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Learning to love my facial scars

***EXCLUSIVE*** VIDEO AVAILABLE, LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA: Having a giant birthmark has taught a body positivity advocate how to accept herself for who she is and spread an inspiring message of self-love. Nathalia, of Los Angeles, was born in Brazil with a rare condition known as Congenital Melanocytic Nevus, which caused her to have a birthmark that covered 40% of her face and scalp, as well as „satellite marks” all over her body. Throughout her childhood in Porto Alegre, Nathalia underwent nine surgeries between the ages of nine months and 13 years, to remove the birthmark, which has left her with significant scarring on one side of her face. But she hasn’t let her hardships hold her back from inspiring others with her story. She told: „When I see myself in the mirror, I see a pretty woman. I love my hair, I love my eyebrow, and my smile.”

Woman with excruciating swelling condition that made it impossible to put shoes on has defied the odds by becoming a marathon runner and competitive body-builder

***EXCLUSIVE*** This athlete’s rare swelling condition meant that at one point she couldn’t even put on her SHOE but after YEARS of feeling insecure she decided to dive into sports and has since participated in MARATHONS and a BODYBUILDING COMPETITION. In 2004, aesthetician, Alison Mahoney (32), from Florida, USA, was diagnosed with Lymphoedema praecox, a condition characterised by swelling of the soft tissues in which an excessive amount of lymph has accumulated. The condition caused her left leg to swell up so much that she was unable to get her foot into a shoe and made her feel uncomfortable to walk. Her diagnosis made her feel „broken” and „ugly”. For years she would try to hide her leg, wearing compression wraps and this made her feel miserable over her appearance. Despite wearing compression wraps, she participated in athletic activities including two half marathons, a sprint triathlon and an Olympic distance triathlon. One day when she was preparing for a fitness competition, she decided she didn’t care about her condition and how her leg looked with compression wraps on. She decided to give up her negative feelings. So, she began wearing shorts with pride and took first place in a bikini bodybuilding competition. These sports helped her build up her confidence and she has since been sharing her journey on social media to encourage others to embrace their unique traits.

Keanu Reeves fans at the CCA Glasgow get ready for KeanuCon the only Keanu Reeves dedicated film festival in the world

***EXCLUSIVE*** The two-day film festival will celebrate the most triumphant Wyld Stallyn himself and tracing his career from babe to baba yaga. After a delay of several months due to the GSA fire, the world's first Keanu Reeves film festival debuts Saturday 27th and Sunday 28th of April 2019, at the Centre of Contemporary Arts, Glasgow. Hundreds of movie buffs are expected to gather this weekend for the world's first Keanu Reeves film festival. The Hollywood star's work will be honoured in Glasgow at the Centre for Contemporary Arts which is hosting the event dubbed KeanuCon. Old classics starring the 54-year-old Canadian actor will be shown to adoring fans at the festival which was organised by Matchbox Cineclub, an independent film exhibitor. And the masterminds behind the event say it has already sold out with hundreds set to attend ten film screenings across Saturday and Sunday.

Instagram make-up artist who paints incredible artwork directly onto her own face and body

***EXCLUSIVE*** While the majority of us feel somewhat triumphant if our eye-liner wings don't look like two slugs have crawled across our eyelids, Nottingham make-up enthusiast Tiffany Hunt is in her bedroom creating beautiful bespoke designs inspired by Disney princesses, corpse brides and unicorns. Most impressively of all, the 23-year-old is entirely self taught. A glance through her extensive portfolio is like jumping through the looking glass and down the rabbit hole all at once with fantastical and haunting transformation. Each one takes between four and 12 hours to finish and Tiffany admits in can be heartbreaking to clean it off after she finishes.


Father, 30, who could have just months to live after his rare cancer was misdiagnosed as a cyst pledges to see the Northern Lights and renew his wedding vows in a bucket list

