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Former Marine lands her dream job working with 2,500 crocodiles and alligators at a Florida wildlife preserve – and says the 'friendly’ reptiles are her 'best friends'

***EXCLUSIVE*** Forget diamonds and dogs – gigantic leathery reptiles are this brave woman’s best friends. Stunning photos show crocodile connoisseur and alligator aficionado Savannah Boan cuddling her croc pals, taking a toothy selfie with huge albino crocodile Pearl, and posing alongside her 13-foot-long ‘best friend’ Dundee. Another striking photo shows a delighted Savannah clutching a bask of baby Cuban crocodiles. Savannah, who previously served with the US Marines, works at Gatorland in Florida, an attraction which houses over 2.500 crocodiles and alligators. It’s a dream role for the animal lover whose official title is Crocodile Enrichment Coordinator. Savannah also works as an ambassador for the Gatorland Global, the park’s conservation arm.

Trans woman born with half a body finds love

***EXCLUSIVE*** VIDEO AVAILABLE, SACRAMENTO, CALIFORNIA: A transgender woman born with half a body continues to defy her critics by finding love. Piyah Martell was born with a rare congenital birth defect known as sacral agenesis. The 27-year-old uses a skateboard as a mobility aide and spends her time raising awareness of issues around disability in the LGBTQ+ community. Originally born as Pedro, Piyah began her transition to a woman in her late teens, initially facing angry criticism from her father. But Piyah is now in a happy relationship with her partner, Andrew Manuel who says he faces daily judgement around their relationship but that she brightens up every day.

Inside amazing fully-functional apartment size of just two parking spaces

***EXCLUSIVE*** HUNGARY: An innovative space-saving apartment manages to fit every room in your house into a space the size of two car parking spots. The striking minimalist flat, measuring just 377 square feet (35m²), cleverly contains a living room, kitchen, dining room, bedroom and bathroom. Eye-catching photos show how a seemingly empty space can be transformed into a cosy sleeping space, an area for entertaining guests, or a well-appointed cooking area by simply opening or closing a few hatches. The work can be completed for under £20,000, a reasonable rate considering the prices of some city centre properties. The Zero-Room Apartment has been designed by Hungarian Architect Studio MÁS, a husband and wife team based in Budapest.

Woman throws 'bye bye boobies' party before having both breasts removed aged 24

***EXCLUSIVE*** NEW YORK, USA: This brave woman lost her mother to breast cancer when she was only FIFTEEN and in a bid to prevent the same thing happening to her got tested for the BRCA gene and had a preventative mastectomy at just TWENTY-FOUR – which she celebrated by throwing a ‘BYE BYE BOOBIES BASH’ with friends. Digital editor Kaylee Denmead (25) from New York, USA, witnessed her mother’s seven-year battle with breast cancer from the age of just eight years old. Kaylee’s mother, Jodi, sadly passed away aged 47 in October 2009 after prolonging her life for as long as possible. In 2013, after reading about Angelina Jolie choosing to have a preventative mastectomy after testing positive for BRCA1, Kaylee knew that it was time she had her own genetic test carried out to find out if she too carried the BRCA1 gene. Kaylee has fond memories of her mother which she will eternally hold dearly, but she knew that she didn’t want her mother’s fight to be in vain, so Kaylee used the abundance of medical information she learned from her mum’s battle to improve her own chances at life. In October 2013, four years after her mother passed away, Kaylee was tested for the gene mutation, which ultimately came back positive. Through the years, Kaylee attended numerous appointments for high-risk patients where she saw many sick women, and this was a poignant reminder of seeing her mother when she was sick. Kaylee began feeling as though she was playing a waiting game until she was also fighting for her life. At the age of 24, Kaylee decided to go through with a preventative double mastectomy because she wanted to use the information she learned from her mother to her advantage. The week before her mastectomy, Kaylee had a ‘Bye Bye Boobies Bash’ to celebrate her decision to extend her life. Party favours included cupcakes that looks like breasts and a banner reading ‘you’re the tits’.

Mother whose daughter, two, has Down's syndrome reveals a midwife said she was 'gutted' by the diagnosis while a neighbour 'felt sorry' - but hits back saying she's 'over the moon'

***EXCLUSIVE*** This doting mum is showing off her toddler with Down’s Syndrome on social media and has branded her an ‘inspiration’, despite a midwife telling her she was ‘GUTTED’ for her. Office manager, Sarah Brealey (34) from Surrey, UK, went into labour in August 2016 and gave birth to her daughter, Sophie (now two-and-a-half-years-old), but despite the fact that her pregnancy went smoothly, Sophie struggled to breathe when she was born. She was taken away by doctors for oxygen, but Sarah’s husband, Scott, was the first who noticed her facial features looked different. She was shortly diagnosed with Down’s Syndrome (DS), also known as trisomy 21, a genetic condition that typically causes some level of learning disability and some physical characteristics. Sarah discovered after doing some research that children with Down’s syndrome can sometimes have a delay in speech acquisition, as well as regularly having floppy muscles, including the tongue, which makes it difficult for them to form words. She then became very interested in Makaton, a type of sign language used by people who have no hearing impairment but have trouble communicating through speech. Sophie began using this method since she was six months old and Sarah now claims that she is less frustrated and feels more understood by people around her.

