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I’m becoming a genderless monster

***EXCLUSIVE*** VIDEO AVAILABLE, LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM: A young person from London dresses like a genderless monster, and says they „don’t mind people being scared” of them. Jazmin Bean has been into alternative fashion since becoming a teenager. Jazmin’s look revolves around extreme contact lenses, eerie doll-like makeup and sinister props. Jazmin, who is agender and prefers the pronoun „they”, also wears a binder to give the appearance of a flat chest. Jazmin is currently working on making their own makeup brand for those also in the alternative community. The Londoner dresses as their mythological persona most of the time, but sometimes they have to tone down their look due to harassment. Fortunately Jazmin has supportive friends and family who love their look.

Tribal women show off the heavy brass rings worn from the age of five to give them longer necks as part of Myanmar tradition

***EXCLUSIVE*** MYANMAR: Stunning shots reveal „long-necked” tribal women adorned in swathes of brass rings, originally designed to prevent TIGERS from biting their throats. The incredible shots show the Kayan women, young and old, wearing the curious golden rings which have become a staple of their aesthetic. The women, who live on the border between Myanmar and Thailand, start wearing the weighty rings when they are just five year’s old and will wear them throughout their entire lives. The striking shots were captured by Lebanese photographer Omar Reda (34) whilst he was exploring different tribal societies in South East Asia.

Student, 19, reveals how she vomited blood when a SNEEZE caused her to snap the metal rod that straightened her 63° S-shaped spine

***EXCLUSIVE*** CALIFORNIA, USA: After being diagnosed with scoliosis, this woman had a spinal fusion to correct her curved spine, but an INFECTION ate away at the metal rods and eighteen months after surgery she SNEEZED and the metal rods in her spine SNAPPED – leaving her THROWING UP BLOOD. Librarian and student Rosie Paltridge (19) from California, USA, first noticed a dull back pain when she was six years old, progressing constantly and at the age of 12, doctors noted three curves in her spine, at the cervical, thoracic and lumbar regions and Rosie was given a back brace to wear. However, the back brace did little to delay the curve from progressing and by 15 Rosie was diagnosed with a 17-degree cervical curve, 63-degree thoracic curve and 42-degree lumbar curve. On June 4, 2015, Rosie had a spinal fusion whereby rods were inserted into her spine. Three months later, Rosie was finally able to sit up unassisted and walk around independently. She felt amazed at her recovery, until approximately six months after surgery when the pain returned, and her energy levels dropped. This decline persisted for months until she was admitted to hospital after collapsing, exactly a year after the original surgery. In June 2016, Rosie was diagnosed with a staph infection which is believed to have originated from the metal hardware. She was discharged after a few weeks but didn’t recover, until in August it became apparent she was wrongly discharged and she returned to the hospital at a critical point. Doctors warned that if she hadn’t been admitted that day, she would have died because there was an unknown abscess near Rosie’s spine which had burst. Due to the length of time that the infection remained in Rosie’s body, it began to eat away at the metal and destabilised its structure. By September, the top of the rod was protruding noticeably and had to be partially removed, leading the two rods in her back uneven. Rosie started feeling stronger as her body was finally rid of the infection it spent over a year fighting, but by March 2016, Rosie sneezed while at home and heard a horrifying crack, which was the remaining full rod in her back snapping.

‘I married my 51-year-old driving instructor when I was 17 and pals called me a granny basher’

***EXCLUSIVE*** A schoolboy married his 51-year-old driving instructor when he was just 17 - despite his mates taunting him for being a "granny basher". Jay Barham, now 36, tied the knot with mum-of-two Linda, 69, in 2000 despite a 34-year age gap. And the pair stunned pals who said it wouldn't last by staying together - and are set to celebrate their 19th wedding anniversary. Jay said: "Linda has been called a child snatcher, I've been called a granny basher. "We've been called names in the street, and sometimes people think she is my mum. "But we don't care what people say. "Our marriage has lasted a lot longer than many others and we are still very much in love."

Two brothers have spent four days driving 2000 miles on a „rude trip” of Britain - stopping off at every place with rude names

***EXCLUSIVE*** Andy and Magnus Tait have just completed a mammoth adventure travelling the length and breadth of Britain visiting the most strangely named places in the land. The pair, from Scotland, embarked on their epic „rude trip” with the ambition of taking a photo at the most oddly named towns and villages. Their remarkable tour of Britain saw them trek through at least 25 counties, stop off in all four corners of England, touching down on each of the north, east, south and west coasts.