***EXCLUSIVE*** LANCASHIRE, UK: This doting father-of-one was told that a lump on his LUNG was merely a cyst, but months of speculation later turned out to be a rare form of SARCOMA so this once active outdoors enthusiast is making a BUCKET LIST to give his TWO-YEAR-OLD son lasting memories.  Climbing wall inspector Rob Metcalfe (30) from Lancashire, UK, began suffering chest pains and a cough in January 2018, for which his GP just prescribed antibiotics. However, the symptoms were still present by the end of March, coupled with vomiting and weight loss. On May 3, 2018 Rob had an X-ray of his chest carried out which showed a small lung collapse and an unidentifiable object on his left lung. Within weeks, Rob contracted pneumonia and sepsis and was admitted to hospital where he received IV antibiotics followed by a CT scan of his lungs. Doctors then decided the lump was a cyst which they weren’t too concerned about. In June, Rob underwent a lung surgery to fix his collapsed lung but by August, Rob’s chest pain had persisted, and further scans revealed that the object had doubled in size. A biopsy was done on the object, and on October 12, 2018, Rob was diagnosed with Primary pleuropulmonary synovial sarcoma, a rare soft tissue malignancy. The diagnosis devastated Rob, who felt angry that the object wasn’t biopsied earlier. Rob began his 24 rounds of radiotherapy immediately, before having the tumour, two ribs, muscles and nerves all removed on January 30, 2019. Rob began sharing his experience on Facebook and Instagram to highlight how cancer impacts an individual’s mental health. Unfortunately, on March 25, Rob was told he may have just 12 months left, depending on his body’s reaction to treatment.  Rob created a bucket list to make sure his wife, Beth, and son Caleb (2) have plenty of memories with him so that Caleb always remembers his late father’s love. The bucket list includes seeing the northern lights, renewing their wedding vows and taking family holidays in a Volkswagen camper van around the UK.

Love bite: couple handle world’s deadliest snakes

***EXCLUSIVE*** VIDEO AVAILABLE, BANGKOK, THAILAND: A young woman is preparing to make the move to live with her long-distance boyfriend in Thailand and care for the world’s deadliest snakes. 18-year-old Lara Mlinaric from Croatia, met 22-year-old reptile-enthusiast Christopher Sharron, aged 22, on the internet when she asked him a question about one of her animals. The pair hit it off and Lara is now preparing to move to Bangkok to be with Chris and start their own centre dealing with the rehabilitation of venomous snakes. Chris owns over 60 snakes including a King Cobra which has a bite capable of injecting enough neurotoxic venom to kill 20 people.

This incredibly rare image of two elusive kingfishers MATING has been caught on camera - by a photographer who waited patiently for the shot for four YEARS

***EXCLUSIVE*** Keen amateur wildlife snapper Calvin Laidlaw, 48, followed the pair through their courtship routine before getting the "million dollar shot". A male kingfisher can spend weeks proving his worthiness as a partner by catching fish for the demanding female before eventually successfully mating with her. Calvin, a musician, from Livingston, West Lothian, said: "I was in a pop up hide next to the river which I have been pursuing for years and years, so I have done my homework.

A mum, dad and their two children are lacing up their running shoes as the first biological family of four to run the London Marathon this weekend

***EXCLUSIVE*** Peter Mowbray, 52, his wife Louise, 46, and their children Charlotte, 22, and Bradley, 18, are taking on the annual race for the blind and deaf charity, Sense.  The four Mowbrays - who were told by marathon hosts Virgin they will be the first family of four to race together - will be supporting blind and deaf charity Sense.  Peter - who has lost six stone before the race - also hopes to inspire other ordinary families to get fit and lose weight.

Girl developed FND - functional neurological disorder - and her family believe it is linked to her receiving the HPV vaccine in 2014

***EXCLUSIVE*** A teenage girl left paralysed after taking the HPV vaccine five years ago is now battling for therapy which could prevent her from committing suicide. Ruby Shallom, 18, developed FND -- functional neurological disorder -- after she received three jabs for vaccination against human papillomavirus (HPV) in 2014. She gradually lost feeling in her whole body and had become paralysed by 2016 -- where she was wheelchair-bound and couldn’t move anything but her left arm. The girl from Bracknell, who used to enjoy playing cricket and riding horses, suffers from chronic pain and fatigue, and had to relearn how to walk short distances.

Polish pilot takes off and lands on Europe's longest pier - Sopot pier in Poland

***EXCLUSIVE*** Incredible pictures show a daring pilot landing on Europe's longest pier which is the same width as his plane. Polish pilot Lukasz Czepiela is the first to pull off this bold landing on Europe's longest pier but he was cutting it fine when his plane only just fit on the runway.  Lukasz is renowed for his precision flying but required pinpoint accuracy to perform the tight landing much to the shock of tourists looking on.

Boys at a British school will be allowed to wear shorts this summer - after they protested by donning SKIRTS

***EXCLUSIVE*** Forty year eight pupils wore the female garment last summer as shorts were banned - despite soaring temperatures. Girls joined in the battle by wearing trousers and a petition to overturn the rules at Great Torrington School in Devon received more than 600 signatures. And following the action taken, the school has now confirmed on its website that it had changed its policy.