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Single father-of-three, 25, who juggles home schooling his two older children while caring for a toddler insists it's 'a joy' that more parents should try

***EXCLUSIVE*** Meet the extraordinary dad-of-three who decided to home-school all of his children after being left as a single parent and believes it gives him an experience that most dads miss out on. Single stay-at-home-dad, Jack Stewart (25) from Oxford, Oxfordshire, UK, home-schools all three of his children Janna (6), Nahum (4), and Amos (2) and wants to give them the same positive experience he had growing up being taught by his own parents. Jack also believes that there is a comparable difference between this type of education and the type given by mainstream schools and says that home-schooling offers more of a chance to be who they want to be rather than just following rules. Jack is constantly training himself on a range of topics to ensure he can do the best job he possibly can for his children as a father and teacher. The children get to do a range of activities from the basics of reading, writing and numeracy to playing musical instruments and learning about religion. They also go to daily local home-ed groups where they can socialise with other children who are being home-schooled in the area.

I live with two grizzly bears

***EXCLUSIVE** VIDEO AVAILABLE, INDIANA, USA: An animal lover sees his two grizzly bears as family members after raising them from cubs. Jeff Watson from Paoli, Indiana has been a bear handler for more than 29 years. His bears, Bob and Screech were given to him as cubs by a tourist attraction in Georgia that was going out of business. Now seven years old, the bears live with Jeff and also form part of his educational presentations where he teaches people how to co-exist more safely with the grizzlies.

Man with the most fingers and toes

GUJARAT, INDIA: A man with 28 fingers and toes, Devendra Suthar, 46, from Himmatnagar in Gujarat, in western India, works as a carpenter and says he has to be careful not to slice his digits off. He is also known as 'maximum fingers man' in his locality. He is a man with seven fingers on each of his hands and on each foot. He is the only one in his family who born with extra digits. He has a spouse along with two kids. His condition is relatively common but it's rare to have 28 digits. Born with the condition called polydactylism, his name is also in the Guinness book of world records. But unfortunately this record didn't helped him in his financial condition. Apart from getting noticed on international level, his financial condition is not improving and nobody helped him. He faces so many difficulties in routine life because of his extra digits. He is always very careful while cutting wooden pieces. Because of his extra digits he never finds slippers of his size as a result of which his extra digits always get scratched and rubbed on road while moving. He further added that those who have polydactylism, should not feel bad about it. Though appreciation certificate and world record holder title didn't help him financially but still he is very optimistic in life.

Woman, 24, defies slim odds to survive a brain aneurysm which made her feel like her head was going to EXPLODE and left doctors no choice but to put her in a coma

***EXCLUSIVE*** Meet the brave woman who surgeons expected would DIE after she suffered a BRAIN ANEURYSM which made her feel like her head was going to EXPLODE – but she survived and doctors are calling her a ‘miracle patient.’ In June 2010, student, Chloe Gallagher (24) from Ontario, Canada, was watching TV in her parents’ room while they were out, when the TV screen went blurry and she suddenly felt like her head was going to explode. As she tried to get out of the bed to get to the kitchen, she fell and realised she couldn’t walk, so she crawled down the hall to the kitchen, confused and terrified, and managed to call her dad. On his way to her, her dad called her brother, Dru, who was nearby, and when he arrived, he saw Chloe curled up in a ball on the kitchen floor, screaming in pain. So, he carried her to her bedroom and within the next five minutes, her dad rushed into her room and they took her to the hospital. At the hospital emergency room, the doctor immediately recognised that the cause was a ruptured brain aneurysm and a CT scan showed that her brain was ‘full of blood’. As she was only 15-years-old at the time of the surgery, she was referred to McMaster Children’s Hospital by an ambulance where they then did the emergency decompressive craniotomy to relieve the swelling in her brain. She had an emergency surgery to remove a bone flap in her brain that her doctor said was the size of her hand and then put in a three-day coma. Before she was placed into a coma, her doctors told her parents to expect the worst and she was unlikely to make it, even if she did, she would be faced with some serious disabilities. However, she made it through and when she woke up, she was surrounded by her family who were crying with happiness. As a result of the aneurysm, she developed epilepsy and has suffered 10 to 15 seizures over the years. She is now recovering from her last ever surgery on April 4, 2019 and hopes to study a course in the medical field so that she can help others the way her doctors and healthcare team have helped her.