Ohio woman, 26, who felt 'clumsy' her whole life discovers she has a rare genetic disorder that makes her trip and drop things

***EXCLUSIVE*** OHIO, USA: After being diagnosed with a progressive GENETIC DISEASE at just eighteen, following years of thinking she was CLUMSY, this woman is now showing others that a genetic condition doesn’t define your life - as she admits that life can still be fulfilling even in a wheelchair. Freelance contractor Kelly Barendt (26) from Ohio, USA, had always classed herself as ‘clumsy’, but when she started struggling to walk while carrying a drink, holding onto railings and walking up tiered stands, Kelly became more aware of her struggle, which heightened her growing anxiety. Kelly started to avoid walking in front of people as it added to her nerves. As her walking grew worse, Kelly would often miss school when she knew there was going to be a school assembly which meant she needed to walk up the tiered stands. Kelly even saw a physical therapist to work on curing her clumsiness, which came to no avail. At just 18 years old, Kelly’s primary care physician referred her to a neurologist, and she was then diagnosed with Friedreich’s Ataxia (FA), a recessive genetic disease which gradually causes the loss of sensation in arms and legs and can impair speech over time. FA has limited Kelly’s life somewhat physically as she now uses a wheelchair for longer distances. However, despite her condition, Kelly has managed to complete a postgraduate course, studied abroad in Luxembourg for five months, and she now lives by herself, relishing her independence. When she was first diagnosed, Kelly feared that her life would no longer be hers to live, but after eight years of living with the disease, she hopes to show others that life can be just as fulfilling as ever before, regardless of their condition.

Young photographer has amassed over £10,000 in photo competition winnings - after beginning her career with a Barbie-doll camera

***EXCLUSIVE*** A young photographer who started with a Barbie-doll camera has gone on to win a host of photo competitions - and £10K in prizes. Bex Saunders, 23, has come a long way from the days she spent taking pictures on her glittery bright pink camera at her home in Romsey, Southampton. Her love of photography, encouraged by parents Steve, 62, and Jane, 54, who introduced her to film cameras at an early age, set her on the path to early success as a prodigy who has won nearly half the photography competitions she's ever entered. At just 15 years old, Bex won in two categories in her first competition in 2010 -- Hampshire's Top Attractions -- after responding to an ad in the paper.

Blacksmiths work at an iron molding factory in Pakistan

Blacksmiths work at an iron molding factory in industrial area ahead of International Labor Day. Celebrates all over the global to pay tribute to those who laid down their lives in Chicago in 1886 for the rights of laborers with the theme of Uniting Workers for Social and Economic Advancement. It was in 1972 when Pakistan,s first labor policy was devised and May 1st was officially declared as a holiday. Pakistan,s labor constitutes without doubt the most miserable community in the country. Labor Day is an annual holiday celebrated all over the world on May 01” that resulted from efforts of the labor union movement, to celebrate the economic and social achievements of workers.

All aboard the tramp steamer! Vintage images reveal what life was like on board the vessels that transported British trade all around the world

***EXCLUSIVE*** Retro images reveal what life was like for crew members of the Tramp Steamer ship SS Eston during the early TWENTIETH CENTURY. Black and white pictures show the different responsibilities shipping crew had while sailing on the French coast such as loading coal into the ship’s boiler. Other photographs illustrate the various activities they got up to in their spare time like reading and cooking, including the Captain of the ship viewing the coast from his binoculars. Further pictures expose the dangerous side to tramp steamer ships with the waves crashing against the ship during the rough seas. The term Tramp for Tramp Steamer is derived from the British meaning of ‘tramp’ as vagrant; in this context it is first documented in the 1880s, along with ‘ocean tramp’, where many sailing vessels engaged in irregular trade as well. The tramp trade first took off in Britain around the mid-19th century; the dependability and timeliness of steam ships was found to be financially viable than sail ships.

A rare golden lion tamarin monkey has been born at Bristol Zoo

***EXCLUSIVE*** The baby primate was born to parents Missy and Dourado, and measures just 10cm from head to tail. Bristol Zoo is now home to five golden lion tamarins, one of the world's most endangered primate species.