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A heart-warming video shows a four-year-old girl marking the end of her cancer treatment by ringing the hospital cancer bell - dressed as a Stormtrooper

***EXCLUSIVE*** Audrina Hatton-Wright has been through 14 rounds of radiotherapy for a rare and aggressive cancer. But she hasn't let it dent her spirit and proudly rang the bell at Nottingham Radiotherapy Centre after eight months of treatment. Dressed as the Star Wars character, she was cheered on by hospital staff waving lightsabers.

World Cup 'vagina stadium' is unveiled in Qatar as work is completed on the 40,000-seater venue set to feature in 2022 tournament

A World Cup 2022 venue dubbed the 'vagina stadium' has been unveiled after becoming the first to be completed from scratch ahead of the tournament. The Al Wakrah stadium will host matches up to the quarter-finals and contains innovative cooling technology to bring temperatures down for the 40,000 fans. It was designed by the late British-Iraqi architect, Dame Zaha Hadid, who died suddenly of a heart attack in 2016, aged 65. When her plans were first released in 2013 they were said to have been inspired by the flowing shape of a dhow boat, a traditional Arabian pearl diving and fishing vessel. The drawings were topped with a structure resembling the sails of a dhow. But the images went viral with commentators suggesting the stadium looked more like a woman's private parts.

3-D printed artificial organs could be saving the lives of transplant patients within two decades after scientists managed to create the complex network of blood vessels and airways

***EXCLUSIVE*** Until now organ bioprinting has faced a major hurdle in recreating the vascular networks that mimic the body's natural passageways for blood, air, lymph and other vital fluids. Now a team of US bioengineers have created a breakthrough technique for bioprinting tissues. The new innovation allows scientists to create exquisitely entangled vascular networks with the research lauded on the cover of the prestigious Science journal.