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Couple builds their dream tiny home on wheels for just $90,000 complete with a 'full-size' kitchen and breathtaking views

***EXCLUSIVE*** Meet the couple who designed an ultra-modern tiny house for just £50k and say it’s as functional as any normal house. Incredible images show the jet black exterior with hints of cedar trim, the extensive porch area and the modern kitchen. Other striking shots show the surprisingly spacious bedroom, the comfy living areas and a second bed on a loft overlooking the rest of the property. The remarkable tiny home is located in the Blue Mountains, Australia and belongs to Barista and Cafe Manager Lisa Tranter (31), from Katoomba, New South Wales and plumber Matt Hobbs (32), from Blaxland, New South Wales.

Classic Le Mans racing car owned from new by Battle of Britain Spitfire pilot goes up for auction for £55,000 – despite being in DOZENS of pieces

***EXCLUSIVE*** A classic Le Mans racing car that belonged to an heroic Battle of Britain pilot has emerged for sale in bits for £55,000. The 1959 Lotus Elite was owned from new by Flight Lieutenant James Richard Stoop, better known as Dickie. The heroic RAF flyer was a known motoring enthusiast and he entered his state-of-the-art vehicle into the 24-hour race just eleven days after purchasing it.

Floating villa

***EXCLUSIVE*** This 75-foot-long completely solar-powered, self-sufficient livable yacht has been billed as the ‘next generation floating house’ but comes at the princely sum of £4.2m. Made for Bay Waters, the vessel can cruise at a speed between 3-7 knots. The four 40ft long hydraulic spuds allow to anchor in up to 20ft water depths and lift the livable yacht above sea-level. It is over 4,000 square foot and features four luxurious bedrooms and four and a half baths. Each vessel is designed and built in a traditionally Dutch maritime fashion. The Arkup yacht is the work of House Yacht Living and can be purchased for around £4.2m without furniture. To purchase with Artefacto furniture and Hamilton Art costs a further £300k.

"Eternal Lace" fashion accessories, intricately woven from up-cycled plastic bags, bubble wrap and used Nespresso coffee pods

***EXCLUSIVE*** A textile designer has found an innovative way of making hand-stitched high fashion lace fascinators and necklaces - out of PLASTIC CARRIER BAGS. Laura Marsden cuts the carriers into 3mm strips of yarn and sews hundreds of small stitches with a needle to form an exquisite delicate fabric that she calls Eternal Lace. The 39-year-old will spend days on each individual piece, using traditional 16th-century hand stitching techniques, to create outstanding finery from waste. The mum-of-two then puts her couture fabric through a heating process to bond it together producing a malleable product that can be manipulated to create one-off flamboyant hair embellishments, brooches and corsages.

A soldier expecting his pregnant pet Rottweiler to have six puppies watched on in amazement as she gave birth to SIXTEEN - the largest litter born in the UK

***EXCLUSIVE*** The peppy pups have joined infantryman Mark Marshall, 32, wife Laura, and their five children, including one newborn, at their four-bedroom house on army barracks. Mark has had the litter on a military-style feeding regiment, involving 40-minute spells with eight on at a time and a one hour break for hard-working mum Roxy in between. There are so many pooches Mark and Laura have had to take some of the strain off Roxy and join in by feeding some with special milk from the vets.

Video grab from the incredible footage of a crane collapsing during a cyclone in Odisha,

***EXCLUSIVE*** Several people have died after a relentless cyclone toppled a crane that stood over 20 storeys and flattened houses beneath it. Cyclone Fani has ripped through the east Indian coast, battering the state of Odisha. An undisclosed number of residents died after the massive construction crane was blown over and collapsed onto houses where people were taking shelter. Dramatic footage of the collapse showed the crane teetering precariously in one direction, before a gust of wind toppled it the other way.

Police saw the funny side when they were called to assist a person seen holding a „Help” sign in a caravan - that turned out to be a joke SKELETON

***EXCLUSIVE*** Cops dashed to the A50 in Derbyshire after receiving calls from a driver who was concerned „someone was in need of assistance”. But when they arrived they discovered the caravan had broken down and while the driver waited for help they put a joke skeleton in the back window. Tweeting a picture of the bizarre call-out, Derbyshire Roads Policing Unit posted: „Call from a concerned member of the public that someone was in need of assistance.”

A stunning seven bed-country house with its own cinema is selling for £8.95 million

***EXCLUSIVE*** Peek inside the beautiful seven-bed country house located in a picturesque part of Jersey which could be yours for £8.95m. Incredible images show the tree-lined driveway, the striking exterior with a pool in the garden and the light-filled conservatory to enjoy the Jersey sun. Other stunning pictures show the huge modern kitchen, spacious living areas and large bedrooms as well as sleek bathrooms and a cinema room. Mon Bel is located in St Peter, Jersey and is currently listed by Fine and Country for £8.95m.

