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War veteran, 107, leaves fortune to hospital to help them save great-great-niece

***EXCLUSIVE*** Former army-veteran David 'Stanley' Brackenbrough left a legacy gift of £245,000 when he died in 2017 which has been used to fund a third of the £800,000 machine.  The device will enable doctors to give brave seven-year-old Isabelle Smith a more detailed diagnosis of a benign tumour she was diagnosed with at nine-months old. The growth lies deep within her brain and has so far been unable to be removed; however, the scanner may open up the possibility of it eventually being extracted if necessary. Isabelle's mother Loran Smith, 33, said her great-uncle Stanley loved the little girl so much during the final years of his life - and knew everything about her condition. Stanley sadly lost his two children and wife so decided to help little Isabelle and thousands of other children by gifting the hospital the extraordinary amount. Loran believes the donation was his way of 'saying thank you' for the way the hospital had looked after her all her life.

Meet the ultimate cartographer - a British schoolboy genius who can draw an accurate map of the world in MINUTES

***EXCLUSIVE*** Brainy Joseph Jonah Lucas, seven, can list all the world’s countries, capitals, borders and seas. His knowledge of the planet is so accurate he's already advising his parents on where to go on holiday. The primary school pupil can draw a detailed and accurate the world map from memory, complete with names and capitals in as little as a quarter of an hour.

A pair of giant deer antlers which span almost four metres and weigh 40kg are expected to sell for £30,000

***EXCLUSIVE*** A pair of giant deer antlers which weigh a whopping 40kg are expected to sell for £30,000 when they are auctioned this week. The giant deer - or Irish elk - antlers were once owned by world-renowned Australian painter, Sir Sydney Nolan, famous for his depiction of the outlaw Ned Kelly. The antlers, which span almost four metres, will go on under the hammer at Bonhams in Edinburgh on Wednesday and are expected to fetch between £26,000 and £30,000. The giant deer, which is now extinct, was believed to be the largest deer that ever lived.

A dog's life! Fascinating photos show how pampered Parisian pooches were indulged in French pet grooming salon in 1951

***EXCLUSIVE*** Stunning vintage photos show pampered pets in an upmarket Paris salon - with dogs undergoing a lavish transformation from „a bit ruff” to „fabulously fetching”. The remarkable shots show an impossibly cute miniature dachshund being fitted with a new coat to keep out the worst of the elements, a groomer painstakingly trimming a dog’s paw fur, and a pup being hand dried with a fluffy towel. The captivating photos were taken in the Parisian salon Au Chien Elegant in 1951, when lavishly indulging your pets was beginning to become increasingly acceptable. Although medieval tapestries show that humans have been priming their pets for hundreds of years, it was only in the first half of the 20th century that „doggy barbershops” became commonplace.

A family were shocked to find their beloved cat was ill because it had swallowed 50 hair accessories in a bobble binge

***EXCLUSIVE*** Pixel was taken to a vet after vomiting and appearing very sick, it wasn't until she was properly examined it revealed a massive blockage. Her owner, Blossom Fox, said: "We couldn't believe it when the vet told us they had removed 50 hair bands from her stomach. "We have seen her with the bands before, but assumed she left them once she played with them as we'd often discover them under the sofa or fridge."

Bulgaria abandoned

Siv Kladenetc, Bulgaria: A view of destroyed and abandoned homes in almost depopulated Bulgarian village of Siv kladenetc, located in south Bulgaria, just few hundred meters of Bulgarian - Greek border. The village was depopulated a few years ago because of socio-economic situation in the country and region then. Bulgaria has the lowest average salary in the EU - 575 Euro, the lowest wage - 260 Euro and the smallest average pension - 190 Euro. The result of that values is that more than 40 per cent of Bulgarians are at risk of poverty and social exclusion. The country is also leader in the prevalence of corruption that exhaust and discourages buisness and repels foreign investors. Over 570 Bulgarian villages have no population or less than ten inhabitants and in the 164 villages there are no inhabitants, according to the National statistical institute, as of the December 31, 2018. Because of demographic crisis over the last 17 years the closed schools are 1084.

Haunting mugshots reveal the grisly 19th century criminals condemned to pentonville prison - the most severe and feared of the victorian jails

***EXCLUSIVE*** These are the haunting mugshots of the male criminals condemned to Pentonville Prison, London in the mid-nineteenth century Ð the most severe and feared of the Victorian prisons. At the time, Pentonville was the most famous of the Victorian separate system jails. Prisoners were forbidden to speak to each other, forced to wear masks whilst exercising and were kept alone in their cells for WEEKS. It was believed that the silence and boredom would enable offenders to reflect on their crimes - but it instead led to increased rates of suicide and mental health problems amongst prisoners in Pentonville. The harrowing mugshots were taken between February to April 1877. Although there is no information about the crimes that got them incarcerated, the portraits reveal the grisly and hardened faces of the men sent to Pentonville Ð which remains a high profile and controversial prison to this day. 

Remarkable vintage images show behind the scenes of the 1960s pirate radio vessel Radio Caroline North

***EXCLUSIVE*** Remarkable images have offered a glimpse behind the scenes at pirate radio station Radio Caroline in the 1960s. Stunning shots show Disc jockeys and crewmen of the pirate radio station Radio Caroline North pictured aboard their vessel anchored four miles of Ramsey, Isle of Man, Pop singer Twinkle braves the wind and spray on board the pirate radio ship and Radio Caroline DJ Simon Dee during his show. Other incredible pictures show it wasn’t always fun and games as the pirate radio station is shown in Frinton, Essex after running aground following heavy storms, the pop pirates in jovial mood after Walton police station after being rescued and live pigeons and chickens running on the deck of the ship. In Europe, Denmark had the first known radio station in the world to broadcast commercial radio from a vessel in international waters without permission from the authorities in the country that it broadcast to. The station was named Radio Mercur and began transmission on August 2, 1958. In the Danish newspapers it was soon called a "pirate radio". Encouraged by Scandinavian and Dutch pirates, in February 1964 Ronan O'Rahilly obtained the 702-ton former Danish passenger ferry, Fredericia, which was converted into a radio ship at the Irish port of Greenore, owned by O'ISLE OF MAN: Rahilly's father.