The world's most expensive resort is now open: Inside the private paradise island that costs $100,000 PER NIGHT

***EXCLUSIVE*** Leave it all behind and jet off to your very own private island in the Bahamas for just over £65m. Incredible images show the tropical island from above with the nine-bed main residence standing out among the lush greenery, sandy beaches and turquoise waters. Other stunning shots show inside the house which features four-poster beds, sleek bathrooms and spacious living areas as well an extensive decking area and large pool. Little Pipe Cay is located in the Bahamas and is currently listed by Knight Frank for £65,118,500.

I am fat girl royalty

***EXCLUSIVE*** VIDEO AVAILABLE, PHILADELPHIA, USA: A plus-size woman from Philadelphia is letting people know you can love yourself in any shape or size through risqué Instagram posts. Tiffany-Patrice Hunter, 21, is a primary caregiver for her mother and grandmother. But in her spare time, she turns her attention to her Instagram page. With over 40K followers, Tiffany’s brand, „Fat Girl Royalty”, promotes body-positivity and self-love regardless of your shape and size.

Lump on sunbed addict’s lip turned out to be sign of skin cancer – but op left her with deformed pout

***EXCLUSIVE*** CALIFORNIA, USA: This woman spent years perfecting her TAN until a lump formed on her lip which was a type of SKIN CANCER, but the simple removal procedure didn’t go to plan and left her with a DEFORMED LIP, and her first question afterwards was whether she looked like KYLIE JENNER. Estate agent and skin cancer advocate Kory Feltz (40) from Huntington Beach, California, USA, loved tanning in the sun from the age of 13, after being teased for being pale. Having a tan made Kory feel better about herself, which led to her using sunbeds three times a week and burning her skin to create a base tan. Despite this, Kory rarely applied sun lotion. At the age of 27, Kory developed a lump the size of a golf ball on her calf, so her doctor removed it and upon testing it was found to be a squamous cell carcinoma (SCC), a common form of skin cancer caused by changes in the DNA cells, such as a burn, which can grow rapidly if untreated. From then on, Kory attended mandatory skin checks every six months. By October 2015, Kory noticed a small lump on her lip, which she first assumed was a spot. However, no white head appeared and despite trying, no liquid could be extracted. Over the next few days, the lump formed white tissue on the top, so Kory knew that it was another squamous, but she wasn’t seen by her doctor for another week, so it continued to grow. The affected skin on Kory’s lip was biopsied and came back positive for SCC. Kory was booked in with a plastic surgeon to have the squamous lump frozen and removed, but the procedure proved harder than intended as there was still cancer in the body after the removal. What should have taken under an hour ended up taking over five hours because more tissue needed to be removed, resulting in scarring and a misshapen lip. When she woke up from surgery, Kory’s first question was whether she now looked like Kylie Jenner.

Meet the adventurous moggie which loves going HILLWALKING with her owner - who says cats should have the same freedom as dogs

***EXCLUSIVE*** Charlie the cat has just started to be let off the leash by owner Fiona Milne, 50, when they go for hikes together with a pal. Fiona introduced Charlie to hillwalking slowly, first of all using a lead, but now lets her run free, picking her up if they see dogs. These pictures show Charlie, a two-year-old moggie, happily trotting after her owner, on Greenock Cut, Inverclyde.

Incredible behind-the-scenes photos reveal gritty life of UK’s armed police in face of terrorism, riots and gangland shootouts

***EXCLUSIVE*** Shocking photos show what life is really like for an armed police officer in London in a new book by a firearms veteran. Gang culture, knife crime, riots and terrorism. London has seen more than its fair share of atrocities in recent years. Sobering images show the brave men and women who put themselves on the frontline to try and keep or restore peace in the UK capital under the most difficult circumstances imaginable, including photos of the horrendous terror attacks of 2017, the London riots of 2011, and the gut-harrowing murder of Lee Rigby in 2013. The unsettling photos are included in veteran firearms officer Stephen Smith’s new book London’s Armed Police: Up Close And Personal, a behind-the-scenes look at the Met’s Specialist Firearms Unit SCO19.