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Woman told she was 'too young' for breast cancer 'brushed off' for 8 years

***EXCLUSIVE*** Meet the stunning woman who was dismissed by doctors for EIGHT YEARS after discovering a lump in her breast before being diagnosed with stage 3 BREAST CANCER and says that shaving her head felt EMPOWERING. Assistant food and beverage manager, Tatiana Konovalov (27), from California, USA, was just 19-years-old when she found a lump in her breast and made an appointment. Despite being checked and having an ultrasound, her doctor brushed it off as a benign cyst. Although she initially accepted it as a harmless lump, she continued to have it checked just in case, but was continually dismissed by doctors who assured her she was ‘too young’ to have breast cancer. However, as it grew bigger and more uncomfortable, her boyfriend, Erik (28), insisted for her to ask the doctor to remove it. Following a biopsy in September 2018, the tests found that she did in fact have stage three breast cancer and on the same day she met up with an oncologist, radiologist and a geneticist. A week later she had a lumpectomy on her right breast to remove the tumour and underwent six aggressive rounds of chemotherapy. After her second round of chemo in November 2018, she decided to shave her head to avoid having to witness her hair falling out which she describes as ‘empowering’, so her boyfriend assisted her. She had a full mastectomy in March 2019 after she completed her rounds of chemotherapy. While her tests have shown that the chemo has worked and she no longer has any remaining cancer cells, her journey has not yet finished. She will still undergo 10 more rounds of antibody therapy to treat the cancer cells and in a month’s time she will begin radiation therapy and is due to have another mastectomy and reconstruction surgery later this year. She is now adjusting to her new normal life and has been embracing her journey with her boyfriend by posting on social media to help other women going through a similar ordeal to find hope and positivity in the darkest of circumstances.

Woman with severe cystic acne who feared her 'sandpaper' face made her 'unlovable' reveals how meeting her husband finally helped her embrace her skin

***EXCLUSIVE*** TENNESSEE, USA: This woman was told her CYSTIC ACNE resembled SANDPAPER by trolls but has since learnt to embrace her skin after finding love changed her perspective on beauty – and now she’s calling on social media influencers to show their not-so-perfect sides too. Portrait photographer Madeline Roberts (24) from Tennessee, USA, first developed cystic acne at the age of 14, causing her to feel ashamed of her appearance and diminishing her self-confidence dramatically. Madeline tried various acne treatments, including spironolactone, minocycline, contraceptive pills and finally Accutane when she was 20 and her skin was at its worst. However, the acne was persistent despite any treatment, and nothing helped Madeline see any improvement. Madeline feared dating and would cover her face with thick glasses because she didn’t think that anyone could accept her appearance. This self-doubt often made Madeline cry due to loneliness. However, when Madeline met her now husband, Trevor (25) in 2016, her self-worth began growing as Madeline learned to embrace her skin, regardless of scars and flaws. Early in their relationship, Madeline feared that Trevor might break up with her when she had her first breakout, but she admits that he has put beauty into perspective for her. Now, Madeline no longer feels as pressured to look ‘perfect’ by society’s measure, having stopped applying makeup every day before leaving the house. Although, Madeline has received some criticism for her acne, with online trolls referring to her skin as ‘sandpaper’ and a masseuse at a spa recommended Madeline have a facial when she noticed her acne. Madeline wants to show other acne sufferers that healing acne isn’t always easy and having acne scars doesn’t lessen their beauty. Madeline spent years believing that her worth was valued on her appearance, but she is now able to embrace her acne scars since realising that her self-worth comes from less superficial matters.

Powerful images capture the effect years of war has had on Afghanistan's children as they pose with rifles, play with spent shells and clamber over tanks

***EXCLUSIVE*** AFGHANISTAN: A remarkable new photobook gets under the skin of one of the world’s most mysterious, war-torn countries and investigates the generation who will decide Afghanistan’s future. Extraordinary shots include a group of nonchalant youngsters building toy castles out of spent military shells, child soldiers struggling to get to grips with the guns they are holding, and a young boy with a missing leg digging out an anti-tank mine. The thought-provoking images are included in Pieter-Jan De Pue’s new book Kings of Afghanistan: Wars and Dreams in the Land of the Enlightened, the accompaniment to the director’s multi-award-winning documentary of the same name released in 2016.

