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Mother who awoke from a coma to be told her 'perfect' twins were stillborn and that she'd had a life-saving liver transplant reveals her joy at finally giving birth

***EXCLUSIVE*** A mum who had stillborn twins and fell into a coma because of a rare liver condition was given a new organ - and now has a new baby. Louise Prashad, 25, suffered the tragic double blow after being struck down with an often fatal condition during her first pregnancy. Her 'acute fatty liver of pregnancy' saw her wake from a coma to be told her twins had been stillborn. She began to suffer from extreme fatigue, sickness and abdominal pain as the pregnancy progressed, with Louise eventually vomiting two pints of blood before passing out. She woke with two scar across her stomach, from the emergency transplant and C-section, describing them as a stark reminder of survival and death. Louise only survived herself thanks to a liver transplant from a woman in her 50s, which was found by doctors eight hours after she was escalated to the top of the European organ register. She also had to learn to walk and write again - and has no memory of the months prior to collapsing. Devastated by the loss of her twins, Louise gave up all hope of becoming a mum - and was told she had a one in four chance of the fatty liver condition recurring in another pregnancy. She and restaurant worker Max eventually decided to try for another baby, and their daughter Ava was born in March last year.

Toddler was saved by her quick-thinking grandma who brought her back to life TWICE with CPR she learned just weeks earlier

***EXCLUSIVE*** A toddler was saved by her quick-thinking grandma who brought her back to life TWICE with CPR she learned just weeks earlier. Ellie Rose Harris went floppy and lifeless while playing with her family just before bedtime. But instead of panicking, her devoted grandmother Joanne Rogers 46, realised the tot was having a cardiac arrest and leapt into action. Only the three-inch scar on her chest is a reminder of the heart disease that could have killed her – and the medical marvel inside her that is keeping her alive. Because Ellie is believed to be the youngest patient in the world with her condition to have a mini defibrillator fitted. Doctors decided to carry out the pioneering surgery after Ellie’s life was saved twice by her quick-thinking gran when she had her first heart attacks at home in front of her parents Matthew Harris and Rachel Hillier on a terrifying night in February.

Boy who was born with out a right hand is now the world's youngest recipient of a bionic hero arm

***EXCLUSIVE*** An eight-year-old boy who became the world's youngest person fitted with a bionic arm celebrated by eating his favourite burger with two hands for the first time. Freddie Cook was given his 'hero arm' days before his eighth birthday and was thrilled to be able to pick up his beloved hamburger - with added ketchup - using both hands at his birthday party. The arm is the first medically approved prosthesis in Britain which allows for precise and delicate movements that other prosthetic hands cannot do.

Anorexic student whose weight plummeted to five stone and nearly died as her body and brain shut down shares her incredible transformation

***EXCLUSIVE*** Meet the student who became so consumed with anorexia that her weight plummeted to just FIVE-STONE but it wasn’t until her body and brain shut down that she decided to kick her eating disorder – and now she wants to break the silence around the topic. Acting student and nanny, Sacha Reeve (25), from Melbourne, Australia, was just 16-years-old when she first felt trapped in her own body which lead her to avoid eating food. Whilst in high school, she began throwing out her lunches. Over the next nine years her daily intake decreased to a small bowl of steamed broccoli or greens, a packet of cigarettes and half a can of Pepsi Max amounting to under 150 calories a day which caused her weight to plunge to just 5st 9Ibs and a UK size four. During those nine years she battled two eating disorders; bulimia and anorexia. After years of battling with her health and eating disorder, she was taken to the emergency room to get help and there they tried to encourage her to eat more. Still in denial, she didn’t understand why she was there, thinking she wasn’t sick enough to be there and begged her mum to take her home, but her mum couldn’t bare the thought. She waited for over a week for a place at an eating disorder hospital which only had four beds available. Her doctor took her blood pressure and referred her to a heart specialist, she was sent to the intensive care unit (ICU), where she was told that her heart was failing. Her condition caused her body to shut down and she couldn’t recognise anyone’s faces, she couldn’t talk, read or write, but it wasn’t until she checked into rehab in Byron Bay that she was able to tackle the root of the problem; her mental health. After a few months in treatment and a year of living in Byron Bay, she started dedicating her time to eating three meals a day and quitting the gym, she slowly managed to improve her health and reach a healthy weight of 9st 8Ibs and UK size eight to 10. She now wants to help others who are going through a similar journey to give them hope that it does get better.

Woman spends 15 YEARS trying to divorce husband – after planning wedding in one week