Brutal cock fighting in Bangladesh

***EXCLUSIVE*** Hundreds of 'enthusiastic' people including little children gather to watch a brutal, yet legal, cockfight. The vicious sport has been banned in countries around the world due it being so horrific, but remains a much-celebrated tradition in Bangladesh. Photographer Md Rafayet Khan captured the shocking scenes as men watched two cockerels launch attacks on each either, with some even bringing their children to watch. The horrifying photographs show the animals viciously kicking at each other and pecking at their opponents in the process as they both attempt to win the battle. Mr Khan, 40, took the photographs in his hometown of Sylhet, Bangladesh.

Goose protects young from monkey

***EXCLUSIVE*** A protective mother goose confronts a nosy macaque after it got too close to her goslings.  The angry mother honked loudly as the monkey approached her four young from behind. The Canada goose was so fearsome that the Barbary macaque quickly backed down and even lay on the ground in front of her. The pair faced-off little more than 1ft apart for several seconds before the mother calmed down and returned to her goslings.

Property, which has been ordered to cut down its 65ft Cypress trees which are blocking light to the surrounding neighbours

***EXCLUSIVE*** A pensioner who complained for more than a year about ‘eyesore’ 65ft Cypress trees in the garden of her neighbours’ £500,000 home has won her bid to have them cut. Irene Moncur, 87, first complained about the lofty Cypress trees looming over her property in Broughty Ferry, Dundee at the beginning of February last year. The lack of sunlight left her property in the shade for most of the day, due to the trees in the garden of interior designer Juliet Rathbone-Tulleth, who lives next door. It sparked a row between the neighbours which was escalated to the Scottish Government - which ruled that Mrs Mrs Rathbone-Tulleth will have to cut the trees down to more than half the size.

Zebras bolt after warning call

***EXCLUSIVE*** A startled zebra suddenly bolts after hearing a warning call - potentially warning it of nearby predators. The animal is the first of the herd to react to the alarm being raised by another zebra that sounds like a 'high pitch barking' noise. The rest of the animals follow instantly, sprinting away together at up to 40mph before any predator can pounce. Retired businessman and amateur photographer Manoj Shah set up some cameras on the ground in the savanna plains of Laikipia district, Kenya, so he could capture the zebras without scaring them away.

Determined kingfisher finally gets it's catch

***EXCLUSIVE*** A determined kingfisher struggled to catch its dinner - before finally scooping up a fish on its fifth attempt. The male bird planned each dive from a branch hanging above the water. Despite a series of failed attempts, it persevered and was rewarded when it eventually caught a small minnow. Engineer Matthew Barfield watched the kingfisher for an hour and a half as it tried to catch its dinner at the River Stout in Dorset.

Blackbirds nest in police cycle helmet

***EXCLUSIVE*** A family of blackbirds made an unusual home by building a nest in a police officer's bicycle helmet which had been left outside. Stunned police officers discovered the bird set up home in the helmet when one went to use it to go out on bicycle patrol in Portsmouth, Hants. The helmet had been left outside beside the police bike at Portsmouth Central police station for just under a day when the mother blackbird decided to build her nest inside it. Since finding the family of 'jailbirds', officers have tracked their progress until they finally flew the nest this this week.

Waterpark looks like a giant strange straw

***EXCLUSIVE*** One of the features at a waterpark looks like a fancy cocktail you might be served at a bar with it's flumes looking like plastic straws and parasols like the mini umbrellas used to decorate the alcoholic beverage. Dimitar Karanikolov, 43, an architect captured the image by drone, around 50 metres above the Aquapark Neptun in Sozopol, Bulgaria.

Chick sees the world and smiles

***EXCLUSIVE*** A chick lets out a huge cheesy grin as it sees the world for the very first time. The Large Frogmouth chick, which is only a week old, emerges from under the chest of its mother and appears to quickly smile at the view. Its mother appeared to be less impressed as she scowled while her chick took in its surroundings. Retired insurance salesman and amateur photographer You Feng Lim captured the cheeky smile during a trip to Lanchang, Pahang, Malaysia.

Rice drying

***EXCLUSIVE*** These farmers spend hours in the baking sun swishing rice with their feet so it dries evenly - forming intricate patterns as they walk. Scores of farmers work across miles of rice fields, regularly turning the grains of rice so they dry evenly in the sunshine. They are also tasked with creating pathways to walk through, forming pretty patterns in the fields. Freelance photographer Azim Khan Ronnie captured the images in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Bird dunks a cow

***EXCLUSIVE*** A bird appears to be dunking a cows head under some water. The little bird seems oblivious to the situation as it perches on the cow's partially submerged head. The funny picture was captured by Navojit Saha, 31, beside the Ganges River, near the city of Varanasi, India.