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Woman with a birthmark and enlarged lip who refused to leave the house without make-up finally embraces her natural looks - thanks to her family who never make her feel 'different'

***EXCLUSIVE*** This birthmarked mum with an enlarged lower lip has experienced shocking reactions from the public but since appearing on television she has jettisoned the idea of both treatment and makeup claiming she is now comfortable in her own skin. Lettings negotiator and mother-of-three, Lisa Butler (36), from Wales, UK, was born with a port-wine stain birthmark, which is a discolouration of the human skin caused by a capillary malformation of the skin. Growing up, she has never felt different to anyone in her family or among her friends, until she was the ages of 17 to 18, when she started working in a restaurant surrounded by strangers which meant leaving her bubble of friends behind. She would then be faced with various questions from strangers including ‘what have you done to your face?’ ‘What’s wrong with your face?’ or ‘have you been in a fight?’ This attention made her feel more insecure about her look and she would cover up her birthmark with makeup everywhere she went. It wasn’t until she discovered camouflage makeup and was asked to be on a TV programme to try it out, that she suddenly felt aware of the strangers around her and realised she was happy with the way she is.

My best friend changed gender and now we’re engaged

***EXCLUSIVE*** VIDEO AVAILABLE ESSEX, UK: A trans man is marrying his female best friend, after years of disapproval from the bride-to-be?s mum. Jamie Raines, who first felt he was male at the age of four, met Shaaba Lotun, both from Essex, when they were 16 and he was still living as female. Jamie, 25, and Shaaba, 24, met in art class and quickly became best friends. They are now set to wed next year after becoming engaged in 2017, with support from both of their families.

Cystic fibrosis sufferer had a DOUBLE lung transplant aged 22 as she reveals she is now able to walk for over a mile before getting out of breath

***EXCLUSIVE*** GOTHENBURG, SWEDEN: At just eight-years-old this brave woman was told that her endless pneumonia was down to late onset Cystic Fibrosis, leading to a DOUBLE lung transplant in her early twenties, but she is now fighting to thrive rather than just survive. Emma Khanahmadi (25) from Gothenburg, Sweden, was fatally diagnosed with Cystic Fibrosis at just eight-years-old, but she had no idea this would require her to have both her lungs transplanted just years later. At a young age, Emma was forced to face the responsibility of taking medication at certain times and to regulate her health in order to keep up with her friends. For a decade, Emma got by steadily with her Cystic Fibrosis, facing just small consequences, but by the age of 22 she was recommended a double lung transplant by doctors, fearing for her deteriorating health.

Nazis on the brink of defeat: Powerful images from the end of World War Two show the collapse of Hitler's army

***EXCLUSIVE*** Rare wartime photographs show the desperation and fear in the eyes of the combat-fatigued Nazis who were ultimately defeated by the Allied forces in World War II. In 1944, it became apparent to many German soldiers that their defeat was all but inevitable. Overstretched and undersupplied, the Nazi forces in western Europe – many of whom were inexperienced teenage conscripts – faced the onerous task of defending against the overwhelming strength of the allied forces. Incredible images from the latter stages of the Second World War show an exhausted German soldier looking tormentedly to the camera, ranks of Nazi POWs being marched through the bomb-ravaged streets by their captors, and a young teenage soldier stretching out a Swastika in the forlorn hope the vastly diminished Luftwaffe would see them and provide aerial cover.

Into the Wild West: Transcontinental Railroad's role in expansion across America is highlighted in photos showing Mormon families, a Shoshone tribe and workers laying tracks in the 1800s

***EXCLUSIVE*** Stunning pictures revealing the Transcontinental Railroad’s central role in expansion into the Wild West of America during the 1800s will be showcased in a new exhibition. The incredible images show a Mormon family at the Great Salt Lake Valley, East and West shaking hands at the laying of the last rail in 1869 and Shoshone Indians posing for the camera. Other striking shots show OC Smith, a cashier for the Union Pacific Railroad, and his wife in Echo, a lone man sitting under Hanging Rock and temporary and permanent bridges being built over Green River with Citadel Rock in the distance. This spring, the Oakland Museum of California (OMCA) will present Pushing West: The Photography of Andrew J. Russell, a new exhibition in OMCA’s Gallery of California Art showcasing Russell’s epic photography of the Transcontinental Railroad and its central role in western expansion. 

Beautiful tulip fields in Flevoland, Netherlands

***EXCLUSIVE*** The world-famous tulip fields of Holland have been captured in their full vibrant glory in this series of stunning aerial photographs. With millions of the flowers now in full bloom, the landscape is a kaleidoscope of colour. Dazzling patterns of colour streak the countryside when seen from the air.