Couple who fell in love with the same woman they met at a business event now plan to start a family as a 'thruple' after he proposed to them BOTH with a diamond cut in two

***EXCLUSIVE*** Meet the polyamorous triad who were once in an OPEN RELATIONSHIP until one POPPED THE QUESTION and are now planning to start a family together. Marketing director, Jimmy Silva (34) and president, ChaCha Sahagun (31) from California, USA, have been high school sweethearts since April 2009 where they met through mutual friends and instantly fell for each other. Three years later at a business event, they both met president, Summer Pelletier (25) and fell for her. They agreed to form a polyamorous triad in December 2012, however, for years they were still experimenting and were open to seeing other women as a triad. It wasn’t until 2018 when Summer and ChaCha began talking about wanting babies and settling down together, that they became committed as a triad. With April 2019 being Jimmy and ChaCha’s 10-year anniversary, he decided to propose to both women with two rings near to midnight that day to combine their anniversary as one. They have now discussed the possibility of setting their wedding date from a year from now on the same date as the proposal.

Man proposing to girlfriend in a highly unusual manner - when he had the big question TATTOOED onto his knee with two boxes marked 'yes' and 'no

***EXCLUSIVE*** An MMA fighter found an interesting way to propose to his love when he had the big question TATTOOED onto his knee with two boxes marked 'yes' and 'no'. Luckily his amor agreed to marry him and they went back to the tattoo parlor to mark the 'yes' box soon afterwards. Vince Murdock, 28, knew he had met the one soon after meeting Kira Feightner, 25, in March 2017 and he began to think of unique ways he could ask for her hand in marriage. Vince, a professional MMA fighter, had the bright idea to have the words „Will you marry me?” etched on his skin of his left knee while sitting in a tattoo artist’s chair in May 2018.

London Marathon runner completes race with a BROKEN ankle snapped 18 MILES from finish

***EXCLUSIVE*** A woman ran 18 miles of the London Marathon with a BROKEN ankle - after wrapping her leg in bandages to cross the finish line. Siobhan O’Keeffe, 25, broke her ankle eight miles and ran 18 miles - for more than four hours - with her fibula bone snapped in half. Recruitment consultant, Siobhan, incredibly managed to complete the London Marathon despite snapping her ankle less than a third of the way through the race. She fought back the tears and battled on through excruciating pain to finish the race in just over six hours. But that was after the plucky runner had to stop after eight miles to get her ankle bandaged up by first aiders. „It started hurting after about four miles but it just got worse and worse”, said Siobhan, from Sunbury-on-Thames, Surrey

Bizzare pictures show 19th century Icelanders outlandish costumes and hats

***EXCLUSIVE*** Icelandics are known for their eccentricities, such as the nation’s widespread belief in elves, shunning surnames and leaving babies outside to sleep. And as these rare pictures show, the Icelandics who lived in the 19th century also had a penchant for peculiarity. The fascinating images shows the traditional wear that the islanders sported in the 1890s, most noticeably their extravagant headwear. The hats worn by females that have a curved ornament protruding into the air form part of a traditional outfit known as the Faldbuningur. The men’s outfits are known as the Pjodbuningur karla. The images were taken at a time when Iceland was fighting for its independence from Denmark. The costumes would have certainly given them an identity to be proud of. The images were taken by Daniel Bruun, an officer in the Danish army who conducted several important ethnological studies. He travelled to Iceland as well as Tunisia, Algeria, Greenland and the Faroe Islands. Bruun’s images of Icelandics are a very important source of information about the remote country. Bruun was also an archaeologist and discovered exactly where the first boat hit on Iceland’s shores.

Mother who lost 100lbs says she feels as insecure as ever after a tummy tuck left her with a swollen stomach - and admits she'd prefer to still have loose skin