***EXCLUSIVE*** NEW JERSEY, USA: After a week-long engagement and an impulsive wedding, this woman spent FIFTEEN YEARS trying to file for divorce from her husband, and when she finally became a divorcee, she hosted a DIVORCE PARTY, complete with cakes and balloons reading ‘happily divorced’. Area manager Catherine Navarro (34) from New Jersey, USA, was just 20 years old when she married her first love, Marc, on May 13, 2005, which, fittingly, was Friday the thirteenth. The wedding was a very last-minute decision only the week before the event itself. At first, Catherine thought Marc was joking when he suggested they tie the knot while at another friend’s wedding. However, Catherine managed to pool together her friends and family to organise a last-minute wedding. Catherine and Marc’s wedding ceremony was at City Hall in New York City with witnesses including Catherine’s friends and her mum. Following the official ceremony, the wedding party drove back to New Jersey for an intimate party at Catherine’s parents’ house. Unfortunately, the relationship became increasingly toxic and Catherine soon realised that their relationship was full of secrets. In 2012 Catherine filed for divorce but Marc refused. Unfortunately for Catherine, Marc disappeared entirely so she had to prove that she had searched all over for her husband before the court could grant her a divorce in his absence. After years of proving Marc’s absence, Catherine was finally granted a divorce on March 18, 2019 and she was so pleased that she decided to organise a ‘divorce party’ with the help of her friends. The ‘divorce party’ was a celebration of Catherine’s new beginning which had been years in the making. Around 30 guests enjoyed a cake decorated with the words ‘straight out of marriage’, cupcakes topped with phrases such as ‘boy, bye’ and balloons with ‘happily divorced’ written across them.

American soldiers killed by Nazis during top secret D-Day rehearsal on a British beach are remembered 75 years on with poignant footprints in the sand installation

***EXCLUSIVE*** Hundreds of American troops who were killed when a top secret World War Two training exercise went wrong have been honoured at the English beach where they perished. Exercise Tiger took place in April 1944 as a rehearsal for the Allied Force’s Normandy invasion. But more people died during the exercise than in the D-Day landing at Utah Beach - with 749 American GIs and sailors losing their lives on a tragic morning after they were torpedoed by fast-moving German E-boats. Many soldiers sank and drowned during the exercise when they were weighed down by their heavy kit and sodden clothes.

College student in China's Jiangxi combines spring scenery with papercutting works

Chen Hao creats a hand-painted papercutting work in Nanchang, east China's Jiangxi Province. Chen Hao, a college student of East China Jiaotong University, together with his classmates, tried to combine the spring scenery of the campus with hand-painting papercutting works.

Robots cooking at the China snack bar

North Rhine-Westphalia, Duesseldorf: Chef Jian Wu stands at a photo shooting in the China snack bar "Ai Wok" and equips his cooking robots with woks. Those who eat here do not see a cook, because here four robots cook for the guests. Within a few minutes the Robo-Woks, which are activated by chip card, sizzle pan dishes. Oil is heated in a pan and then the fresh ingredients are added from small containers. However, these are not prepared by robots, but by students.

Polar bear tug of war

***EXCLUSIVE*** Two polar bear cubs appear to be playing a game of 'tug of war' as they playfully try and fight each other for some whale skin. The adorable cubs, no more than six months old, can be seen trying to best each other in the game of strength as they both attempt to rip the skin from the others grip. Each little white bear wins for a moment before the other quickly jumps back in and grabs the dirty brown skin again, tearing it as they play. The amazing photos were captured on a beach in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge near Kaktovik in north Alaska, USA, where the whale skin had presumably washed ashore from the Beaufort Sea.

A rare dodo skeleton worth half a million pounds is to go up for auction next month

***EXCLUSIVE*** The rare specimen is composed of fossilised and unfossilised bones from various dodo remains found in the Mauritian marshland Mare-aux-Songes by a naturalist active around the turn of the 19th century. Etienne Thirioux devoted almost all of his spare time to reading natural science books and scouring the Mauritian countryside for biological treasures - among the most valuable of his finds were a number of dodo bones.  The last widely accepted sighting of a dodo was in 1662.

Wall of death

***EXCLUSIVE*** A 'courageous' daredevil rides his motorbike around a wall of death at 60 miles per hour - while swiping money from the hands of impressed onlookers. The talented rider, named 'Tofazzal', rides around the wall five times a day as part of a busy circus show and even takes his hands off the handlebars to grab the notes. Shockingly, the 35-year-old wears no protective gear as he performs the risky stunt for 30 minutes at a time. Freelance photographer Azim Khan Ronnie photographed Tofazzal in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Bird on deers head

***EXCLUSIVE*** A bird uses a deer's head as a vantage point to search for potential prey. The cheeky jackdaw perched on the head of the red deer stag for several minutes during its hunt for food. Amateur photographer Richard Johnson thought it was 'bizarre' to see the jackdaw using this method as it could clearly see much further from a nearby tree branch. Mr Johnson, 31, from Egham, Surrey, captured the scene at Richmond Park, London.

Chipmunk and toadstool

***EXCLUSIVE*** A chipmunk looks like something out of a fairy tale as it perches on a red-capped toadstool.  The tiny creature poses on top of the poisonous fly amanita mushroom which has grown in the shade of a tree in Yakutsk, Russia. Photographer Evgenia Levina, 48, watched the chipmunk for an hour as it climbed around the fungus.  She said: "I made lots of shots. The chipmunk was constantly on the move, crawling on the red mushroom then sitting on it, then jumping down to look for something under the mushroom.

Deer in woodland of bluebells

***EXCLUSIVE*** The deer was spotted by Jess Jones, 50, when she made the trip from West Sussex with a friend to the wood near Winchester, Hampshire. Jess, a part time carer and freelance photographer said, 'I set alarm for 4.30 to get there for sunrise. We were walking as quietly as we could through the woods in search of wildlife when we spotted the female deer. We watched her for a while as she wandered through the bluebells pausing to occasionally nibble something, I think she was aware we were there but as we had telephoto lenses so could keep our distance and just wait for the magic moments when she was in clear view.'