Inside abandoned 'time capsule' Louisville home that appears frozen in the 1970s with an analogue television, dusty grand piano and rusted bathtub

***EXCLUSIVE*** Unnerving pictures have offered a glimpse into a family home frozen in time throughout the years after it was deserted. The eerie images display what appears to be a lifeless house abandoned five years ago and filled with personal and sentimental possessions such as family albums. Other pictures show the intact state of the time capsule house, from a living room featuring a dusty grand piano to an untouched kitchen, a very untidy and enclosed bedroom, and a lounge filled with children’s toys. These ghostly pictures were captured in the south east of America, by urban explorer, Abandoned Southeast (32) on a Canon DSLR with Tamron wide angle lens.

00-Heaven - Rare collection of Bond 1st Editions

***EXCLUSIVE*** A single owner collection of historic James Bond first editions inscribed by Ian Fleming have emerged for sale for £55,000. ($70,000). The marquee lot is a first edition of Goldfinger (1959) given by the author to legendary golfer Sir Henry Cotton, who won The Open three times. Fleming references the chapters containing the classic golf match between Bond and the villain Auric Goldfinger, whose caddy was Oddjob, in the book. The collection of 13 books is being sold by a private collector with US based Swann Auction Galleries.

Churchill's million pound cigar box gift

***EXCLUSIVE*** A diamond-encrusted cigar box that was a diplomatic gift to Sir Winston Churchill and is valued at £1m has gone on display at his birthplace of Blenheim Palace. The ornate box is made from green malachite and ivory with a diamond encrusted handle and has the wartime PM's initials in gold on the lid. It was given to Churchill as a present from the nation of the Belgian Congo, today part of DR Congo.

Shear genius! Meet the amateur topiarists who devote years to crafting incredible sculptures from their garden hedges

***EXCLUSIVE*** Shear genius! Meet the amateur topiarists who devote years to crafting incredible sculptures from their garden hedges. You might think these stunning creations are the work of professional gardeners, but they've actually been fashioned by dedicated amateurs armed with nothing more than some simple tools and a lot of patience. And as spring gets into full swing, these green-fingered enthusiasts are doing their best to keep their topiary designs, some of which are decades old, in tip-top shape.

Healthy living! Stunning Georgian home with spa, steam room, swimming pool and gym set in 5.5 acres of land is perfect retreat from rat race for £7.5m

***EXCLUSIVE*** A stunning riverside home with all the latest mod cons hidden behind its Grade II listed exterior is on the market for £7.5m. Lower Chilland House has everything a modern country gent or lady might want - with its own cinema, spa and swimming lap pool. The property in the village of Martyr Worthy, near Winchester, Hants, sits in a tranquil setting by the River Itchen and comes with double bank fishing rights. Now on the market with Savills, it dates back to the 18th century, but behind its Georgian facade it is actually an ultra-contemporary country retreat.

A new lifeboat has been launched using proceeds from two of the world's rarest Ferraris - worth £10million

***EXCLUSIVE*** Businessman Richard Colton passed away in March 2015 and bequeathed the RNLI with a pair of ultra-rare supercars. The Colton family sent the cars to H&H Classics for their Duxford, Cambridgeshire, auction in October 2015. These were a 1960 Ferrari 250 GT SWB Berlinetta chassis 1995 GT and a 1967 Ferrari 275 GTB/4 chassis 10177 GT.

The Crowne Plaza in Edinburgh has partnered with a dog walking service to offer its customers a unique dog walking service for one they visit the city

***EXCLUSIVE*** A plush Edinburgh hotel has teamed up with a dog walking service - offering to take tourists' pooches out while they go sightseeing. Guests staying at The Crown Plaza on Royal Terrace will get the chance to explore the Capital by handing over their four-legged animals to Crighton Pet Services. Before they arrive, dog walking service boss Steven Crighton will find out about the adorable pooches, tailoring each day to suit them.The dogs will be treated to a full day of fun after being collected from guests’ hotel rooms and dropped off again after being washed.

Lost portrait of Walter Raleigh rediscovered

***EXCLUSIVE*** A lost portrait which is thought to be of Sir Walter Raleigh has emerged for sale at auction - after an eagle eyed collector spotted it on eBay. Raleigh, one of the most notable figures of the Elizabethan era, was locked up in the Tower of London after being implicated in a plot against her successor James I in 1603. The painting, which dates from 1613, was initially bought on eBay for a 'fraction of its true value' by an European art expert who sniffed a bargain five years ago. She has now consigned it for sale with auction house Duke's, of Dorchester, Dorset, who expect it to fetch £6,000.