***EXCLUSIVE*** This woman could barely walk from her bed to her bathroom because of her size but has since shed over HALF HER BODYWEIGHT and underwent a tummy tuck - but it didn’t exactly go to plan and she has been left with a SWOLLEN STOMACH that she would trade for excess skin any day. Business owner and mum, Tiffany Elizabeth (27), from Florida, USA, grew up in a household that didn’t have much understanding about nutrition and eating healthy and her parents would feed her unhealthy meals, such as microwave food, spaghetti, fast food and pizza. At her peak weight of 16st 6Ib and UK size 22, she would get teased by kids during high school who would call her „fat” and she felt miserable. She would sleep for over 12 hours a day and struggled to walk due to her weight. One day she walked towards her bathroom from her bed, which was 10 feet away, and her feet were in unbearable pain that she decided to make a drastic change to get her life on track. She joined a gym where she works out five-days-a-week and instead of eating fast food or readymade meals, she cooks healthy meals. She has since shrunk to a healthy 9st 11Ib and a UK size eight, but due to the drastic change in her weight, she decided to remove her excess skin in February 2019. However, the process left her with a swelling tummy that has made her feel insecure. She is assured that the swelling will go down with time, so she is now trying to raise awareness of the process of a tummy tuck and has remained very proud of her journey and wouldn’t change her weight loss, as it has made her feel like a better parent to her children, Landon (8) and Kiara (4).

Boy, 13, dies after having cheese slice half size of post-it note thrown at him

***EXCLUSIVE*** A 13-year-old youngster who suffered a fatal allergic reaction to cheese will have his inquest held today, May 1 2019. Karanbir Cheema, known as Karan, was a bright "sweet" boy who enjoyed playing football and also attended karate classes. At lunchtime on 28 June he is understood to have come into contact with a piece of cheese. He later went to the school's office where allergy medicine is kept but staff were unable to help and called an ambulance.  Karan sadly died in hospital less than two weeks later surrounded by his family.

Masters of packing: the mobile balancing act soon to be banned in Hanoi, Vietnam

***EXCLUSIVE*** Hanoi: A city of motorbikes and mopeds. The scooter drivers with the world on their back seats. Hanoi is home to five million motorbikes, but they are to be banned by 2030 to reduce pollution and alleviate congestion.

Market next to train track

***EXCLUSIVE*** Hundreds of poor fruit and vegetable traders risk their lives to sell their stock just inches from a busy train line. The desperate traders bring their fruit and veg to the makeshift market each day in the hope the thousands of visitors will buy from them. However, the sellers and customers must keep their wits about them as large trains regularly pass through - leaving no space between the stock and the track. Tragically, photographer Syed Kader said accidents happen several times a year at the market in Dhaka, Bangladesh, as people are unable to get out the way of the trains as they pass through.

Da Vinci as you've never seen him before: Sketch is unearthed showing the artist looking 'melancholy' and 'world weary' shortly before his death

A sketch of a bearded man has now been 'identified' as artist Leonardo da Vinci. For a man who was such a giant figure in Renaissance art, it was always a little surprising that there was only one portrait of Leonardo that survives from his lifetime. Until now, that is. A sketch of a bearded man, owned by the Royal Collection, has been 'identified' as the artist and inventor. The picture, in which the subject 'appears a little melancholy and world-weary', is believed to have been drawn shortly before his death in 1519. It will be displayed for the first time in an exhibition in the Queen's Gallery at Buckingham Palace.

Inside the eerie factory tunnels safe from German bombers where munitions workers built Merlin engines to power Spitfires during Second World War

***EXCLUSIVE*** Eerie images have revealed the abandoned remains of an underground factory where the Merlin engines that powered the iconic Spitfire planes were made during World War Two. The haunting pictures show the dark, dank tunnels that would have been navigated by munitions workers during the war as well as industrial equipment left behind and forgotten office furniture. Other striking shots show ladders leading down long shafts, flooded sections filled with water and an exterior doorway that provides an entrance to the hidden factory. The spooky snaps were taken in Birmingham, UK by an urban explorer who wished to remain anonymous.

Is this Britain's strongest teen? Meet the 13-year-old smashing power-lifting records

At just 13 years old, this teenage power lifter could possibly be the strongest child in the UK, having already smashed a number of records in the sport. Noah Leslie, from Johnstone, Scotland, fell in love with the Olympic sport after watching his dad and has been working with a personal trainer ever since to improve his personal bests.

Fascinating pics reveal hustle of historic London market in the 1950s

***EXCLUSIVE*** Vintage photos of one of London’ oldest markets, where entrepreneur and businessman Alan Sugar first set out his stall, show the hustle and bustle of the capital city in the 1950s. Remarkable photos, captured in 1957 in Petticoat Lane in the East End, show a flamboyant hawker showing off his display of tropical birds and cages, a crateload of impossibly adorable puppies for sale, and a cigarette smoking vendor standing impatiently by his collection of historic medals waiting for a sale. Other striking images show a throng of punters looking to grab a bargain and the self-proclaimed mayor of petticoat lane flogging his blankets.