristol and my wife and I took an evening stroll around the area.

Elephants tussel in water

***EXCLUSIVE*** African elephants get in a tangle while playfully tussling in a watering hole. The young adult elephants test their strength against by locking tusks and trunks at Kruger National Park, South Africa. Photographer Lourens Durand, 69, said: "These were part of a large family group of mixed gender, that came down to the dam to drink.

Day of the Jackal as it catches a dove

***EXCLUSIVE*** A hunting jackal leaps among a flock of doves and manages to grab one out of the air. The hungry predator lay in wait for hours before seizing the perfect opportunity to catch its prey. A dole of turtle doves were gathered around a watering hole in Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park, South Africa as photographers Ann and Steve Toon, from Tarset, Northumberland, watched the solitary hunter. After an hour-and a half of watching the group of over 100 doves, the jackal launched its attack, coming away with a struggling dove in it's mouth, before going back for a second bite.

Rare photos show the gaunt faces and bullet-holed Spitfires of the heroic RAF Battle of Britain pilots who saw off Hitler's Luftwaffe

***EXCLUSIVE*** Rare photos show what life was really like for the heroic Spitfire Pilots who fought in the Battle for Britain. “Never in the field of human conflict was so much owed by so many to so few.” So echo the immortal words of wartime leader Winston Churchill, as he paid tribute to the brave men and women of the RAF who were fighting in a pivotal air battle with the German Luftwaffe to fend off a Nazi invasion following the fall of France. ‘The Few’, as the pilots in that decisive dogfight became known, have been revered around the world for their stalwart defence of the UK against a constant onslaught from German attacks between July and October in 1940. In the grand battle in the infancy of the Second World War, the newly released Spitfire became a symbol for British determination, innovation and grit – and remains a sight which still stirs the soul to this day.

A wild boar piglet nuzzles up to her mother

***EXCLUSIVE*** A wild boar piglet nuzzles up to her mother in this cute picture in the Forest of Dean in Gloucestershire. Fire Fighter, Thomas Winstone, 40 photographed the adorable scene. Mr Winestone who has been photographing the boar family for 3 years explains, "They aren’t overly bothered by my presence as I’ve spent so much time with them they will at times tolerate me being there. I use long lenses where possible to keep my distance, but with camouflage clothing and staying low I’ve managed to get close." "The piglet is one of a litter of two, the babies are always within eye shot or hearing distance of the mother."

Dancing snakes

***EXCLUSIVE*** Two male adders appear to be dancing as they joust in behaviour rarely captured on camera in Holt, Norfolk. Professional photographer David Tipling photographed the images of the reptiles fighting over a female. David who leads wildlife photographic safaris in North Norfolk explains, 'In spring the male and female courtship begins, males seek out females then lie with them or close by guarding them against intruding males keen to mate.' 'Conflict arises when an intruding male then takes on the sitting male. The dance starts with the two snakes rising off the ground then battling to push the other to the ground, it can be very fast and spectacular.'