Ha nem jelenik meg rendesen kattintson ide!

A woman has told how she can’t close her eyes or shut her mouth - after doctors accidentally „scooped out” her facial nerves as a baby

***EXCLUSIVE*** Hannah Vaughn Setzer, 28, was born with cystic hygroma, a condition where multiple cysts grow - which has left her with „literally thousands” of them in her head and neck. During one of her many surgeries after birth, she claims doctors were scooping handfuls of cysts out of her head when they accidentally removed some of her facial nerves - leaving her unable to smile. Her parents were advised they should abort her in the womb and that Hannah wouldn’t survive birth, and if she did wouldn’t be able to walk or talk, but they ignored doctors and she arrived in September 1990.

New never-before-seen photos show JFK relaxing at his holiday home in Florida on a 'working holiday' less than a year before he was assassinated

***EXCLUSIVE*** Candid never before seen photos of President Kennedy on a 'working holiday' less than a year before he was assassinated have come to light. The fascinating snaps show John F Kennedy at work and relaxing at his idyllic Palm Beach residence, his 'Winter White House', in December 1962 and January 1963. He can be seen reading documents while sat on his patio, chatting with one of his advisers and taking a break from official business to soak up the sun in his garden. While this was going on, Kennedy was having his portrait drawn by celebrated artist of the age Elaine de Kooning.

A solar-powered „cow” is encouraging Kenyan children to go to school instead of working the fields- by charging milk bottle shaped batteries for them to takle home to their families

***EXCLUSIVE*** African children are going to school instead of working the fields thanks to a solar-powered cow - that rewards them with free electricity in 'milk-bottles'. Kenyan youngsters have been plugging in rechargeable, milk bottle-shaped batteries into a bovine-shaped solar cell outside their school, in a bid to give their families a financial reason to send them to school. The award-winning design has 32 'udders' and its South Korean designer Sungun Chang hopes new models will see millions more children, who are at risk of child labour, going to school. 'Milk bottle' battery cells contain enough charge to power a torch overnight as well as charge a mobile phone, and are charged by the solar panel 'cow' in just a few hours.

Meet the eight-year-old mascot for 36 non-league clubs

***EXCLUSIVE*** If you're a keen fan of non-league football, there's a chance you've already met Liam Priday. The eight-year-old has earned a reputation as a journeyman mascot for lower league clubs across England. His duties have seen him make 36 appearances for clubs you might not have heard of, such as Wormley Rovers and Biggleswade Town. And all of this because his father noticed he was fascinated by the pre-match rituals in football.

A much loved mannequin who lived in a telephone box has been kidnapped after seven years - except his legs and half of his torso have been left behind

***EXCLUSIVE*** He was last seen wearing a highway man‚Äôs outfit accessorised with a pistol and hat on Saturday night. Cecil the Dude, found at a Bristol reclamation yard, was put in the phone box by Jayne and Martin Townley to „brighten people’s day”. He instantly became a national sensation after being kitted out in fun mankinis, Where’s Wally stripes, Batman costumes, kilts and a Ghostbuster boiler suit. He has been reported „lost” to police and Jayne is desperate to find his head and main torso, piece him together and carry him home. Skips and bins should be checked, according to Magician and Entertainer Jayne.

A baby who swallowed a battery had to spend a week in intensive care after the acid burned through her esophagus and left her vomiting black gunk

***EXCLUSIVE*** Abigayle Galle, two, is lucky to be alive after she ingested the battery, which her dad Jeff Galle, 26, had purchased to replace the one in his watch. Jeff, a sanitation worker, became frightened when Abigayle began to wretch and cry in pain on July 19, unaware that she had swallowed the acid-filled disc. The dad immediately called Abigayle’s mom Lacey Walters, 25, who rushed home from the store to find the then 15-month-old crying in pain and losing her voice. Abigayle's grandmother Missty George, 45, a healthcare worker, recognized the seriousness of Abigayle's behavior and rushed Lacey and her granddaughter to the ER. The family, of Abilene, Texas, rushed Abigayle was shocked when an X-ray revealed that the child had swallowed a circular object which doctors believed to be a coin.

Harbourside mansion with its own James Bond-style £120,000 boat that turns into a car goes up for sale for £7m

***EXCLUSIVE*** A luxury harbourside home that has gone on the market for £6.95m is being sold with a James Bond-style amphibious boat. Homeowner Ashley Faull is throwing in the 20ft long Rigid Inflatable Boat (RIB) that can be driven like a car straight into the water. The 50mph craft is ideal for getting around exclusive Poole Harbour in Dorset as well as driving to waterside restaurants and bars. The four storey home, that was built in 2000, has its own slipway with direct access to the harbour.

Britain's underwater wonderland

***EXCLUSIVE*** The wonders of the UK’s waters have been exposed in a stunning set of vibrant photos. Incredible sub-aquatic images from an award-winning British photographer show the abundance of life and colour in the underrated British waters, including a zany orange and white John Dory, a beautiful coral display being inspected by a diver, and a seabird swimming through the green seas in search of lunch. The captivating photos were shot by Robert Bailey (55), a recent winner at the Underwater Photographer Of The Year awards, who believes people should be proud of our spectacular and singular coastal environment.

A rare copy of an audition tape that led to a record company to infamously reject the Beatles has emerged for sale for £15,000

***EXCLUSIVE*** Yours for £15,000 - Beatle manager Brian Epstein's own copy of the most famous rejection tape in musical history has been unearthed after 57 years... It contain's seven songs that bosses at Decca Records listened to before declaring The Beatles had 'no future in show business' and that 'guitar groups are on the way out'. The castastrophic decision proved to be one of the worst in musical history as the Fab Four were later signed by small EMI label Parlophone and went on to become the biggest band in the world.

Retired builders' merchant, 72, is happy to lose thousands as he plans to star alongside 48-piece orchestra and ballerinas in his own £26,000 tribute show to musical conductor hero

***EXCLUSIVE*** A retired businessman has spent £26,000 laying on his very own a show in tribute to his hero - the musical maestro Annunzio Paolo Mantovani. Paul Barrett, 72, will perform in a 48-piece orchestra he has hired for the performance that he is prepared to make a loss of thousands of pounds on. Mr Barrett said he plans to do 'everything bar conducting' in the musical extravaganza being hosted at the Bournemouth Pavilion Theatre in Dorset.